How Guys Really Feel About One-Night Stands

When it comes to one-night stands, a number of single guys—and gals, for that matter—would relish the chance to hop into bed for some no-strings-attached action. But, with men specifically, the difference between a successful one-night stand and one that’s fairly forgettable may depend on the guy in question. While most men typically feel pretty good after such an encounter, different types of guys may perceive the moment differently—and therefore treat you differently in said moment. Here’s what you can expect from a one-night stand, depending on the guy you go home with… or decide to take home.

Mr. Sensitive
If you’re looking to form a committed relationship, a guy who’s in touch with his emotions is a great bet. But the big question is, what does Mr. Sensitive really think about a one-night stand? Well, don’t expect him to turn one down. (He is a guy, after all.) But what you can expect is a lot of thought going into the moment (and after), which may include a little shame and self-doubt. (Hey, we all have some of that, right?) And while Mr. Sensitive may not perform the best under pressure and may feel a little regret the morning after, he will also be very in tune to your feelings, so if you had a good time—and so did he—this chance encounter could only be the start of something more.

Mr. Competitive
These guy is easy to pick out within the first few minutes, as he is, more often than not, sports obsessed, from his clothes down to his chosen topics of conversation. If he’s not a sports fanatic, this type will surely indicate his competitive nature by one-upping you or bragging about himself. However, he will also work hard to win your approval for the night, which can translate into great sex later on. It is just a shame that his competitive nature won’t stay confined to the bedroom, so even if he does call again, you have to decide if you’re up for the challenge of always being second best.

Mr. Risk-Taker
This guy likes walk in the wild side, whether it’s through fashion, fast driving, or crazy pickup lines. These guys tend not to think too much about the consequences of a one-night stand, because this kind of risk will almost always results in reward (pleasure). One thing is for certain, you’re probably not the first gamble he’s taken and you won’t be the last, so don’t fool yourself into thinking this moment is any more than it is.

Mr. Smooth
He’s got the clothes, the car, the hair, the job, and everything else that makes him look like a total catch. But the mark of a true player is that he flaunts his assets, rather than just enjoys his independence. Some guys seem to have it all, but don’t have the need to make sure everyone else knows it. This type of guy places a high value on being admired and envied by others, so a one-night stand to him is more about boosting his ego and scoring points than anything else. If you meet his standards, you may become a regular, but don’t expect your relationship to ever turn into love or a commitment.

Mr. Self-Conscious
This guy can be seen on the dance floor swaying back and forth hesitantly. He’s usually afraid to laugh too loud, walk too fast, or look in your direction for too long. He can be so concerned with how the rest of the world perceives him that he has a difficult time being in the moment. This means that he’s the kind of guy who will overthink a one-night stand to the point that he may hardly even be able perform one. But sometimes love blossoms in the strangest ways, so never count this guy out if you’re into him.

Mr. Immature
He’s the kind of guy we often call a momma’s boy: He doesn’t like change and he’s probably had the same friends since he was twelve years old. This type is set in his ways and is typically on the lookout for someone to help take care of him. And yes, this means that he’s also probably lazy in the bedroom, expecting you to do all the work. Unless this sounds great to you, don’t waste even one night on this guy.

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  1. Cjg

    Most men will not respect the girl in a one night stand.there is a definite double standard .he’s cool she’s loose .not fair .women work hard these days and sometimes we want to blow off a little steam without the strings attached 2

  2. Seren ext. 5445Seren, Ext 5445

    It was quite interesting to read about the different types of one time encounters.

    The most important point of this article, though, was your comment that someone looking for a serious relationship probably shouldn’t really bother with any of these “types.” I couldn’t agree more!

    Brightest Blessings,
    Seren, Ext 5445


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