Lost Love Finds Peace

Sometimes even the psychic is amazed by what happens on a call. They might get a dramatic vision or a visitor from the other side that neither the client nor the intuitive will ever forget. The event becomes emotional and life-altering for both, while providing an immediate positive impact on the caller’s journey through life.

“This is one of my favorite readings. It made a huge impression on me and shifted the life of my caller – quickly,” tells Clairvoyant and Medium Tammy ext. 9380. “I still get chills when I think of this story,” she admits.

Talia (not her real name) had called in for a general reading. When Tammy gets a request for a reading, no questions asked, she looks to her guides to direct her to what might matter most to the customer. “The guides could barely give me two words first and love and show me a flame, when a young man dropped into the reading from the other side.”

“Who was your first love?” Tammy asked Talia, while a young man in a big shiny blue pickup truck came through to the psychic.

“Uh… well… I’m not sure,” she answered quietly.

“He crossed over, is that right?”

Talia was silent. Tammy didn’t want to spook her as her customer wasn’t responding to her question. “It had something to do with a bright blue pickup truck?” the Medium suggested and with that her caller began to cry.

“It’s Bruno, but I didn’t call about him,” she said hesitantly.

The moment Talia said his name, the whole picture of what had happened to Bruno came through to Tammy.

“He’s here with us on this reading… He keeps saying he loves you. He’s telling me that he’s very sorry he did a very stupid thing, you’re not to blame… ” and Talia began to sob.

At that point Bruno was showing Tammy a pink slip of paper and the inside of his truck which was littered with beer cans. She also knew the truck had gone over the side of the highway. Talia tearfully opened up to the Medium when she heard the description.

“I had asked Bruno to move out that week. He’d gone back to school, but that wasn’t going well and then he lost his job. He’d been experimenting with drugs and he was drinking and I told him he needed to get help before he ruined his life, and I wasn’t going to let him ruin my life. I still feel awful about it… I was too hard on him.”

“He keeps saying it wasn’t your fault. He’s showing me a creepy looking guy, an uncle, a bad influence.”

Talia verified between sobs that she thought his uncle had been the source of the drugs. He’s scary and was always hanging around.”

“Bruno says he hasn’t left you. Have you felt him in the kitchen when you have coffee…” said Tammy who was holding back her tears.

Talia, now more interested than upset, burst out, “I knew it! I knew it. I’ve always wanted to talk to a psychic about this… but, I have a new relationship. We’re serious, but my boyfriend wants me to be sure. He senses that there’s something in the way,” the caller opened up.

“Bruno says he’ll move on as soon as you’re ready…”

Talia and Tammy discussed the consequential change that she needed to make. Her first love was not moving on, and she and her new love were also stuck. Her guilt over Bruno’s accident was keeping both relationships in limbo. Now that she understood what had been going on in her life, was she ready to release her emotional hold on the situation and let Bruno go? Talia hung up the phone saying she was deeply relieved to finally know that Bruno blamed himself and not her for their falling out and the accident.

Several weeks later, Talia called the Clairvoyant and Medium to tell her that the reading had literally changed her connection with her boyfriend. She had worked on releasing her guilt, and said good bye to Bruno in her kitchen one morning, wishing him peace. After that, Talia reported, her new relationship had taken an almost magical shift. “We’re engaged now and we both know it’s right!”

“When we hang on after a love has moved on or passed away, we can’t open ourselves up to move forward in life,” reminds Tammy, who was so emotionally overwhelmed at Talia’s call that she says, “I had to log out for an hour to process it all.”

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