Know When to Detach

Sometimes when people are so muddled by the turmoil in their life they will call their psychic or several psychics – again and again – hoping their reading will change. No matter how many times people call back with the same question, information keeps being repeated in readings, unless they’ve made the changes necessary to help open the door to their future.


“Clients will just wait and scratch and claw hoping a person or a situation will change. I like to help callers break those cycles. People are often surprised that when they finally let go… life moves forward,” tells one of our top psychics.

An extreme sense of duty and responsibility to an ex-wife and their grown children, all of whom were taking advantage of Marshall’s (not his real name) good nature, was keeping the successful artist and sculptor’s plans for the future at bay. He was still feeling guilty about leaving his wife, even though years had passed and he had set her up comfortably. He had put both boys through school, but they had moved in with their mother due to problems with addiction.

He asked his psychic, “Do you see my sons ever living a normal life? I’m very worried about them.”

The intuitive who had more than one deck of Tarot cards ready for every reading (one per subject) looked into the cards for a response to his question, then double checked the answer with a pendulum. “No, she said. “Not the way things are now.” The psychic felt that the 22-year-old twins were taking advantage of their father, as was their mother, who knew exactly what they were up to. “They’re not serious about resolving their problems. I see all of them holding up your life with their drama and troubles.”

“The cards suggest tough love… And you need to stop bailing your sons and your ex-wife out of trouble. It’s time to detach,” she advised.

Marshall connected with the Clairvoyant’s words, but was unsure of how to detach without breaking off his relationship with his sons. He concluded that he needed to do some deep thinking about the situation.

“What about Amy (not her real name), my girlfriend? Will she hang in there with me?” Marshall asked, adding that he thought he knew the answer himself, but wanted to hear what the cards had to say. Again, the psychic double-checked her response with the pendulum.

“Amy loves you deeply. Your relationship is highly compatible… from religion to your love of the outdoors. But, Amy is getting nervous about your over-involvement with your family. She wants to move?” the psychic asked.

“She wants to leave the area and start fresh in a neighboring city,” Marshall replied. “We can’t agree on that.”

“You are going to set a wedding date in the near future, but you must cut the ties you have with your family first. When you do that, the decision of where to live will fall into place,” asserted the psychic.

The next time Marshall called, he told the intuitive that he was consciously cutting his calls short with his ex-wife and suggesting that his sons take responsibility for their problems, when they phoned looking for help. “This isn’t easy,” he admitted to the psychic. “But I notice that when I back off from all of their drama, I have the time and the strength to look at the positive parts of my life.” Over the next several calls the intuitive reader helped her client maintain his courage to continue to detach from the unhealthy aspects of his family’s life.

“Marshall had all the possibilities in his cards to have all the good and new things he wanted out of life… a new home, a marriage of mutual respect as well as a comfortable relationship with his sons. It would be a shame to allow the negative energy from his old life, to drain away his future. This is a man who deserves good things,” she said with feeling.

The last time Marshall called, he thanked the psychic for her insight and her lack of judgment during their calls. He realized that he had been hesitant to allow himself true happiness. “I thought that life was fair… but I’m learning that you can’t just let life happen if you’re looking for fairness.” He and Amy had decided to buy a home one county over. “We’re deciding between two… and I was wondering if you could use the pendulum to help us out,” Marshall inquired.

It takes courage to change, the psychic emphasizes. If your life is stuck be prepared to find out in your reading, as Marshall did, that it just might not unstick on its own.

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