Love and Date a Gemini

Love, Commitment and the Twins

If you’re at a party and spot a laughing crowd, or several people in animated conversation, you can be sure that there’s a Gemini at the center of it. If you’re looking for a playmate to distract you and lift your spirits, or a lover who adds ingenuity, charm and variety to every occasion, you can’t go wrong with bright, funny, busy Gemini.

Geminis can also be incredibly intriguing and alluring—look at Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp, Natalie Portman, House’s cranky Hugh Laurie and iconic Marilyn Monroe.

If you want to make your Gemini happy, pamper them endlessly and shamelessly, keep the romantic and sexual surprises coming, be prepared to stay up all night talking or exploring astonishing sexual diversity, and be ready to experience a variety of stories and seductions worthy of the Arabian Nights’ Scheherazade. The thought of being all things to a person who wants it all (right now!) might be daunting, but if Gemini really lights your fire, it’s worth the effort.

Underneath the beauty, charm and excitement which animate Gemini women and men is an elusive and deeply compelling essence which is pretty irresistible, especially if you’re at all empathic. This essence is a bone-deep longing for their sacred twin, their other half, the one person in the universe who fulfills and completes them.

It is this longing, and Gemini’s insatiable drive to fulfill it, which has given them their bad rap for fickleness and infidelity. But Geminis aren’t heartless seducers. While they draw you in by exercising that fatally attractive Gemini allure, they’re hoping against hope that you’ll be the One, that you’ll fill their empty spaces, and help them finally feel whole. And if you turn out not to be the One? Well…

Deeply emotional people, especially the Water and Earth signs who are often attracted to Gemini’s longing, should keep in mind that Gemini is an air sign, and its focus is mental. Without strong Water or Earth in their chart, they’re not looking for the kind of emotional bonding which you desire. They are searching for their twin, someone who wants the same stimulation, excitement and variety which they find essential to their happiness.

Gemini and…

When you read these thumbnails, keep in mind that there’s more to astrology than Sun signs, and that Moon, Ascendant, Mercury, Venus and Mars in compatible or incompatible signs can make a huge difference in how, and whether, your relationship will work.

When in doubt, consult an astrologer. And remember, love usually finds a way.

Aries – Life can be an endless adventure for you two, both as friends and as enthusiastically energetic lovers. Don’t let bickering become a habit.

Taurus – Your neighboring signs could create initial attraction, but your style and needs are so different that this is usually a difficult combination in the long run.

Gemini – You’d think, because you quest for a soul mate, that another Gemini would be ideal, but your mutually built-in changeability often means this is fun but short-lived.

Cancer – Cancer recognizes Gemini’s soul mate dream, but Cancer’s is very different. Gemini’s flirtations trigger Cancer’s insecurities, Cancer comforts stifle Gemini.

Leo – Who knew sheer fun could be so seductive? Even though Leo expects a lot, and easily steals the spotlight sometimes, this is one of the best matches for Gemini.

Virgo – Intellectual and sexual sparks fly, but for many reasons you can really irritate each other over the long haul. In the end Virgo wants predictability; Gemini, freedom.

Libra – A really terrific match! You’re the couple everyone wants at their party, you have endless fun together, and neither is very possessive. Extravagance is your only pitfall.

Scorpio – Scorpio sees Gemini’s longing, but has the wrong answers. The experience will be clarifying for both of you, but a lot of work. An important interlude for both.

Sagittarius – These opposites definitely attract, but there’s work to overcome very different styles. You can feed each other’s weaknesses, or find strength in differences.

Capricorn – This could be a wonderful affair, a real eye-opener for Capricorn, but your long-term needs and goals couldn’t be more dissimilar. Enjoy the moment; then let go.

Aquarius – Aquarius is smart enough, and unconventional enough, to keep Gemini fascinated for a lifetime. Potent chemistry, too. This could be The One – for both.

Pisces – You both pursue the Beautiful Dream, but your dreams are profoundly different, as are your styles of connecting. Best as an unforgettable romance.

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23 thoughts on “Love and Date a Gemini

  1. GEMINI6

    Hello! this is my continuation. All I can say is that Gemini and Gemini does not work I will not go with another Gemini again. I dated one for 8 months and he was very loving, passionate. But, at the end was not very nice and very hateful. I must say I did have feeling for him but, after what he pulled on me that was the end. Then, he has the nerve to call me like nothing had ever happened. I had some words to tell him and I did. I am a Gemini and I have never
    treated any of my boyfriends like that in my life. I will never go with a Gemini Man again.

