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It’s said we spend too much time looking for a perfect lover when we could create the perfect love. It might feel like you’ll never connect with that one human destined to be your helper, supporter, lover and friend through all time. But if you understand what you’re looking for, it may not be that complicated. It’s more about what you want and need, and not so much about the hunt.

There’s a difference between your soul mate and your soul type, though your perfect match can, and should be both. A soul match is one of ten key types of old souls that some experts feel inhabit the Earth. If you learn your type, you can be more successful at finding your mate. But that isn’t the whole story.

How to Figure Out What You Need

Your soul mate is someone who loves you for what you are, accepts you for what you lack, and still gently invites you to grow. Before you seek that lover, love yourself. Whether your trusted expert is your psychic advisor, your best friend, your mom, or your matchmaker, they’ll tell you, hands down, that is the key. How do you do that? You learn to love yourself the same way you learn to love another.

1. Spend quiet time with yourself, and be present in those moments. Read something soft and inspiring. Revel in music. Eat a perfect meal, by yourself. Dance. Sing. Explore how the stars and planets may be influencing you.

2. Care for and about yourself. Get in touch with how you feel mentally and spiritually. Set aside time to nurture your physical self and your emotional self. Sleep. Rest. Exercise. Eat well.

3. Tune in to your moods, likes and dislikes. Have realistic expectations.

4. Treasure your strengths and forgive your weaknesses.

5. Respect your personal boundaries.

Once you’ve developed a sense of trust in yourself, explore your personal needs and wants. Even if it feels awkward at first, sit with a pencil and paper or open a blank document on your computer, and list the qualities you seek in a perfect soul mate. Be honest and be real.

If he must have deep, blue eyes, be as tall as Clint Eastwood, and as smooth as Pierce Brosnan, then admit that to yourself and delight in your esthetic sense. If your ideal woman can be short and curvy, but absolutely must have the brains of Condoleeza Rice, own it. Don’t lie to yourself because other people value looks more than brains.

Pretend you’re applying to a matchmaking service. Think about whether you want children. Your partner needs to agree, or conflict is sure to erupt. Can’t abide smoking? Teetotalers drive you nuts? Write it down. If you idolize people who work with their hands, don’t think you’ll make yourself happy with an accountant. If you thrive on parties, social activities and conversation, don’t even consider reforming an introvert.

Once you’ve defined your basic friend, lover, soul mate, expand your thinking and fill in details. Be as specific as you can. You’re imagining your perfect soul mate in your perfect world. Explore which sun signs and star signs blend with yours. Learn which soul types complement you, balance you or blend with you. If you leave finding your perfect partner to chance, chances are you’ll go through a lot of partners.

Now you know who you’re looking for. Your wants and needs should be clearer. Put your love life on project-status, go out among the kind of people you like, admire and enjoy, and open your heart and soul to opportunities. Your soul mate is waiting.

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3 thoughts on “Find Your Soulmate

  1. velvetoversteel

    Wonderful article. Taryn!! This is Great Advice & all so true to finding the ‘One’. I went on a lot of bad dates before I started loving myself and own life first, finally realized and admited what I wanted and wrote those things down on paper. I review it often and although I’m not with the ‘One’ yet. I know he is out there and I know that’s the man who will compliment me and encourage me to keep learning and growing.

    I want so much to be with the man that excepts me for who and what I am. As I will do the same with them. Your last point, ‘go out among the kind of people you like, admire and enjoy’, is so important! I wasted many Saturday nights with people that I didn’t really admire and enjoy, just so I wouldn’t be alone at home. Now I am fine being alone, doing things I enjoy. And when I can go out with people I admire and respect and have an awesome time and meet potential soulmates who have the qualities I am looking for.

    If you don’t want a ‘bar fly’ don’t look in a bar is just one example of this.

    Thanks Taryn for sharing and helping us to find the ‘Right One’!
    Blessings & Hugs,
    Coreen @ VOS

  2. maryannex9146maryannex9146


    Thanks for a great article on finding one’s soulmate. The point about learning to love yourself first is so key. My belief is that it isn’t possible for us to find a meaningful partner until we love ourselves and accept and appreciate all of our plusses and minuses.

    Your comment about realistic expectations is so very important. If we nit-pick our expectations to the point that we can say, “Oh, I’ll never find that person, so I am not dating, going out, being around people…..”, I believe we are actually preventing ourselves from finding someone at all.

    Once again, great article,




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