Connecting with My Brother on the Other Side

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to share the most powerful experience I’ve had with respect to receiving signs. It was actually a string of experiences, really, but they all occurred on the same day, which was the very next day AFTER my first face-to-face reading with a well-known psychic medium who lives in my area. From minute one this woman absolutely blew me away with the messages she was receiving from my many family members on the other side. EVERYTHING she said was spot-on and in such powerful detail that there was simply no denying the authenticity of her gift and the reality of the experience I was having. EXCEPT (I thought) for one, tiny little detail that just didn’t quite resonate for me. She told me that my brother – with whom I’d enjoyed an extremely close relationship and whose death at 38 of AIDS had very nearly shattered me (coming, as it did, two years after the loss of my mom and one year after the loss of my grandmother…to say nothing of the loss of my father when I was ten)- but I digress! Sorry! She told me that my brother had been sending me birds as a sign of his presence. Now mind you, I’d already had some extremely powerful experiences of my brother AFTER his passing and I had no problem whatsoever believing that he and I were still engaging in some form of communication with one another…I just “knew” that none of it involved birds. I couldn’t think of a single instance when I’d been thinking of him and seen a bird or anything like that.

As a sidebar, I should mention at this point that what bonded my brother and I together more than anything was our shared sense of a very unique brand of humor. We could make each other laugh so hard we would literally cry – and often that humor involved heavy doses of sarcasm and, please excuse the less-than-delicate phrasing, but: ball breaking.

So, fast forward to the morning after that reading. Her sessions are always recorded, so I’d already begun what would become several days of listening to it over and over again in the car, trying to digest it all.

So there I was the morning after the reading, driving into school, listening to the reading and trying to get my head around the fact that she had undeniably been speaking with my very “dead” grandparents, parents and brother when I realized the point in the reading was approaching where she mentioned my brother and him sending me birds. I NO SOONER completed the thought “Yeah, see…that’s the ONLY thing you’re off on Kerrie, because he really doesn’t send me birds” when I came around a tight curve to merge onto the highway right smack along side the biggest, PURPLE-EST coach bus I’d ever seen…with a BALD EAGLE the LENGTH OF THE BUS painted on the side!!

It took me a second to process it because it was so jarring for so many reasons. When I say the ENTIRE bus was a shade of purple that has never occurred in nature, I kid you not! But there it was…this massive, rolling, electric purple billboard with an equally massive bald eagle essentially bearing down on my car. I got a chill then simultaneously burst into tears and into laughter. It was SO something my brother would do. Like “In the name of all that’s sacred! Can you see THIS bird Colleen? Is THIS one noticeable enough for you??” I still laugh when I think of it, but THAT was just the start of my day!

After arriving at school, the first thing I did was locate my sister who, happily enough, happens to work there as well. I told her all about the reading, and then of course, about what had just happened driving in. SHE burst out laughing as well and agreed that it was so completely his style. What’s more, we both wondered aloud what bus line it was because neither of us had ever seen a giant eagle-covered, neon purple bus ANYWHERE before in our travels, and I promise you, it would have been impossible to miss!

With the school day about to begin, I left my sister and started to make my way down to my classroom. As I was approaching the doorway to our computer lab I made eye contact with our computer teacher who up till that moment had been sitting at her desk by the door, but had just risen to approach the hallway. At the PRECISE moment she breached the doorway of the lab and intersected my path, her right earring (which was drop style with some kind of design inside a circle) POPPED out of her ear, traveled an arc in the air and landed directly at my feet. We both stood there for a moment looking at each other as if to say “Did that just happen?” As I bent down to pick up the earring I got that same shiver up my spine I’d just had when I saw the eagle bus. As I placed it in her palm, and I recall her reaching up to touch her ear, cocking her head and saying “THAT was really weird!” I didn’t have time to examine the earring very well but I was sure I knew what I was seeing. Still, just to be sure, I asked her what the design on it was. I did this even as I was already walking away. She looked at it and said “I don’t know. To tell you the truth I don’t think I’ve ever really looked at them that closely. I think it’s a pair of hands.” I kept on walking. From behind me I heard her shout “Hey Colleen! It IS a pair of hands…holding a little bird! Funny, I never noticed that before!” I can’t prove it, but I would SWEAR my feet never actually made contact with the ground for the rest of that stroll to my classroom. And that was STILL just the start of my day!!

