How to Meet Your Match

…And Keep Him

Learn how to recognize when you’ve met Mr. Right or even the man you’re going to marry. Observe the laws of attraction and don’t sabotage yourself! The dating world is riddled with endless challenges, faux Romeos and Mr. Wrong heartbreakers. You can cut back on some of this old bait-and-switch routine by learning not only how to recognize Mr. Right when he comes along, but also what to do with him – or not do – once you’ve found him.

Law of Attraction

If what you project is what you attract, make sure you know yourself and what you want. You only waste your time and your date’s when you begin to realize you aren’t what the other one is looking for and yet insist on trying to make it work. Understanding your personality, needs and what you have to offer to a significant other will help you project and attract the very things you are looking for in a mate.

Get Out of Your Own Way

Sometimes people put up roadblocks to protect their hearts, thus preventing themselves from seeing what’s right there in front of them. It is easy to allow distractions to get in the way of the Real McCoy, like unrealistic and idealistic expectations, or an infantilized idea of what type of mate you think you want. How many women have fallen for those notorious bad boys or the picture-perfect Romeos instead of meeting their legitimate romantic and spiritual needs through self-awareness? How you interact as a couple – the ease, comfort, and happiness you enjoy with one another – reveals whether you two will mesh harmoniously far better than a list of his attributes will. And don’t make the mistake of relying solely on the lust factor, or the “maybe he’ll change” delusion in your search for the ideal mate; it will only delay your search for the optimum partner. Get personalized advice, contact a psychic today!

“To attain the love you want, be prepared to be, or work to become, the type of person you want to attract!” – Psychic Yemaya ext. 5143

Now What?

If you’ve done the soul-searching and discovered that you have indeed found your true match, your first task is to not sabotage it! The “too good to be true” mental affliction can strike at any time and must be snuffed out at the earliest possible moment. Celebrate the fact that you are now one of the fortunate ones to have found your ideal mate. Be confident in your knowledge and decision, and take it slowly enough to fully enjoy the journey! Finding that person does not mean you must now rush headlong into marriage and family (if those are your goals). Make sure your partner is on the same page, and then just do what comes naturally to the two of you. If you are indeed right for each other, your loving relationship will surely blossom. Perhaps whoever said that relationships are hard, hard work requiring each partner to give 110%, had it all wrong. When it’s really right, your life gets a whole lot smoother and simpler, and your love runs deep enough to weather all of life’s challenges.

I find that to truly attract a good partner for play time you have to know exactly what you want. The hardest part for all of us is to truly know what we want when we want it. – Psychic Lalita ext. 5408

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3 thoughts on “How to Meet Your Match

  1. Iris1

    While its true that you can’t change someone’s personality-even if they love you, you can encourage them to look at how aggravating behaviour effects the ones around them.

  2. NK

    The best article on how to attract the right partner so far. Perfect. Thank you Alina. It all starts within us and knowing who we are and what we want. Most of us don’t. I’ll use your article as a guide, as it couldn’t have been said better.

  3. Courtney x5036

    Hoping for them to change can lead to heartbreak. Accepting them as they are will develop deep love.


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