Finding Love Online: Here’s How They’re Scamming You

Is Your Online Love Legit?

You can fall in love with someone you’ve met online, but you have to be smart about it. If you’re not, you could endanger yourself, lose a lot of money or get your heart broken. Just because you have good intentions, it doesn’t mean the person you’re talking to does as well. Many people lie about who they are to get what they want, whether it’s money, attention or a feeling of power. Don’t get scammed! Here’s are some red flags to look out for when looking for love online:

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They Don’t Live Nearby

If someone who lives nowhere near you is chatting you up, be suspicious. I’m not talking about someone who’s a state away, but if they live in a different country, there’s a good chance they’re trying to scam you. Don’t get too attached to someone you can’t meet without a passport. They aren’t your last chance at love!

They Proclaim Their Love in a Short Period of Time

I’m sure you’re an amazing person with a lot to offer. I’m sure you’re loveable. But no one can make a real, meaningful connection with you only after talking to you on the Internet for a few days or weeks. If someone who barely knows you says they love you, a red flag should go up. This person is either incredibly desperate or is getting ready to ask you a big favor.

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They Ask for Money

Would you give someone you barely know a lot of your hard-earned money? Well, if you’re writing checks or paying bills for someone you’ve met online, you just did. You may feel like you’re helping someone you care for, but the truth is you have no idea what they’re spending that money on. You also don’t know how many other people are giving them money too!

They “Can’t” Video Chat

Pretty much every computer and phone has video chat capabilities and some of these programs are so easy that your dog could use them. So when your online love says they can’t video chat, know they’re full of crap. If they don’t have the technology (for whatever reason), they know someone who does. The truth is they don’t want you to know what they really look like.

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You’ve Only Seen One Picture of Them

If you’ve been talking to someone for months and you’ve only seen one picture of them, you should definitely be suspicious. There’s a good chance that picture you’re looking at is not of the person you’re talking to. Chances are they found that picture on the Internet and are passing it off as their own.

They Won’t Give You Their Number

If your online love won’t let you call them, something is definitely up. The most likely have a living situation they don’t want you to know about. Maybe they’re married or have a live-in partner. Maybe hearing their voice would give away their gender or age.

They Say They’re a Celebrity

If the person you’re talking to claims to be a celebrity, ask yourself the following questions: Why would a celebrity need to go online to find love? How would a celebrity, with their crazy work schedule, find the time to talk to me for hours every day? You’re not talking to a celebrity. You’re talking to a person who thinks you’re naïve.

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How to Protect Yourself

You can have a legitimate relationship with someone you’ve met online. First, choose someone who lives near you. Are they a drive away or a quick flight away at the most? You’re going to want to meet them eventually. Do an Internet search for them. Find out if they have a criminal background. Check out their Facebook page. Video chat with them, exchange phone numbers and pictures when you’re comfortable. You need to know what they look and sound like. When you’re ready, take the relationship offline. Meet up for coffee or in a public place and if there’s chemistry, agree to go on a real date.

16 thoughts on “Finding Love Online: Here’s How They’re Scamming You

  1. Tracy

    I am not a psychic, but I can speak from experience about scammers. I have had many try to get money out of me. First of all, any guy who really likes you would want to meet you in person fairly soon after getting to know you. Especially since you lived so close to each other.
    Second, I doubt the English court system is so strict that they would put you in jail for not being able to pay a fine. Third, I am sure there is somebody else who could help him pay the fine. Fourth if he truly cares about you then he would understand why you don’t want to give money to someone you haven’t met. These guys prey upon your emotions. You have to think with your head and not your heart. It is better to have a broken heart then an empty bank account. Good Luck.

  2. sam

    hi,you are right i was avictim of one scammer by chat she asked me to send her money then she disapper,thanks for ur advises,best regards,,

  3. connie

    yes its hard to find love on line but if you play the cards right & pay close attention you can. I must confess I have found love on line with a man from another country. we chatted, video, called each other on cell phones text sent pictures etc. we meant in 2013 & I recently took my chances & flew to meet him. While there we married. so be careful use your senses wisely & never let anyone put you off, for if they really want to be with you they will always contact you & make you a top priority in the everyday life. so some on line relationship can be true.

  4. Janet Pesto

    I read your bio and what you had said about someone who is scanning you, I have been scanned and lost a lot of money in fact I am behind on my mortgage and taxes so am in trouble and here he wants another 2000 and he said he will pay everything back, but what you had said is very true he won’t talk on the phone and he won’t go on webcam I don’t know how I could be so vulnerable to believe these lies, but talking with another person, I do believe I will tell him no more money and I probably will not hear from him again. and accept I have been scanned and hope someday he feels some guilt and will pay back the money.
    I should haveread your bio and what you had to say about internet relationships
    It has been very helpful

  5. Louise Green

    I have been talking with someone online for about seven months now. With this man that I have met we have been chatting online everyday and he phones me every night, he has talked with my son on both as well, I even talked with his daughter on phone a few times. I also have his phone number so when I have the urge to call I can do so but when I call him he always wants to call me back so I can save my money. In the beginning of our conversation on facebook he asked me if I had a web cam so we can chat to each other, I am the one that don’t have that on my computer. We were talking for four months before he confessed his love for me. He moved from Sweden to Manchester England because of his work and has been living there for the last four years now which is wife passed away just after that, he is a Civil Engineer and he has one daughter and her name is Lucy who is about the same age as my son. I have grown to love this man and his daughter very much and I would like for you to give me some insight about his feelings for me and our relationship which he has told on number of occasions that he will never turn is back on my son and me. Please I need some advice.


