Let Your Guard Down in Love

You’ve been burned. More than once bitten. Thrown to the wolves and left to wallow in the reek of heartache. Alright, already. When your heart’s been broken, drama abounds. It’s no wonder we’re none-too-eager to put ourselves out there again.

Well, it’s time. If you were waiting for an invitation to get over the past, consider yourself served. As Venus trines Neptune, opening the way to connection, compassion and possibility, come out of the dark toward the light. Here are three reasons to take a chance on love:

A new flame can heal old wounds
Remember, not every love will leave you bleeding. You’re past hurts are not doomed to repeat themselves, but you’ll never have a chance to overwrite bad history if you don’t take a chance at the new. Not every love turns tepid. Not every lover betrays. You may have been hurt before, but your past is not a prescription for your future.

Your next partner might be the one to fill in where love has failed you in the past. But only if you find the courage to let them.

You won’t know what you’re missing til it’s gone
Have you let someone into your life but not your heart? Don’t be fooled, a guarded heart can still be broken. Think twice before you hide behind those walls, because your stony defenses may keep you from enjoying what you have, but they won’t keep you from losing it.

Finding someone we can love is rare. It’s even rarer that they have love – and the right kind of love – to give in return. If you even suspect you have a chance at something real, and it’s already sitting on your doorstep, open up! This just may be the one that makes up for all the others, and you’ll never know if you don’t let them in. Be open to love now. It might not still be knocking when you come out from hiding.

Put your past to use
Get some mileage out of the past. There is no use in learning the tough lessons if you don’t give yourself a chance to put them into action. Every time we go through a relationship, we gain truck-fulls of sage tidbits about ourselves, intimacy, communication, compromise – all the good stuff you need to make love work. Hey, you may not have asked for all that juicy wisdom, but it’s yours for the taking. Now, take a deep breath, make peace with the past, and get out there and use it!

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