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Dating can be fun. It can be wonderful in fact, but it’s always a bit nerve-wracking. Sometimes in all the effort to make an ideal impression you can forget to really examine your suitor. Who is he or she really? What does he or she value? What kind of friend is he or she? Does he like his mother or sister? Does she get along with her father or brother? A date is a great way to find out about these questions, because the answers will help you predict whether this person has the potential to make you happy in the long view.

To learn more about your date while avoiding an ‘interrogation situation’, choose somewhere fun where there’s a lot of activity. This should loosen tension and release nervousness, so that you can get a feel for the true personality of your date.

‘Getting to know you’ dates:

Science Centers
Many cities have these institutions, and since they’re often geared for schoolchildren there’s a lot to do. Plus, the environment couldn’t be less intimidating! You can enjoy the butterfly house or the dinosaur dioramas and engage your date in conversation.

If you live in a college town or a city with a University, this is a fun night’s activity. You’ll both enjoy the breathtaking view of Saturn or the Moon, and get to know each other a bit better. Whether you’re discussing astrology, astronomy or how the whole thing reminds you of being a teenager on a field trip it doesn’t matter, what you’ll be sure to get is a unique perspective.

Art Museums
This one is great for some and a real bother for others. If you like museums and your date seems game, it’s an ideal place for easy conversation. You’ll also get a sense of your date’s interests and tastes.

There are public gardens in every city, town and on many university campuses. ‘Google’ your area and find something unusual to explore together, a rare plant conservatory or a formal Japanese garden. If it’s permissable you can take a light lunch or snacks and enjoy the beauty of the scenery as you get to know each other.

After your suitor has made it through the initial round of dates, now it’s time to learn how he or she responds to different situations.

‘How do you tick’ dates:

Okay, so this isn’t exactly a new one, but there’s still a lot ot be learned. Pay careful attention to how your date treats service people, if he or she’s rude to the server, that tells you something significant about them. If your suitor demands excellent service and leaves an appropriate tip, that also tells you something important. If your paramour doesn’t tip – well, that tells you that showing appreciation may not be a strong suit; this may become an issue in your future. Compatibility in spending decisions will keep you together, or not.

Volunteer Work Crews
If you’re getting serious, it may be time to take a peek at how your beloved works in groups, does physical labor and deals with time. If your date is interested, volunteer to do trail work in a state or city park. (Or any similar activity for any worthy organization). If you date keeps cool under pressure, is generous with their time and works well with others, they’re going to be easier to deal with when you move in together. Plus, once you’ve done something charitable together, you’ll have a shared positive experience… and if you don’t, you may want to look more closely at your compatibility.

Host a Party or BBQ
Ask your date to invite some of their friends and to help you plan and host the party. If you haven’t met his or her extended circle of friends, this is a good way to see with whom he chooses to spend his time. Also, if you end up doing everything while your paramour hangs out next to the wet bar, well, that’s something not to ignore.

Once you’re sure this person is up to your standards and you’re interested in taking it to a more intimate level, it’s time for the romantic date.

‘Setting the mood’ dates:

A Moonlit Body of Water
There are few things more romantic then moonlight cast over a bay, inlet or beach. Pack a picnic – a bottle of excellent wine, a baguette, fine cheese, fresh fruit and prosciutto is easy, filling and satisfying.

The Most Expensive Hotel Bar in Town
Dress up, enjoy the sophisticate ambiance and have a few cocktails. Then go home for a light, pre-prepared meal that you can quickly serve, fill your love’s wineglass and then enjoy each other’s exclusive attentions.

A Home-Cooked Meal
If you want to show off your culinary skills, make a meal to remember for your date. Leave ample time to run a comb through your hair and change into something fetching, then fill your place with candles and eat by the flattering light of a hundred, tiny flickering flames.

If you plan your dates with care, you’ll not only have special memories, you’ll be learning about your potential partner every step of the way.

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