  6. meme

    Dear Dania,
    I don’t know if you were just being critical, prejudicial, or you simply wants to keep the guys for your country women intact. Let me correct your issues pointed outed :
    1) Distant relationship from another country does not constitute fraud or scam because I found out this woman from Colorado met a guy online from another state, established a relationship ; She crossed the state line ( no passport required) married and divorced him all within three weeks. She used the same framework of advice. Now my niece, she met her husband online Oct , they talked every night and he decided they should meet and so after getting his RR (he is a soldier) he flew all the way here to the Philippines. Met face to face and proposed marriage. They are now blessed with two kids and living in Georgia. I too met my fiancee but I broke off with him after finding out that he is still very much married with his wife in California! I suppose this contradicts your assumptions. As to how you arrived in your summations regarding distant relations particularly from a foreign country is totally biased. Your kind of advise has destroyed a lot of good distant relationship. I suppose you should correct your way of advice because I have other friends and relatives who got married and living a blissful life in your country with their family ( husband/children ), and even in Canada, Greece and Japan, Europe for that matter. Online dating is just that, what happens if you throw your cares to the wind is Fate. People can get lost even in your country but the opportunity to find love without question is something else. I always hear Americans say, “Love the one beside you/near you. But then, TRUE LOVE KNOWS NO DISTANCE. And if you truly love someone, money is out of the question unless you are broke and pretends to be well off. I only speak based on my encounter with many successful LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIPS involving your country men and even women. My only regret was my previous friend who listened to someone like you. And now his life is more like a touch and go with other women in your/his country. You require NO PASSPORT TO THE LAND OF BROKEN DREAMS.

  7. goldie

    very good advice, met a guy online, years ago, five years actually, and got to the point where i was at my witend with them, called CP and got an earfull that he was a con man, with all there love u’s and so on, they appear very legit until the psychic exposed them for what they really were, a con.

  8. Doris ling

    i ran into a lot of guys who were trying to scam me or use me on line just like i did that weren’t on line. What does that mean?

  9. snglldy

    I found it was best to chat only a short time and then ask to meet. Do that before you give a phone number, email, or full name.

  10. Larry

    Wow everything u said is so true, I had a person contact me on Facebook claiming that they love me after a few hours on the line and then said that her mother and her don’t have any money for food and could I send her some money so they can eat talkin about how much she love me and things no I did not send the money because I knew she was full of it wouldn’t give me her phone no said she don’t have a phone showed me some picture of a model and said it was her and it was not because she would not video chat me sayin it don’t work so I said to her if u don’t have any money how can u chat on the pc and how do u pay your bill and how do u pay where u live and she never contact me again so u do have to watch yourself because they will get u if u let them .

  11. Seren ext. 5445Psychic Seren, Ext 5445

    An excellent article, Dania.

    It also bears mentioning that someone providing a phone number is not necessarily in the state or country that they claim to be in.

    In these days of online numbers and dual SIM cells, it is incredibly easy to obtain a phone number in a city, state or even country in which one is not located. For example, I have an Italian cell phone number from my time living in Italy that still works even though I am no longer there.

    The feeling of falling in love is an incredible rush and we all want to feel good, but in some cases common sense and a bit of caution are the order of the day.

    Brightest blessings,

  12. Gail

    I have been talking to a guy online for 6 or 7 months now.He is in the Army, his name is Brandon Singale, Can you please tell me if he really cares and is a good person to be with and is the right person for me to be with? Has he been lying to me about anything that we have been talking about? Please send me an email I really would like to know.Thank you!

  13. Justin hicks

    I would like to know Is me and Jahaira are we going to end up bein back together for good I love this women I don’t want to let her go what’s going to happen with me and her is she going to be what a guy name kason dose she really love him or me thank u

  14. peggy

    someone i met on line and is suppose to live only 9 miles from me wouldnt meet up before leaving for london for business, he got finedand did not hav enough to pay all so they p him in jail for 90 days he was upset because i didnt hav any money to help him out do u think he is legit? His name is jonathan and he claims he cares deeply way before he left we only knew each other for about 3 weeks prior to him leaving. I really like him ad he sent me flowers 2 times 1 time before he left and the florist was local and another once he got to london by pro flowers I feel he is


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