Create Sexual Tension and Improve Your Sex Life

Sexual Tension Tips

Are you wondering how to be a better lover? There are many tips on how to create sexual tension with your female or male partner. If you’re curious about how to create sexual tension, don’t worry. The smallest gestures can work with men and women. Check out these tips for men and women on how to create sexual tension with your lover and spice up your sex life.

When it Comes to Women:

Talk About It

Connect with her mind. Women need to feel that special connection before getting more intimate. Inspire her or share some of your life with her. The more you focus on achieving intimacy through a communication focus, the more you will create more fire in the bedroom. Talk to her, show your feelings and express love to her before you’re thinking of wooing her into the bedroom. Most women feel sexually driven when they connect through communication. Get personalized advice, contact a psychic today!

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Be an Alpha Male

Many women who are seeking a male partner like to know their man is strong and a provider. Think cave man; but don’t go into a man cave. Show your strengths and tell her about your macho hobbies like snowboarding or martial arts. Be confident, and don’t just talk the talk; walk the walk.

Be Nice, But Don’t be a Must-Pot

Be supportive of your woman and be kind, but don’t cry on her shoulder more than she does on yours. A woman likes an emotional man, but not someone who watches more chick flicks than she does. Create sexual tension by being a great and loyal man that she can believe in.

When it Comes to Men:

Be Visual, Show Some Skin

Scientists say… just kidding. Show a little flesh when out with your man, but not too much. Cleavage isn’t attractive at a certain age, and you don’t want to create sexual tension with your man based on this.

Tell Them What You Want in the Bedroom

Men like to hear what you want in the bedroom as it takes a little pressure off from them having to guess. Be confident, love your body and tell or show them how you want your sexual escapade to unfold.

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2 thoughts on “Create Sexual Tension and Improve Your Sex Life

  1. Nicole

    Disagree about the cleavage…there are lots of hot older women these days. If you were blessed to be young during Flower Power age…

    Cougars look great…great legs and cleavage…I know!!! I AM ONE OF THEM

  2. Mark Taylor UK

    Funny ol World! Here I am starting out again and I do have moments of am I doing the right thing with my potential partner! then I read an article like this and think YEP!!!


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