14 Cheap, Creative Date Ideas

Have a Great Time Without Breaking the Bank!

Going on a date is a combination of wanting to impress your date, demonstrating your ability to make them happy and showing off your creative side. If there’s anything that I have learned from 20 years in the dating scene, it’s that you don’t have to open your wallet very wide to have a fun time. There are lots of cheap, creative dates to try, so to get the cogs turning I’d like to start off with a few of my favorites.

1. Make Your Own Pizzas

Cooking together is a great date idea and it really is a great first date, as it creates an atmosphere for laughing, learning and sharing. Pizza is something most people like, and it adds a slight element of competition if you end up trying to outdo each other in the making process.

2. Flea Market

Guys are not always big fans of date shopping. However, a flea market is more of a search for buried treasure. You never know what you’ll find, which is why most couples will actually have a good time together.

3. Play House Together

One of the best cheap dates for the couple who has been together awhile is to dress in their best grown-up attire, head for the “Open House” signs and play house for the day. It gives you a chance to learn about how your partner sees the “big picture” and gives you clues as to where your relationship is going.

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4. Go Furniture Shopping

Furniture stores are one of the few places you will see men and women shopping as a team. We all have our taste in what goes in our house, and if you have an open mind, you will learn a few things about your date that a movie and dinner could never reveal.

5. Test Drive Your Dream Cars

Many dream date experiences are squelched by limited money and time. But you can pretend you have all the money in the world if you test drive your dream car. Even if it’s just for a few minutes, it feels great to get behind the wheel of your ideal ride—just ignore the salesperson in the seat next to you.

6. Picking Farm-Fresh Fruit

There are very few experiences as satisfying as taking a seed, a little dirt and creating life. But if you can’t be present for the birth of these wonderful trees and plants, you can celebrate their fruit by spending an afternoon harvesting these temptations at your local farm/orchard.

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7. Wine/Beer Tasting

If you and your date are into beer or wine, why not sign up for a tasting? Wine bars and local breweries offer tastings and you get to sample several of their libations for not much money. You can also go on a a winery or brewery tour while your there. It’s fun to learn to use all your senses in order to enjoy beer and wine.

8. Be Tourists in Your Own Town

Visit the largest bottle cap collection, or the guys who turned his backyard into a living junk museum. These are the types of unique experiences that make a date memorable. If you don’t have an idea of where to find these places, start by exploring a nearby neighborhood. There are a lot of unique parks that you would never know existed unless you explore.

9. Playground

Many experts agree that falling in love brings us back to the innocence of our youth. Why not turn that up a notch and take a date to a playground for a little swinging, teetering and whatever else you can still fit into.

10. Kites

For around $20 you can each pick out a kite, walk to the park and spend the day watching each others kites flop to the ground. It will be an exhilarating feat when the first kite actually stays in the air.

11. Camp 0ut in Your Backyard or Living Room

If you have a tent, great. If not, improvise with what you do have. The point is to create a new atmosphere within your familiar digs, which will allow you to forget about the laundry in your hamper or the dishes in the sink. Get into vacation mode without leaving the house.

12. Game Night

Sometimes it’s great to take a step back from technology and have a game night. You can dust off the old games from your childhood or pick up a few new, grownup games.

13. Movie in the Park

You can catch a movie in the park during summertime. Bring a picnic and a blanket and enjoy some entertainment under the stars. If you can’t find a local park showing movies, set up something in your back yard. You can play a movie on your laptop or rent an inflatable movie screen.

14. A Mysterious Day Trip

When you are all out of ideas, sometimes you can let fate create an adventure for you. Jump in your car with enough gas to take you at least 100 miles, and make a list of rules, such as you can only turn at a burger joint, white picket fence, or dairy farm. Then set out to see where the road takes you. You will probably find a few places you never knew existed.

Now it’s your turn. What are your favorite cheap dates?

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4 thoughts on “14 Cheap, Creative Date Ideas

  1. Abigail

    How can i escape a mentally abuse relationship and sometimes physical I’m trapped in his home he doesn’t let me do nothing he controls my life every move I do

  2. chrissy

    A boyfriend and I used to spend the day visiting pet stores. We never bought a thing, but we would spend hours looking at all the different fish, picking favorites and exchanging stories of past aquariums. It was so much fun !

  3. Jessica


    Thank you for this article!! You’ve given us lots of great ideas, and I had fun just reading them!


  4. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Or……picnics, by a beautiful lake or stream.

    I liked the camping in the backyard or living room tip…..I did that once and it was loads of fun ! We camped outside in the backyard and made smores……LOL….we also shared one over-sized sleeping bag, now THAT was fun too.


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