Is Love Primal?

We asked our psychic team what each has learned about love and life as a result of their career as psychics. They deluged us with answers. The most stunning insight was a universal understanding that we all want and need the same things in life, no matter what our life circumstances are.

Love is at the top of that list. Our readers also see trends in consciousness in our changing times. Not only are there the obvious worries about survival, which are making the news each day, but our psychics also see that more and more people seem to be involved in, or interested in pursuing, a more spiritual life. Read on for more insight…

Life experiences are very much the same for every one, our psychics say. “After you listen to the same questions over and over again, you begin to recognize the common thread that runs through all of us and how alike we are really at the core,” Rose Mary ext. 9549 understands.

“Whether you are rich and famous, struggling with money, no matter what country you are in or from, we all want to love and be loved… and find some sort of peace in life, our psychics say. “All humans have a need for connectedness and love. Men and women call and obsess about love and romance – and no one is ever too old to want it,” Ariel ext. 9775 points out.

“Until I became a professional psychic I used to think that people were looking for success in life, however I have talked to thousands of people and 99% inquire about love,” Josepha ext. 5170 reports.

“I had a great epiphany while working on the lines… about why love is so important to us. I think my thoughts were summed up best in the movie Practical Magic when Sandra Bullock’s character talks about finding the right person and says, ‘I just want to be seen…’ It’s not that she wants someone to see her great hair or face, she wants someone to see her very soul and to validate and cherish her energy. That is what we all really want, someone to see us and when they do, still love us and cherish us anyway.” Tisha ext. 5145 describes.

Taking a more spiritual path in love involves hope, resilience and the willingness to grow and move on. “I speak with people every day who have loved and lost and been badly hurt and yet they are still willing to open their hearts and love again,” tells Dawn ext. 9777. “Hearing this over and over has opened my own eyes and heart,” she discloses.

Our psychics believe that their ability to look into the hearts of their callers and see the good and the bad… is the ultimate education in life. “It can be shocking to see inside someone’s heart. It becomes more difficult to judge people in a harsh or unyielding way,” Jesse ext. 9027 discloses. “Fortunately you can see how the vast majority of people are really wonderful and simply yearn to be loved. The knowledge I’ve gained as a psychic has confirmed what I always believed – that deep in our hearts, whether we are straight, gay, married or single, we all want love and reassurance and the guidance to find it.”

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