5 Ways to Turn Friendship Into Romance

Many great relationships have emerged from friendships. We need to realize, though, that our feelings for our friend, and our declarations, will most certainly change the relationship, and not necessarily in ways we would like or anticipate. Given the risks involved, it’s best to prepare carefully for “the talk,” thus increasing our chances for a successful outcome as we take steps to turn that best buddy to beau.

1. The Compatibility Factor

It’s essential to get a handle on the true nature of your relationship with your friend. Are you seeing what’s really there, or what you want to see? Do your personalities synchronize easily? Do you enjoy one another on many levels: intellectually, aesthetically, ethically, and spiritually? Are you attracted to each other on a physical level? All these considerations should be helpful in deciding whether or not a shift from a platonic to a romantic relationship with your friend is a good idea.

2. Sniffing Out the Signs

There are many telltale signs that a man is attracted to you, if you can read between the lines. Does he touch you frequently when speaking to each another? Does he maintain eye contact a little longer than necessary? Little things like body language, secret smirks or smiles can offer subtle clues that he’s thinking more than just platonic thoughts.

3. Will the Risk Be Worth It?

Every decision comes with consequences, and a declaration of romantic feelings will change things in the friendship – hopefully for the best! You should think through your decision carefully, preparing yourself for multiple outcomes. There’s always the risk that you will lose the friendship if he doesn’t feel the same way about you, or that the friendship will change after your feelings are out there on the table. This is why a list of the pros and cons could be useful when deciding whether taking that risk is worth the price. Considering the potential rewards, however, encourages many women to take the chance rather than spend a lifetime wondering if she let “Mr. Right” get away. The reality is that if you have fallen for your friend, the friendship has already changed and you owe it to your happiness, and his, to take the risk.

4. Fess Up

After thorough considerations, it’s time to take the plunge! When you have this talk with your friend, it’s best to be as honest and straightforward as possible. Letting your friend know that you have developed romantic feelings for him may be something he needs to adjust to, so it’s best to give him time to reflect on how he feels about the relationship. As long as you’re honest with one another about your feelings, you are likely to make the right decision for the future of your relationship.

5. First Date

If the discussion goes well, and both of you are open to taking things to the experimental next level, then waste no time making that date! The great thing about dating your best friend is that the transition from friend to mate may be one of the easiest parts of your relationship. After all, you already know, care for, and respect one another, so it can be quite natural to celebrate your companionship in a wonderfully physically way with your best friend and lover.

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3 thoughts on “5 Ways to Turn Friendship Into Romance

  1. velvetoversteel

    I’m personally looking for my best friend first. However I hadn’t thought about the risk involved in changing that into the relationship of my dreams later. Very good article with great advice, Alina!

    Coreen @ VOS

  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500


    This article has many good points…….

    …when you are 90 years old, and have lost much if not all of your libido , you had better be with a partner you can talk to.

    I’ve read for couples who have celebrated, happily, their golden 50 year anniversary and they all tell me the same thing…..they married their best friend. They not only love their mate, but also LIKE their mate.

    In most cases …..it’s worth the risk of telling your best friend about your emotions….. let your psychic guide you thru that process…..

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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