Get the Guy: Interview with Matthew Hussey

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Matthew Hussey is UK’s leading Life Strategist and creator of Get the Guy, His rise to success as a speaker and a coach has been meteoric, from packed seminar rooms in London to New York to appearances on CNNGMTVThe Today Show for America and NBC. Get The Guy is the best way to kick start your love life. Matthew’s proven methods show women the strategies they can employ right now to take control of their love lives, instead of sitting back and hoping that it all “sorts itself out eventually.” Check out this special offer and learn specific mistakes that women make that kill attraction: Get the Guy: Three Deadliest Mistakes Women Make. Click here to learn more.

Kick Start Your Love Life

Today, we have something very special for you. Holly Allender, one of the editors for the Newsletter and Blog for California Psychics, interviewed world-renowned dating expert Matthew Hussey to discover the real secrets to finding Mr Right.

In the interview, Matt revealed tons of golden nuggets that you can use immediately to transform your love life…

In this EXCLUSIVE interview, for the first time ever Matthew revealed:

  • The 2 BIG mistakes single women make that destroy their chances with their Mr Right.
  • Why playing “Hard To Get” is the worst thing a woman can do if she wants to attract her man.
  • Matt talked about the key to becoming the “High Value Woman” that will naturally attract the man of your dreams.
  • The few simple changes you can make that will increase your attractiveness naturally without having to fake being someone you’re not.
  • The 3 Stages getting your Mr Right so that you can find, attract and keep the man who is RIGHT for you.
  • Why “Being Yourself” is the worst advice you’ll ever hear and how to be your BEST self all the time.
  • How to make your Mr Right approach you first so you can get into a fulfilling relationship fast… without going through endless dates.
  • 3 thoughts on “Get the Guy: Interview with Matthew Hussey


      me encantaria que todos tus conocimientos tambien fueran para los latinos que aun tenemos poco conocimiento con el español traducirrrrr aveces es aburridor

    2. echo

      I met Mr Right, but we are both married, one day when he hug me to congrats me with my birthday, every thing around me dissapeared, and I heard him say ” it is true”.
      Immediately he left the room without a word, he goes on holiday. two weeks later he came back and it looks if nothing happens. he is as friendly as before.
      one month ago, I gave paper to him, the moment when our eyes met, everything dissapear around me for a second, and I could see something also happens to him. Without saying anything he left the room and drive of without saying anything to anny of the other staff members,
      Now when he spoke to me it is in a soft voice, and he alway look at me. What must I do, ????????????????????? I love him and will give him my eveything.


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