Should You Keep Gifts From An Ex?

Keep Gifts From An Ex

To Keep or Not to Keep?

One of the best things about being in a relationship is giving each other meaningful gifts as a token of affection. But what do you do with those gifts when the relationship ends? Do you believe in keeping gifts from an ex? Or, do you let those gifts go? Well, that depends. When you look at the gifts, do you think about the person who gave them to you? Do the gifts bring up negative feelings or happy ones? Do these gifts make you long for what used to be? Does the connection distract you or keep you from moving forward? Here are a few things to consider.

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Are You Still Friends?

Some exes can be good friends. If your ex is still a part of your life, in a platonic, friendly way, keep the gifts they gave you while you were in a romantic relationship. If you can be friends with your ex, chances are you have some nice memories of your romantic relationship. And if that’s the case, there is no reason why you can’t continue to enjoy the gifts they gave you when you were a couple.

Do You Hate Your Ex?

If you are on bad terms with your ex, the gifts they gave you when you were together can be a constant reminder of the drama and the negative feelings you have for them. If that’s the case, ditch the gifts they gave you. They’re just material items that can be replaced. Why sacrifice your well-being for a necklace, book or concert T-shirt?

Sell Your Memories

If you want to get rid of the gifts, you can turn old memories into new opportunities and cash! Just because an object brings up bad memories for you, that doesn’t mean someone else can’t make good memories with it. Sell your unwanted gifts! Then use the money you make to buy yourself something nice. How about a new outfit or makeover to refresh your look and attract someone new? If you’re already in a relationship, you can even spend the money you make on a gift for your new partner!

Trade Your Memories

Another option is to trade your unwanted items. Why not throw a party, invite your friends, and ask them to bring unwanted gifts from exes? Have some food, drink some wine, and watch someone else walk away with your bad memories. Maybe you’ll take someone else’s bad memories home with you and give them a new life as something that brings you joy.

Donate Your Memories

Donating your items to charity is a wonderful way to do a good deed while unburdening yourself of negatively charged items. There are local churches, women’s shelters and other nondenominational groups that would happily accept your items. You could be making a huge difference in someone’s life while improving your well-being at the same time. Someone else will create entirely new memories with the objects you donate.

They’re Just Material Objects

Remember, they’re just material objects, and the truth is, you don’t need them—especially if they remind you of the bad times. So why not make a little money or help someone in need? You’ll feel a lot better letting these gifts go than you would if you kept them.

5 thoughts on “Should You Keep Gifts From An Ex?

  1. Paige Ext 9158

    Hi Jennifer,

    I really enjoyed your article. You have given some very original ideas for an often overlooked subject. This article is going to have a very positive impact on many people. Also loved the party idea!


    Paige Ext. 9158

  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Jennifer,

    Loved your article. I especially liked the part about trading your articles….would make for a fun party night with the girls ( have plenty of wine on hand,LOL ) …great idea.

    Donating is always a good idea too.

    You are right, in the end, it’s just material ” stuff “. Unload the baggage with the bad memories, and get on with life !

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  3. GM

    I recently ended a friendship with someone who’d been my best friend for ten years, and, in some ways, losing your best friend is worse than losing a spouse or a significant other. After all, your best friend is always supposed to be there for you, and he or she is never ever supposed to use you or try to manipulate you. Well, not always.

    In this instance, getting rid of things she’d given me over the years was very healing. It got her “vibe” out of my home, and, as I got rid of all these items, a sense of calmness filled the empty spaces left behind. Most of the items were donated to my favorite charity, which means they’re helping others.

    And it wasn’t just things she’d given me. I deleted pictures of her off my computer, and I’m now in the process of throwing away photos of her in my photo albums. I’ve also gotten rid of things I bought on shopping trips that she’d accompanied me on. If she’s in any way associated with it, I’m getting rid of it. For me, it’s all negative energy, so releasing it is necessary. Then, as I’ve cleared things out, I’ve burned sage to remove any residual negative energy these items may have left behind.

    If looking at it brings back an unhappy memory, or if it makes you feel bad in any way, just get rid of it.

  4. Bobbie

    My husband & I sold our wedding bands from prior marriages and used the money to fund our honeymoon. We felt this energetically closed the door, released the baggage of the old relationships behind us, and walked fearlessly into a future of endless possibilities. And for the last 14 years, when our anniversary rolls around, he asks “what should we do for our honeymoon this year?” Point is, letting go of the physical objects from a previous love is very cleansing and a wonderful way to put the past to rest.


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