Love & Relationship Hacks: Create Your Best Online Dating Profile

Are You Ready to Try Online Dating?

I remember my single days before I discovered Internet dating sites. I had family and friends hounding me about being single and trying to set me up with any available bachelors who, in their minds, were great catches. Turns out, none of them were. They either lived with their parents, were unemployed or had drinking problems. So what’s a single girl to do? I hopped on the Internet and took my love life by the reins!

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People Really Meet Their Soulmates Online

I’m proud to say I met my husband (my soulmate) on an Internet dating site. It’s been eight years and we’re going strong. I know for a fact that we would have never met otherwise. But this article isn’t about me; it’s about you! I’m going to help you meet the love of your life on the Internet, because they are out there! Check out my tips for creating the best Internet dating site profile.

Depending on the dating site, there are several featured elements to work on, but I’m going to touch on the big ones all the sites share: your pictures, your stats and your biography.

Your Picture

You should use recent photos of yourself. Before you roll your eyes at me, just know that plenty of people don’t use recent pictures. I once went out with a guy whose profile picture was 15 years old. In it, he posed with a dog. By the time we started talking online that dog had been dead for 10 years!

Don’t use pictures from high school or even ones that are six months old. In fact, take new pictures of yourself for your dating profile. Take head-to-toe pictures of yourself, take headshots and include pictures of yourself doing some of your favorite activities. If you’re athletic, include an action shot. If you like animals, include a picture of you with your pet. Don’t use Photoshop to make your pictures more flattering. Don’t add more hair on the top of your head or slim your body down. If you want to meet someone and have a relationship, you need to present who you really are, and that includes what you really look like.

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Your Stats

Your stats may include your age, body type, religion, political views, income and what kind of relationship you’re looking for. Like your picture, you need to be completely honest here too because you’re going to meet someone great and if you want the relationship to last, you can’t lie to them. Don’t answer these questions based on who you’d like to be some day; answer them based on who you are right now. If you’re lying, you’re going to be found out eventually.

In my Internet dating experience, I find most people lie about what they look like, if they’ve been married before, whether they have kids or not and what type of relationship they’re really looking for. Unfortunately there are a lot of sweet talkers out there who are just looking for a hookup. Don’t get involved in that if that’s not what you truly want.

This section is really important because your potential mates are trying to see if you’d be a good fit for them. Don’t lie in order to get more people interested in you. You’ll end up getting your heart broken!

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Your Bio

This is your opportunity to talk about who you are in more detail. Think about your most appealing qualities and give details about them in this section. Talk about your hobbies and why you like them. Tell a potential mate what’s lovable about you.

Don’t be negative. I don’t care how many times you’ve had your heart broken; don’t use your bio to rant and rave about how poorly your last ex treated you. This is your opportunity to move on to someone better! Don’t waste this space being bitter and angry.

Talk about what kind of person you’re looking for. You can talk about looks if you have a particular type, but spend more of this space talking about what kind of person your soulmate should be. Do you want to be with someone adventurous? Do you want to be with someone who’s excited to start a family? Think about your ideal mate and describe them here.

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Your Dating Mantra

You should keep this mantra in mind as you navigate the waters of Internet dating: “There is someone amazing out there for me.” And there is. I don’t care if you’re 40 pounds heavier than you’d like to be, or haven’t completed your college or high school degree—there are people out there who will not only accept you, they will love you for who you are, at this exact moment in time. You don’t have to be perfect to deserve or find love. You just have to be ready, positive, open-minded and honest!

13 thoughts on “Love & Relationship Hacks: Create Your Best Online Dating Profile

  1. Kathy

    I would never do online dating but then I’ve always felt if you want to meet someone, why aren’t these people going to churches with singles clubs that you actually can seet he person and talk to them before you stick your neck out for a date from someone you have no idea who they are or if they are lying about their life. I feel online dating is dangerous and alot of the stats have showed it is..I know people make excuses for not getting out to places where there are real clubs, mature, clean, upstanding respectful people looking for someone to have a relationship with but there are..You just can’t be lazy or feelign desperate..Volunteer at hospitals, charity groups, join clubs get involved in your community..schools.Alot of opportunities out there..

  2. Kimmi

    If you let the actions of others’ deceptions effect your options for looking for love, you will have limited access in finding love. I myself have done the online dating before & it sucks. But….I wasn’t really ready then. First before you start looking, you should know yourself & what you want in a partner & what you can give in a partnership. Otherwise, you will be heartbroken. Then when you are ready go about ways to look. Whether it’s online dating, doing activities you like to do, or through blind dates from friends…whatever your comfortable with. Then be picky but not too picky. You are looking for a soulmate. I found one in someone that a first initial meeting I would have probably not even noticed. Although the feelings weren’t mutual. There is more than just one soulmate out there. When you find them, appreciate them & their differences. Encourage them & love them with every spark of energy you have. Motivate but don’t be pushy. Accept them for who they are, but challenge them to become better ( only in a positive way). Everyone has room to grow & no one is perfect. Don’t set your expectations too high bc in reality there will be disappointment if you do. Everyone is broken in some way, you don’t need to fix them. You just need to love them & encourage them & they will want to fix theirselves. But if there are things you can’t deal with that they aren’t willing to change then don’t stay in the relationship. If you are meant to be with that someone it will work out. But only each individual can find theirselves. If they love you they will catch up. There are so many souls out there, find the one that’s right for you. But just bc one isn’t right for you, don’t discourage or hate, they are right for somebody. How you treat others is the karma you will get. So if someone treats you wrong, love them any way but let them go & find the right soul for you. Don’t let your reactions to their deceptions be your karma. Be happy! But first you have to be happy with yourself. (:

