Is Your Sex Life Stuck?

Often we think about calling a psychic to find out about whether a date, love or marriage will manifest itself in our lives. But what if you found the love you asked for, but now things have gotten a bit routine, touchy or just plain unfulfilling in the bedroom… can a psychic reading help you find out why?

We put the question to our very competent team of California Psychics advisors and here’s what they said.

Can a psychic reading improve your sex life?

More callers ask about their sex lives than you might imagine, our psychics say. Don’t be shy with your questions. They’ve been asked why a partner is not interested in sex, if a partner is having sex with someone else, and if so, is the sex better with the other person…

The answers, our psychics agree, have helped clients build their sexual self-esteem, plus it has helped clients to tune into their own hidden sexual desires and those of their partner. They can also glean insight into issues they may otherwise not be aware of.

Our psychics have an unusually high number of clients that bring this up. Many people question their sexual attractiveness. “In one reading I could see that my client was not only good looking, but men definitely found her appealing. She was outgoing and flirty, but she also had an energy around her that she wore like a neon sign that read Please approach with respect only. My client connected to this immediately and was relieved to know that her energy was helping her weed out the guys who just wanted to have fun,” one of our insightful intuitives offers.

Another caller, read by Althea ext. 9582, felt like her boyfriend of five years was losing interest in her. “Instead, the cards pointed out that her lover was burdened with work and financial worries. With this information, the caller was able to talk to her boyfriend about his troubles and took on a part-time job that allowed him to cut back his hours at work. Althea says the caller reported back that their sex life was now better than at the beginning of their courtship.”

“I had a customer who somehow got the idea into her head that her husband was having an affair and backed off from him sexually,” one intuitive tells. “In her reading I saw there was no one else in his life and that he was totally committed. Totally relieved, she found that her desire for her husband returned three times stronger. And her husband, the caller later reported back, couldn’t put his finger on what it was about her that was so different and appealing.”

“Many things are brought to the surface that can greatly improve the sexual connection between you and your partner,” says Jesse ext. 9027. “A good reading can clarify and remove blockages that are preventing your sex life from being all it can be and help you focus on bringing the right person into your life.”

Often there are sexual fantasies or needs that a couple is afraid to express because of the fear of rejection. A reading can help you determine what your particular differences may be. You might be very surprised to discover that those thoughts or ideas you might consider to be too weird or taboo are the same thoughts and ideas that your partner may want to try.

For instance, if John likes to look and Mary likes to talk, then Mary might not understand why John always wants her to wear sexy negligees. John might be confused why Mary wants him to talk during sex. Finding these hot buttons can add passion between the sheets.

Is your sex life everything you want it to be? If not, talk to one of our intuitive psychics to determine how to bring your sexy back! Call 1.800.573.4830 or click here now.

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