How Do You Know Your Relationship is Really Over?

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In a relationship, how do you know if the other person is done for good and it’s really over? How do you know when it’s the right time to let go? The real answer is that it’s never over until you’re done. The way to keep a relationship alive is to feed it energy. You cannot make someone love you, but you can choose to have feelings of love towards someone. It is also your choice to decide when you’re ready to let them go and take your energy back. That is your power in a relationship. No one can take that away from you. We have lessons to learn, and one person may take longer to learn those lessons than the other. Love is a connection that we all crave. How you love yourself is how you can attract someone that loves you on that same level. It’s all in your control. Get personalized advice, contact a psychic today!

People who are not in a relationship always want to know if they will ever meet someone. The answer is yes, if they want to. I believe we have more than one soul mate. There is a big world out there with a lot of people living in it. You can always tell when you meet a soul connection. There’s this familiar feeling that washes over you, when your souls remember each other. It is a connection that does not break. You can’t shake it, and you couldn’t stop it if you wanted to. Some soul lessons are easy while others are more challenging. The more difficult ones are the most painful, and truth be told, if it was anyone else you would be done and move on. But first, you must get through what you need to learn; otherwise, you will recreate a familiar scenario to try and learn it again.

There is a slight difference between a soul relationship and a karmic one. They are both soul connections that you feel drawn to, but a karmic relationship is where you have come together to pay off a debt. You feel like you’ve known this person before, and there is a sense of obligation and unfinished business between you. Once the debt is paid, the relationship is ready to end. However, it is very common for one person to feel like they are ready to leave while the other one is not ready to let go. That’s when the resentment sets in and starts to become extremely challenging. When it’s over, it’s over, and if you were ever to get back together you would feel like you were starting a new relationship.

A soul relationship is where you have loved each other so much that you promised when you came together in this lifetime you would help each other once again. A lot of times one person is not ready to do the work their souls agreed upon. They feel too vulnerable and need to disconnect. Once they get their emotional balance back on track, all the old feelings come rushing in, and they’re ready to try again. This behavior can repeat itself over and over, causing the other person to feel like they’re always waiting for the relationship to move forward. When you come back together, the relationship picks up right where it left off.

Rejection is difficult to overcome, but once you realize that it’s the other person rejecting themselves and preventing love, it starts to change the dynamics of the relationship. Now the energy starts to shift, and they have to come to you corrected. If not, you will eventually connect with someone else that removes your attention off of them and helps you learn what your soul is ready for.

Loving someone is one of your gifts in this lifetime. You can be guarded and frightened by it, or you can embrace it and share it with the world. Getting your true feelings out is scary and leaves you feeling vulnerable, but it is the only thing that can really set you free. If you have done the work, you are ready for love, and if you’re ready for love, nothing will stop it from coming. Not even you!

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14 thoughts on “How Do You Know Your Relationship is Really Over?

  1. jon sally

    I’m right here, im tired i know your not well, i feel so bad thinking of you and how you are! your spectacular to me Miriam.. you’ve made it through so much. I’ve felt the deepest emotions with you and that you felt em too and like were inseparable in ways with our depth. Anyways I’m not with any girl lol im just home.. here on couch. brandon is here (resting) Lovie if you don’t mind me calling you that.. i really miss you and wish i could take care of you now. where are you? i mean i know your not in a good place and i wish i could be there with you wherever you are. I’ve worried/wondered about your health lately for a while? i mean aww i can’t imagine what your going through with your body and everything. makes me sadddd. I apologize for ever hurting you in the ways that i did and the things i said. Any ignoring was only because together I felt we had a habit of it. I did mean everything I said about the hill and hugging you (1 sec ago and the park) those are some of the most incredible moments of life i cant forget. we are strong i feel and can make it through anything ! ive truly thought that for so long now and its rare because i doubt ‘other couples’ experience that like us. i mean i know your not going to care really me saying sorry cuz it means nothing to you … i just wish i could somehow be there with you right now at least being near you. you know your in my heart like i know im in yours lol difference is apparently you can die and then rebirth in life which is pretty cool. i wish i could do that with you!

  2. Hank


  3. pat

    Wow! so im doing the right thing i though i was insensitive by loving myself too much, I really love this article it has prooven some people wrong about me. big ups to myself.

  4. gilles

    Hi Dezi!

    Loved your article! I miss our talks. How does this article relate to L? Are we the soul connection that are destined to come together in this lifetime? I miss her so much and still feel like we will ultimately be back together. I feel it in my heart and soul… Any thoughts?? Great article. You’re the best!


  5. Lisa

    Wow! This article is amazing! Now I understand what I’ve been going through and still going through. I was just wondering Dezi, is it possible to meet 2 different soul mates,one right after the other?

  6. KB

    Tears as I read this. My bf of 4 years dragged me along saying how he wanted to marry me and named our future kids together and he was my first everything. He has done me wrong in so many ways over the 4 years but I always took him back each time he ran away or sabotaged the relationship. I know everything you wrote is right but still struggling with the idea that week after we talked about which ring to buy, he found one more excuse to run away YET AGAIN…tears

  7. RF

    this was/ is such a helpful and insightful article. It speaks to exactly where I am right now in a “relationship” with person readers have described as a soul mate. The ending happened several weeks ago, by him, the end of May when Venus was doing its thing. I have respected his wishes but he has reached out to me a few times since then and I feel he will do it again. I feel undone and I think he may feel that way too.

  8. Cathy

    Dear Dezi,

    Thank you so much for your article “How do you know if your relationship is really over?” It was just what I needed this morning as I’m trying very hard to let go of what I think was my soul relationship. I’m going to reread it again right now and work on loving myself and letting go.


  9. ernita

    Wow!! I can’t believe I’m reading this today. I just had ‘ending’ yesterday, an: “I can’t do this anymore, it still hurts too much” conversation with a reply “Then this will have to be our last conversation because I don’t want you to be hurt”. So, we have departed after 2 and half years of suffering (on my part). I feel a combination of deep sadness, some relief and a light feeling of ‘no, I don’t see this to be over and done with’. Why?? I think your article gave a lot of answers to my why’s and an affirmation that it’s not me who is going crazy. Thank you!!
    I still would love to hear someone telling me what’s coming next with this man, H.


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