After the two cosmic roundhouse kicks to the head my brother had CLEARLY lovingly delivered in order to grab my attention, I was pretty much euphoric the entire day and just floated through it. I was both, giddy, and yet, profoundly moved, by the significance of what this all really meant…not just for ME, but for everyone everywhere. That is to say, having been raised Roman Catholic I was certainly no stranger to the concept of life after death. It is, after all, what I was taught to believe Christ died on the cross to secure for us. But hearing that told to me by other people, and reading about it and studying it in parochial school for 12 years and THINKING I believed it, was decidedly NOT the same thing for me as coming up against what seemed to be incontrovertible PROOF that it was true. Still, he was holding one more cosmic anvil, and waited until I went outside for afternoon bus duty before dropping it squarely on my head…

I exited the building and the first thing I noticed was a mixed group of students (who should have been getting on their buses) and adults (who should have been entering the building to pick up their children) just standing, staring straight ahead. As I came up along side them I could finally see what they were gawking at. Directly across the street from the school (and ONLY directly across the street – not even 20 feet in either direction left and right of it, but RIGHT directly across the street) was a freakishly large flock of birds filling every inch of bare branch space in the stand of trees in the yard across the street. They seemed to be flying in – single file, from one fixed point off in the distance, directly across from where I was standing. I initially thought they were crows or ravens until I overheard our nature-guy custodian saying he didn’t know WHAT they were, but he did know they weren’t crows or ravens! So we all just stood there for a few minutes watching this endless straight line of birds flying in from this tiny point off in the distance and either land in the stand of trees, on the ground immediately in front of the trees or continue flying in a circle directly over the trees…and doing this ONLY in that one spot. There were no other birds in the sky in any direction. But there were SO many of THESE birds (on the order of 60, 70, maybe even 100 or more) that more than one adult nervously referenced Alfred Hitchcock and wondered if there might not be a remake of “The Birds” being filmed! While they were all getting slightly creeped out, I just stood there with what must have been the silliest of grins, knowing that not only were these birds NOT menacing, but that nothing could be farther from the truth. And then someone pointed out what it was that was adding so much to the surrealness of the event…it was that the birds weren’t making a sound. Nothing. No squawking, no singing, not even a flapping of wings. They just kept gliding in one after another and silently landing or circling.

This went on for about 3 minutes before we all realized that we were delaying the students’ departure so we regrouped and started filling the buses. Because the buses are so tall in relation to us, the view across the street was temporarily blocked for the 8-10 minutes it took to load them all. I got so caught up in the immediacy of the task I didn’t think to look to make sure the birds were still there, but I figured with so, SO many of them gathering, they would have to be. But as the last bus pulled away from the curb and I looked across the street, there wasn’t a single bird to be found. Not in the trees, or on the ground or circling overhead. There were dozens and dozens and dozens and then, just like that, there were none. By that time it was just me, our principal and the custodian who were standing out there and they both wondered aloud where so many birds could have gone without there being at least SOME trace of them left in the sky. SOMEWHERE.

The last thing I heard one of them say was “Well, SOMETHING over here sure had their interest, that’s for sure, but whatever it was, it must be gone now so I don’t think we’ll be seeing anymore of them.”

I distinctly recall thinking to myself as I walked back into the building to grab my purse and leave for the day “Nope. What they were interested in hasn’t left YET. And if I’m right, and everything that happened to me today really IS my brother talking to me, then when I walk out the door on the OTHER side of the building, I’m going to see at least one more of those birds. Sure enough, 5 minutes later, as I walked out the other end of the building and headed for my car which was now all alone in the overflow parking lot on that side of the building…there was, indeed, one last bird…silently circling just like before, except this time NOT over the trees across from the main entrance where I was before…but this time directly over my little parking lot and my lone little car. Despite the February freeze in the air I remember realizing that I didn’t even feel that cold. I just stood there, staring up in the sky – probably looking insane to anyone driving by – and I once again simultaneously laughed and cried and talked to “my brother” overhead. I thanked him one last time, blew a kiss and opened the driver’s side door…and the bird circled one more time and disappeared over the roof.

Incidentally…those birds have never again appeared in the 5 or 6 years that have passed since that day. And in those 5 or 6 years, I have NEVER AGAIN questioned the veracity of the signs I’m told my brother is sending!!

To those of you who invested the time in reading this. I thank you so much for indulging me. Writing about it has given me the opportunity to relive it-and in doing so, provided an unexpected but welcome feeling of peace regarding ALL aspects of my life. I also wish to assure you that every word of it is the truth. It is a sacred memory for me – just as my connection with my brother was – and STILL IS sacred to me – and therefore something I would never tarnish or profane with lies.

Brightest blessings to you all!