  2. GEMINI6

    Hello! its Gemini, and sadly to say that my dating a Gemini did not pan out he turned out to be a person who is not stable, lives in a moblie. to be con’t

  3. Yvonne

    I am a virgo and I am presently dating a gemini and I found out after almost 4 years together he has been going out with escorts and hookers is what I call them. We went thru hell together from his cancer surgery, taking care of his mom full time until she died and them mom dying last year and now i have a brain tumor. anyway… i am in shock cause he is talking about us getting married this year…. how can he talk about marriage when he is going out with women behind my back?

  4. Sonja

    Well, fellow Geminis I am also seeking the right one also to come along and stay a life time. been told to stop trying so hard and just let it happen hahahaha what fun would jut smiling, or sitting around going to do, I work from home so I really am not able to just socialize a lot. I dated for a while an Aquarius he was very nice always spontaneous unless he was tired and had to leave for work at times fun then he was controlling what i ordered at the restaurant in from of his friends i met for the first time that was the end. I dated a gemini man we had so much love and care and fun together for four months then one day he decided he needs his freedom which is different then female Geminis his was to see and date others while still me when he liked that hurt he then moved and some female claims they are married only after a couple times seeing i still think and care about him but lately sid pick up and go on well thats been six years gone i have come to know a tarsus man only online for seven years now its had its ups and downs fun much but no togetherness not a way to go if you want togetherness sure and yes I have dated many others in person and had fun one day i know and believe God will send over the one I want or don’t even know of yet i just have to keep my belief knowing god will do one day. God Bless all of my Gemini friends to find happiness also some day for ever.

  5. maria

    I’m geminis and met this person in my life who’s also a geminis I like and appreciate he’s frindship hopefully it blosson’s into a forever true love only time will tell . will let you know about the outcome by the way, love to read all your articles keep up the fabulous work oxox

  6. Augustas

    Hey gwen48 i am a sagittarious and m attracted to a gemini .I would like to know your experience . 🙂 and that “how truth can hurt ” was awsome 😉


    I am a Gemini, and I did date a Cancer yes, they are insecure, clingy. This guy did not have
    any thoughts for his future at the age of 49 when I met him. No, plans to better himself.
    So, we just stopped seeing each other. Now, I have been dating a Gemini for 8 months
    now. But, this man has had his issues and is trying very hard to rebuild his situation.
    Which for me seeing him in action and striving to succeed I admire instead of being
    stagnate and lazy. The only thing now is, we have talked about what we want. As for
    me I want stability but, no marriage for marriage only ties you financially and I don’t want
    this. And he wants to see me more often which is not a bad thing, but because of my
    financial situation only sees his way and to me is selfish. For me I think if someone really likes you and cares for you, that a person should be understanding and make it work.
    Oh! well, I think here comes another disappointment again.
    I have not dated a Leo or Aquarius as of yet. But, you know I think in my travels I did
    go out with a Leo but, it did not work because he was redoing his life going to school and the whole thing. We only saw each other to go to the movies every now and then for 3 months. Have not seen him since. And yes, I am looking for that other half but I am getting bored of not finding the right partner. Until my next comment.

  8. Jazmyn

    I’m a Gemini born on June 10. I, uh, have a crush on my bff who’s an Aries. We like all the same things but he’s friendly and outgoing while I’m shy. I found this when I decided to see how compatible we are and by the looks of things, I think we could work. All, and I mean every single one, of my friends think so…

  9. irene

    To Those Who Reads This.Hi I am ‘ A ” gemini.
    When All Is said…The One Thing That has Me compeled and as a suprise to me is that underline truth..The one thing I keep messuring..When life seems to get in the way..And finualy I become settled I reconnect to that “one “thing.being a gemini is tuff initself..Never mind about sharing.I just want to say, if it takes a lifetime to know ourselves,,then why dose it only take a split second to tare something apart..When you can answer to that,you can go on..

  10. dawn overton

    II am a gemini, 11june64. I have been married happily for 5years now. Sometimes a push and pull, but always nice. I had married an Aries previously and regretted it always( except for my children). You are spot- on for gemini’s though. My boss is an Aquarius and I find his company wonderful. We work and think alike and have a lot of the same goals and interests.. I also am secretly attracted to my Taekwondo master as he is a Leo. There could have been something there. There always seems to been an underlying connection when we are in each others company. I love my gemini though. We both love our home life but still savor our gypsy moments too.

  11. babyjo

    I am a gemini and have been married twice. My first huband is a leo and my current husband is a cancer. While my cancer husband is the most humble one and less complicated, I was more compatible with the leo.It seems as if we had better chemistry. The leo is less senstive and more understanding of the spit personality that comes with most geminis ( me for sure ). While I appreciate my cancer for the most part, my hard lones for the leo !

