Healing Your Past

In November 1843, Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote: “Be not a slave to your past.” We all have past history. Some wonderful, beautiful memories and others, traumatic and painful which we carry into every moment, interaction and relationship, tainting our perceptions and clinging to it because we feel it defines us. But when healing our past our true selves emerge: an enlightened being of love and co-creator of the Universe, for ourselves and all sentient beings.

Distance healing starts with when you were in your mother’s womb, through every year of your life to the present, and can be done by using a proxy – a teddy bear or photograph of yourself at the age you’re healing. Begin by drawing the Reiki symbols on your hands, then in front of your body, and then on your proxy. Say a pray asking to be a vessel for Spirit’s healing energy to guide your hands, and to send its healing energy to where it is most needed and necessary for your complete healing and transformation.Next, place your hands on your proxy, and say your name three times followed once by the city, state and country you were in at the particular age you are clearing. Memories, emotions, even physical reactions may arise – but whatever arises, remind yourself that you are healing, and that this is healthy and natural.

After the session is complete, draw the power symbol over yourself and proxy, and give a prayer of thanks to Spirit and immediately write your experience in your journal, doing so for every session you complete.

Whatever arises after the session is OK – do what is nurturing and self-caring for yourself. My experience is that the following day I usually feel as if a weight has been lifted from me. I’m more at peace and at home in my own body, revealing more of the light and love that resides within me, but has merely been covered by my past.

For the non-practitioner, the above instructions are the same, with only a few variations. Instead of using the reiki symbols, write in your journal whatever memories, thoughts, emotions, resentments towards others and perceptions you had at the particular age you are working on. Then sit quietly in meditation, bring forth the intention to process what it is you have just written, and allow it all to gestate and arise.

Next, gently bring your attention to your heart with the intention of opening it and connecting to Spirit. You will know when this occurs when you feel heat or tingling, a sense of peace or expansion. Saying a prayer of your choice, or using the one described above, ask to be healed on all levels – mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Place your hands over your heart, and closing your eyes, imagine energy from the universe or Spirit flowing into the crown of your head, allowing it to flow directly to your heart, down your arms, from the palms of your hands, into your heart and then throughout your body.

Whatever arises, allow it the space to express itself, and silently offer it to Spirit, asking it to do with it as it wills for your greater good. Once your intuition tells you that the session is complete, offer a prayer of thanks to Spirit for its love and healing, then write your experience(s) in your journal, and follow your inner voice in actions of nurturing, care and loving kindness for yourself.

Always remember: When you heal your past, you heal your life, releasing the obstructions that have prevented love to flow freely through you and into the world around you. When your past has been shed, you stand timeless in the light of love, gently held in its accepting embrace, with its whispering voice guiding and resonating through your eternal and expanding heart. Love is here. You are here. Both are now.

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10 thoughts on “Healing Your Past

  1. Hariprakash

    my DOB is 7ht feb1972,Meerut India, what is the relation my past with my present.
    i am suffring from job unstability in present life.so plz focus on my future.

  2. Francisca

    Michelle, you are so experienced and kneleodgwable. Wow, I’m so impressed. Do me a favor, add categories and tags to your posts, so people can find them and start commenting and cross-linking. xo, Ruthie in Florida Galaxy .

  3. Mark

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  6. Janet Shawl

    There has been a rift between me & my son since 2004. It is tragic because he lives only an hour’s drive from me. Due to major difficulties between me & d-i-l, I have stayed away. Obviously, his loyalty is to his wife, like the old poem says. He & I communicate only on Facebook, superficially at that. I would like there to be a healing between us, but I have no confidence in my ability not to screw up the first step out the gate, as I so often seem to do. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  7. Jacqueline

    Hi Phoenix,
    I enjoyed your article, using proxy can be useful in allowing healing to take place, as we progress through life it can be so rewarding in many ways when we put the past to rest, forgiving our-self as well as others that have been apart of our lives.

    When we clean the clutter out of our life, it is through this process that allows and opens up space to allow all the good that has been manifested to flow in.

    Blessings and Big Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472

  8. Therezinha Radwanski

    Hello to everyone, please read the attached information about Reiki, I love it. Since I was initiated at Master of Reiki and Seichin I have used it constantly to heal myself and others around the globe. When someone is not a practioner it also possible but to start with I believe a practioner should give a hand in the beginning so the person gets acquanted with the Reiki energy. It is lovely, safe, and fast. Miracles will happen if done properly. Thank you for given us all the valuable information. Love and Light to you all.


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