Games Single People Play

The Skills You Need to Rock the Single Life

Whether you’re a game-playing mastermind or you don’t realize you’re doing it at all, playing games is just part of the single life. If you’re single, no matter your age, you have two things that coupled people don’t have: You have the whole dating world open to you and you have tons of competition to contend with.

I Don’t Play Games

Being single requires the skill of a chess champion. Some strategic moves could get you the very thing you desire, but being too anxious could lead you back to square one. Instinctively, we enjoy the push and pull, or the yin and yang, but if you’re saying to yourself, “That’s not me,” you’re either correct, fooling yourself or you’re just unaware of what you’re doing. Let’s see.

Sorry, I’m Busy

Nothing feels more victorious than trying to attain the unattainable. You go out on a date and it’s instant chemistry. You can’t wait to see each other again. The next date is even hotter, smoldering, simmering. Then you get the call for date number three and you want to say yes, but you totally don’t want to seem like you have no life outside of dating. It may kill you. It may thrill you, but you say, “Sorry, I’d love to go out with you, but I’m busy.” Make them miss you a little. Make them wonder what you’re really doing when you’re not with them.

There’s nothing wrong with games as long as they don’t hurt anyone. For some people, falling into  relationship/couple mode is easy and happens quite quickly but for the majority of us, games are just part of the dating dance.

Reviving the Ex

If you’ve been dating for a while and things are starting to feel a little stale, nothing adds a tiny spark better than a little jealously. After a few sighs and a troubled look on your face your lover asks, “What’s wrong?” You hesitate, maybe add another sigh, and then you tell them, “It’s my ex. He’s been calling me again.” If your date seems even slightly jealous, even if it causes a small fight, you’re smiling inside because they wouldn’t be jealous if they didn’t really care, right? Now you have the answer to the question you’ve been asking yourself of late, “How much does he really care?”

Other games we play may be breaking a date at the last minute or countering our lover’s flirting with a little flirting of our own or even hinting at wearing something sexy underneath for shock value. You’re not bad. You’re not wrong to do it. The games single people play are just part of human nature and games can keep you ahead of the competition.

Games are looked upon as something we don’t condone. We profess we don’t play them ourselves. But deep down on some unconscious level we know that the things that make being single so fun are the games single people play. Looking for the right person to get together with? Give Psychic Saphira ext. 5243 a call to find out what’s going on in your dating life.

14 thoughts on “Games Single People Play

  1. Startwin

    Yes, all men play mind games. I have not come across one that does not. I have been
    trying to fine that life partner but, no luck. It does get frustrating. I know that this only
    a process, but it is so darn annoying. Isn’t there an honest man out there?

  2. sher

    I have been married and divorced 3 times since age 18. I am in my mid 50’s and a young 50″s i might add! This is good article! I am having the time of my life! I am treating the guys like they treat woman! Not treating them bad but giving them a taste of their own medicine! Not saying all guys play the game with woman but most do! Anyway I don’t call right back, wait for them to recall me. I also don’t wait for them, I force myself to go out even if to the store but I make them wonder where. I mention some other guy friends, and am not all that available. Even if I am I am not! It works for me! I have a guy that is a master at games and he doesn’t like an easy catch. He is a fisherman and a hunter so he likes the hunt! I think all men do! An easy catch isn’t anything to brag about so I would say if you lose a guy he aint meant to be! Move on!

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  4. Debbie

    I have been single since 2008. I was happy to play the single games for a while. In 2010 I met someone I fell in love with. We dated for a couple of months. Then he backed off saying he wasn’t ready for the next step. While dating I cancelled a couple of time, playing hard to get. Then we didn’t c each other for 6 month. During this summer we went on a couple of dates. I was head over heals. While we were on our dates we acted as if we were dating. He would never call or text me unless I called or text him first. A month has gone by & I haven’t heard from him. I am back out into the playing single games lifestyle again. I am definitely not gonna go looking for a relationship. Good things come to those who wait!!!

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  6. Angela

    I quess game playing to some extent is good,but I always say “to they own self be true”. This is what I follow through on. Guess what it hasn’t failed me yet. Thanks for letting me read this article.

  7. Kim

    Pretending to be unavailable and making someone jealous? At no time in my life have I needed to resort to those behaviors. People can enjoy being emotionally honest with each and remember you get back what you dish out. As in board games each player has a turn and is bound to the same rules.

  8. thomas hughes

    all the women i know played the friends card with me i know i was to nice to them i would like to have a friendf with benefits i had turned these women down before is this payback can i fix it

  9. quinn ext. 5484

    the two weeks i was single i really enjoyed it. i love games. very competitive –
    i play games men like, chess, darts, billards, ping-pong, cards. so in the single world i had fun –
    playing mind games is stressful. so i pretty much stay as honest to myself as i can.
    one of the biggest game changes is all the hgh tech stuff we now have – back in the 60’s and 70’s all you could find out about a man was what was in his wallet. lol.

    dating has become imho harder than ever.
    great article LJ
    good dating mates.

  10. Rivers ext. 5273Rivers

    Good article. Also keep in mind that we all have that emotional line and when that line is crossed, you need to communicate with your partner before things get out of hand and tempers flair. It’s a balancing act just like everything else in life.

  11. Gayle Martin

    Don’t forget having the freedom to do what you want, when you want, and with whom you want. I’ve been divorced twice, and I have no desire to ever marry again.

  12. Trevor

    Sorry I don’t have a credit card, this is causing me to miss out on a lot of interesting topic.anyway I soon sort myself out.thank you.


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