  12. Vivienne Yee

    I dated a Cancer for more than a year, i was attracted to him the moment i saw him. He had a girlfriend at that time, but he left that girl for me. We loved each other so much, yeah we had arguments, and i think i always caused those arguments. I think your description of Gemini and a Cancer is so true, about them being insecure. We actually separated because i have a baby with someone else. But we still contact each other, miss each other so much, and yeah i just can’t live without him. He is my everything.

  13. Marion

    I am a Gemini and my husband is a Cancerian. When we met he fell inlove with me in an istant. We have been married for 17 years and been through an awful lot, that many couples would never have been strong enough to get through. In August this year we seperated. He moves out on 30th Nov. I love him more now than ever mind body and spirit and every fibre of my being. He did meet a woman and she is still a friend (she is also a cancerian). He says he no longer loves me and hasn’t for a long time. He says if he finds some feelings or a spark when he moves out we can try again. I have had a reading with a medium (which was free as somebody I have known for many years).,who says we will reunite. Have benn on pyschic chat a numbers of times they say we will reunite. On the oracle card app I ask the question and the card I get every time is Companions love card. I only wish I knew what the stars say for us but with 2 kids and 3 dogs to look after and no spare pennies not possible. If anybody reading this would just like to say a little prayer or send some positive thoughts for us to reunite and be in love and happy again would be extremely grateful xxx.

  14. Sandra

    Im’a Cancer and i have dated a Gemini for about four years now. It has been a very emotional and learning experience. i wouldn’t trade it for nothing. I’m very much in love with my Gemini and have discovered a lot abot myself in the last four years. I find the Gemini very supportive and understanding. Sometines we struggle to keep our relationship together and we always manage to do so. I feel like it could still end at any givin time, but in the mean time I’m loving my Gemini.

  15. laura

    im a gemini dating an aquarius, and let me tell u it has been the best relationship I’ve ever had! we’ve been dating almost 2 years now and i have deep love for him. i mean it is hard to keep him on track with talking about one subject at a time but i love his ways of being different and creative. he always has ideas that i encourage him to an aquarius is fun, exciting, and unexpected, but it will be the best days of ur life if u meet the right one! i had dated a capricorn and he just wasn’t right for me. we didn’t connect ilk me and the aquarius, even my older sis is an aquarius and we get along well. i love my aquarius!


    Reading about Geminis has really helped me learn so many things about myself! I am a Gemini born June 10, 1964, I have been divorced 3 times and asked to be married more times than I remember! Alot of my relationships ended because I was bored! People are constanly telling me how intelligent I am but it wasn’t until recent that I’ve begun to except it. I am in college now mainly because I love to learn. I’m not sure about my ever being in a relationship anymore simply because I have had enough of the drama! I like the idea of having friends without benefits!I think that the other part of relationships for me is over.

  17. sasha

    Iam a gemini and we do love, and want a stable realationship, but being a twin sign we get bored easily, mental stimulation is very important for us.. we a fun lively and we make great friend and lover… i seen to meet my opposite sagittarius alot.. but i would never date one again.. not all gemini are the same either.. there a different kinds.. so u live u learn and u move on, i must say every sign have the own issue..

  18. mandy

    im a gemini and i had dated a pisces for four years. we had a awesome time at first but it just got worse probably about two or so years. it sucked in the end though.

  19. melissae

    It’s been 2 years since I met my Gemini. I am a pisces and although we are not a couple he refuses to let me go. I am a little sad to read that we are an unforgettable romance but the longer we stay this way the harder it is to separate. My moon is in libra, my Venus in Aries. He has Venus in cancer and that’s all I know. Maybe that’s why we are still seeing each other, or is it just plain old fwbs? I have no idea!

  20. gwen48

    I did date a Gemini once and I am a Sagittarius. I was an instant attraction! yes, there was some misunderstanding regarding the depth of the Gemini emotions – for me anyway. Much as you have described. We knew we were astro opposites and it was truly a wonderfully exciting yet short lived relationship. Had other circumstances been different, I do believe we would have brought out each others strengths and helped with each other’s weaknesses. That was the only Gem I have ever dated. But I think your description of the sign and the compatibilities are spot on! We Saggie’s often don’t see the depth of other signs emotional lives in time to appreciate them and can sometimes hurt others unintentionally because we just feel we are speaking truth so how can that hurt? :-). I do know my faults. But, Spot ON! I hope others will read the compat’s and really think about whether to get involved with this flirty Gemini, because it can be quite ride and more emotionally initmate than one might imagine or even realize until one is already in deep.


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