Find Love Without a Job

Love doesn’t cost a thing, but finding it can really add up! With so many people looking for work, the anxiety of who pays for going out is spreading. On the flipside, if having more time on your hands is just making you ache for some good lovin’, try these tips to find love when you’re financially challenged.

Maybe you find this whole everyone-losing-their-job-at-once thing not very sexy. If the bachelor can put a girl on a helicopter for a night in Vegas how can you compete? Well, you can. There’s always the free hike up that canyon to watch a sunset and make out under the stars. And, you both have nothin’ but time to enjoy it, right? Wait a second… maybe this broke thing can spark some romance afterall.

Dating vs. romance
Perhaps a distinction between these two ideas is in order. One can lead to another but they are different. Dating implies activities that are chosen specifically to answer one question – is there something here worth exploring? Romance is the magical feeling that sexy warm wonderful love is in the air. Can an incredible dinner at the chef’s table and or a cabana at the beach spark romance – yes – if there’s a connection. By the same token, an afternoon at a museum and a picnic dinner in the park can spark romance… if there’s a connection.

Your net
First of all, yes, there are people out there that use dating like a free credit card. For them, dating is a way to get free movies, free meals and recreation. They date for sport. So, unless you’ve got the cash, better move on. How will you know who these people are? As soon as you mention you are between jobs, they won’t call you back. Don’t take it personally because it has nothing to do with you, it has to do with how much money you have. If you want to be with someone who is looking to get to know who you are – find the person who makes eye contact, treats you with respect and when you say you are in between jobs they ask you how you’re doing with the challenge. So, if you can’t take every person who interests you out to dinner, better tighten the net to catch the quality fish – not the flash in the pan fish.

Small beginings
You can find out more with a five-dollar splurge than you can with a $50 dinner, so start with a coffee or ice-cream cone. When you date without the money, you can’t hide behind the goods. It’s just you – no props. And when you are looking for that real connection – there’s no hiding allowed. Sure, an ice-cream cone doesn’t have the same effect as dinner at the Four Seasons, but what effect are you going for? Think back on the relationships you had in college – when everyone had the same real estate – the dorm – and the same place to eat out – the university cafeteria. How wonderful it was to make out in the library or dance at the beer garden together. Part of the bonding of being in the relationship was doing the most with the world you were in. And when you are without a job, your financial choices are temporarily limited. You have to be creative and classy. One flower has the same effect as a dozen. So don’t spend your whole unemployment check in one place. Take it slow and get ready to get real.

Cost effective activities
The thing that all the college students know is that cultural events are actually very inexpensive! A membership to a museum will give you unlimited visits, and often tickets to special events, member previews of exhibits and even discounts at restaurants closeby. Some even run free movies complete with question and answer time with directors and writers. If you coordinate your romantic pursuits with the events calendar of the museum, you can get a lot for a little dough. The same goes for local plays. Many established theaters have “pay-what-you-can” nights during the run. And when you are unemployed, that’s a free show for you and your date. If you take advantage of what’s out there, you’ll have plenty to talk to your date about.

Then, if you spend Saturday nights with a Netflix movie it won’t seem like you’re cutting back since you already caught a great play on Wednesday. Another thing college students know is that doing something inexpensive at your place increases the chances of getting physical tenfold. So, yes, it is cheaper to cook together but it’s also a lot closer to the bedroom! You may have to plan more, but now that you’re not working you have more time on your hands!

Lastly, keep in mind that the most valuable thing in the world is a positive attitude. How you wear your joblessness is up to you. If the explanation of your unemployment includes how much you hated the job anyway and the recession is the end of life as we know it forever – that’s a turn off. If you say that you know it’s only temporary and you’re sure you’ll land on your feet in a few months, that’s attractive. Everyone wants to back a winner. So flash a million dollar smile and don’t let your financial situation keep you from the best thing in life – love!

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