Do You Love the One You’re With?

You know you’re in love because you say it every day. You do in-love things together and make in-love plans. You probably spend a lot of energy making sure your partner is in love with you. But how do you really know?

A loving relationship is a beautiful thing – when it’s forged for the right reasons. Unfortunately, it’s all too often that months or years go by before we realize we’ve been hanging on to something that wasn’t what it appeared to be. Don’t reduce love to a habit. Ask yourself a few fundamental questions to see if those three little words still ring true.

1. Is there fun in the ordinary?
When the marathon of hot nights and candlelit dinners is a thing of the past, will you still dig the present? Don’t be fooled by fleeting thrills. It’s important that she’s as exciting curled up on the couch as she is ripping it up on the dancefloor

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