From Hookup to Girlfriend

From Fling to Relationship

We all have our weak moments in life, and hookup choices probably rank right up there for many people. But what happens when you realize you want more from a guy than your originally intended hookups? Your next moves are crucial if you want to have a future with him, so before you take another step, read on! Want to know if he wants something serious with you? Alison ext. 9885 has the answers you’re looking for.

Make it About More Than the Sex

Invite him out for lunch, a bike ride or anything that involves connecting on a non-sexual level. Relationships are about enjoying one another in diverse and interesting ways, so engage him on a variety of levels! You want him to see you as more than just a fling, so work on growing a friendship.

Step Up the Class

Just because you’ve done the dirty deed doesn’t mean you can’t splash some class back into your dance. Dressing more conservatively and projecting more sensuality rather than sexuality can go a long way towards him seeing you in a new and more respectable light, a.k.a. girlfriend material.

Go Ahead, Play a Little Hard to Get

So the “fun is in the chase” mentality which men seem to love doesn’t actually have to be off the table if you play your cards right. If you are still spending time together and doing things other than having sex, this means he’s interested in you romantically, and you may have the opportunity to steer things in a different direction. You have reset the “chase” button if sex is off the table and he still wants to spend time with you.

“Love with sex can send you both beyond the stars…” – Psychic Alison ext. 9885

No Pushing or Clinging

Men typically hate feeling pressured to date so just allow your time together to speak for itself in the beginning. If you’re enjoying one another and becoming closer, his feelings will grow organically, and then you can decide what you two will do about it. The same goes for needy, clingy behavior. Be confident and independent, give him space and let him do more of the work; he’ll respect you more for it and it will give the two of you a better shot at working out in the long run! You call it love, but he thinks you’re clingy. If you don’t know the difference, chat with Shauna ext. 9010.

7 thoughts on “From Hookup to Girlfriend

  1. Julie

    Could of done with reading this 3 years ago before my ‘hook up’ broke my heart. We tried being friends, but the sexual chemistry between us was too strong, so we went on to become friends with benefits, the trouble was I developed deeper feelings for him than he did me. So when he told me he wouldn’t be able to see me anymore as he knew I wanted more & he couldn’t give me more, I was gutted.

    It’s been 6 months since I’ve seen him & although we have spoken on line a couple of times, I still cry myself to sleep & think about him too much. I know I need to move on & in time perhaps I will, but I’ll be taking the above advice with me!!

  2. Shelly

    So i been seeing this guy for a while now and he told me he is married. He told me he’d rather be with me than her and that he loves and care about me and my daughter. Do i stay in a relationship with him or or leave? Please comment

  3. Brad

    When I’m Awesome in the bedroom they keep coming back for more!
    After a while women see that I do have brains,personality,character,compassion and will protect and treat her like gold.Until then I have to put up with just being there sex toy! Life is tough sometimes…

  4. Luann

    I dated a man several years ago and not have met anyone like him. I still have feelings for him and wonder if he will ever come back to me. Please comment.


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