Libra Soulmate Forecast

Your Next 12 Months in Love

Ruled by Venus, your love life moves as she does; ever in the quest for balance. The good news is that the energies of 2013 favor balance in matters of the heart. The goal then is to continue to increase your self-awareness so as to function optimally—in relationships and in general. In order to achieve this sought after stable relationship, you have to bring a complete half to the equation.

Here’s your Soulmate Forecast for September 23, 2012 through September 22, 2013:

The year begins with a no-frills approach. You’re learning what’s practical for you in a relationship and some battles may ensue. However, once disputes are settled for better or worse, you’ll move into a lighter state, where looking for love (or reigniting it) is fun.

On that note, a generally more playful spirit in relationships lasts throughout this year, giving you a much-needed respite from the drudgery that has marked the recent past. You may find shared intellectual views turn a friendship into something more—something that leads to a deep emotional connection. Whether or not you can commit then becomes the question—are you having too much fun playing the field? Or is it the relationship that’s lighting your fire? Just things to ponder… Are you really ready to settle down? Talk it over with Psychic Kinsey ext. 5135.

As summer approaches, your mind is torn in a million directions and the thrill of newness may prevail. That or you’ll try to keep your current situation feeling new—and you’ll likely succeed if you’re both determined. Relationships with a fellow Libran are favored at this time, especially as you’ll understand each other’s sensitivities when they arise mid-summer. The result? Gratitude and shared adoration as the summer draws to a close. Do you feel like you aren’t being adored in your relationship? Psychic Angel ext. 9266 has the insight you’re looking for.

By the time your birthday rolls around in 2013, odds are good you’ll have had a relationship for some time if you’re so inclined. You’ll also know if it’s got staying power. If the single life has been more appealing, you’ll likely have no regrets—2013 will go down as a banner romantic year.

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