  3. Raissa

    Really enjoyed your article, Psychic Alexia!

    There are such split schools of thought on the online dating issue. I appreciated that you kept your article practical and very real, and also made it personal to you. I think you’ve made people reevaluate the whole notion of the ‘electronic meeting’ place and reminded us of how current and relevant it really is today. I’ve heard first-hand, numerous times, that meeting the right person online can and does change lives.


  4. Raissa


    You are so right about online dating being complicated, but so is an actual, honest, forward-moving, growing relationship that can prove to you time and again that it can withstand anything!

    Of course, these sites provide only a forum to meet people; there is no guarantee that forum will lead you directly and immediately to the ‘right’ one for you, but it certainly will get those probability numbers up and you are guaranteed to learn a lot about yourself and what you want in a partner (as well as what you don’t want!) by going through the process of setting up your profile (a slightly and pretty equally annoying process on all the dating sites, but you don’t have to do it all in one sitting).

    Then you can really start browsing potential partners and it gets much more interesting!

    Plus, something is particularly ‘social’ about you right now that I feel is needing to get out and about. It’s healthy and it’s healing, and I hope you go for it!

    Have Fun!

  5. marchelle

    I am single and about to turn 30, The dating scene is new to a serial monogamist like myself, and online seems so risky i.e. scams, fakes, creeps etc. Maybe I’ll wait til I’m truly lonely. p.s. I’m from Denver, but celebrating my 30th in Eastham, MA,

  6. rita

    my fiance travelled out of the country for two years now without a call. should i keep on waiting for him or what should i do

  7. Narendra

    Well-how can I get married to a Western lady in the age group of 50 to 64yrs,the one who loves India & the Indians-thus,a real blend of East & West.
    As for me-m 57yrs old,fair in colour,self employed,fluent in American Eng.& finally open to foreigners,while shy to Indians-s’thing inborn,so just can’t help it,u know.My detailed p’file is in facebook,including my recent photos
    Do plz help me at dis juncture by giving me some solid tips.
    Thanking you in anticipation-

  8. Onlyone Experience

    I have recently had an experience that I accepted to try out as I was approached on my FB. It begun and started out very innocently asking if he could be my friend. As time went on with us writing back and forth several times during the course of each week. He begun to write very romantic poetry of which I begun to find him very charming as he was always very respectful. After one month he asked me for my telephone number, of which I gave to him. He telephoned me and we begun to speak on the telephone. He was on the phone even more charming. However, as his work was at that time working with a leading position on a renown cargo ship and was in fact sailing. All of a sudden an incident supposedly occurred, whereas he ask for my help (much like the film “Captain Philips”) and asked me to receive his safe with money and other items inside that he wanted to be safe from the possible sea pirates. After that, to receive this package that was to be sent to me by a Security Air Express Service, I had to spend an enormous amount of money to pay the Asian tax to be sent to a Bank in Asia to get this package. When I told him that I could not do this, our relationship begun to turn sour. He begun to blame me for the problem. But it did not end there. It went on for months an on-again and off-again relationship. He after a while returned home from the ship, which happens to be in a different country than mine. During that time several other financial hacking attempts occurred while always professing how much he had fallen in love with me. I never gave in to these attempts, but was also starting to feel some mixed emotions for him. This continued on for seven months. And now to this date he has disappeared since one month, without any further word of any kind. So that has been my only online dating experience with an OLL. I’m not so sure if I am ready to test the waters again.

  9. Psychic -Quinn ext. 5484

    wonderful article. so many are still hitting the online sites for mates.
    there are a few rules that help.
    1. if you meet someone that lives in area meeting in person within 2 weeks is a must.
    2. texting is not conducive to finding a partner.
    3. if a person is limited in time – how the heck are they going to make time to date? it could also be a red flag for them being married.

    I have found some people like the social interaction of the blind dating on the internet, and never have intention to actually meet. it has become almost like a video game.

    there are very successful meetings on the internet so don’t give up, just be mindful of what you are putting out there and set up some rules of your own.
    Buddha bless,

  10. Ben

    have been on line for two years on and off the women seem to lie about their age and to many scams going so I left the on date site and the pay sites are not much better sorry but that’s the truth and who lives here on Cape Cod.

  11. Nyein Aung

    You are rights, online dating is a little complicated.
    now i am seperated man and what should i next steps?


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