60 thoughts on “Connecting with My Brother on the Other Side

  1. 2fish

    Hello Dianna,
    I’m so sorry for the loss of your parents–particularly the recent loss of your mom which as recent as it was, is, I’m sure, still very fresh for you. It certainly is a blessing that you are able to draw such support from your husband–what a wonderful thing indeed.
    Thank YOU for taking the time to share with me/us about your own experience with signs. I’ve no doubt your mom IS still around you–surrounding you with her love. I no longer question it when I have…”that feeling.” You just KNOW when she’s near, I’m sure. Trust that. And as more signs appear, I hope you’ll consider sharing them here.
    Bright blessings,

  2. 2fish

    Hi Gerrie,
    WOW what beautiful, powerful signs! I just LOVE the idea of you finding hearts like that! I can just imagine how you must have felt finding that huge perfect heart in the snow! Talk about miraculous! And the pewter heart out of seemingly nowhere? It’s just amazing what they can do isn’t it?
    Thank you SO much for sharing those stories–I just loved conjuring up the mental pictures you painted!
    And please, if when you find more of those hearts…would you consider sharing them here with us?
    Bright blessings,

  3. 2fish

    Thank you, BJ. Under any circumstance, and for any reason I would certainly welcome your prayers (and those of anyone else kind enough to keep me in theirs) as I’m sure we can never be held in too many prayers! And please do not feel as if you burdened or “darkened” me with your advice at all. If, however, I shared something in my story that troubles you in some way, I do apologize. It sounds from your comment as though reading about my experience would be troublesome to you, which of course would never be my intent.
    In any case, I appreciate your well wishes and extend the same to you as well!
    Bright blessings to you,

  4. 2fish

    Hello Missy,
    Yes, I believe they ARE always looking after us too! And wow what a special bond you share with your Dad! I got goosebumps when you described him calling out to you, letting you know he was OK! How powerful!
    Your loss is so very recent and no doubt still very fresh. I hope that you are being kind to yourself during this first holiday season without your dad, and trust that you will continue to receive meaningful confirmation from him that he is well and still with you.
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with me/us here!
    Love and light to you,

  5. 2fish

    My sincere condolences on your losses and my equally sincere congratulations to you on your 20 years of sobriety!!! What an inspiration you are Kerry! I spent this Thanksgiving w/out someone very precious to me because she is away claiming her sobriety for the first time. It is no coincidence that I was moved to check this blog for the first time in months and see your comment tonight. Here we are talking about signs and I feel YOU have just given me one…that it’s OK to hold out hope for MY loved-one’s sobriety.
    Thank you Kerry, from the bottom of my heart. And again…my condolences to you on the loss of your wife and father.
    I’ve no doubt they are equally as impressed with your continued commitment to your sobriety as all of us here.
    Bright blessings to you,

  6. 2fish

    Hello Susan,
    I’m truly sorry for your losses. Music must make for a incredibly powerful connection indeed–how lovely for you! I can appreciate, too, what a blessing it certainly was to have that time (howsoever brief) with your mom before she passed. I, too, was fortunate in that way, and was blessed to be a primary caregiver to my mom during the several weeks between her release from the hospital with terminal cancer and her death at home. Caring for someone going through the dying process is a miraculous thing isn’t it? There is no way to measure the value attached to the knowledge that no words were left unsaid.
    I understand how much you miss both your mom and your fiance. I hope you are being kind to yourself–particularly regarding your need to cry on a daily basis. Grief is such a personal thing and it takes as long as it takes. Be gentle with yourself this holiday season. Believe me, I understand extremely well how trying this time of year can be in particular. I was ten when I lost my dad 9 days before Christmas, and my mom died the very end of January so for years now the whole Christmas season in particular has been bittersweet for me. Please take whatever comfort you may in the knowledge that you are not alone in your grief. As I said, please just be gentle with yourself at this time and ask your loved ones to send you a special sign that you will be able to identify immediately. I’ve found that if I don’t specify too much what TYPE of sign I’m looking for, and leave it to them to choose it, it’s invariably something even more wonderful and unique to me and that other person on the other side than anything I could have conjured up myself.
    God bless you as well,

  7. 2fish

    Hello Robin,
    First and foremost, please accept my condolences on the loss of your fiance and mother. With that said…
    Oh my goodness! Your experiences with Bill are so powerful! What an amazing bond you must have shared in this life for it to have continued so undeniably into the next. Thank you so much for sharing your own story–and yes, please, by ALL means do know you are NOT “going nuts”!!
    Love and light to you Robin,

  8. 2fish

    Hello Sandra,
    You can’t even begin to imagine how much your words mean to me right now at this moment! Believe me when I tell you that I’M the one who needs to be thanking YOU!! But that said, you are most, MOST welcome for any and all good you feel has come from reading my story. I could not be more delighted that it touched you.
    My heart goes out to you in the loss of your own brother. It goes without saying that I relate very well to the feelings of sadness and loss you have experienced. But yes, please DO know that he IS still with you–and no doubt reaching out to connect with you in very real (if “only” symbolic) ways.
    Please do too, if you feel so inclined and comfortable, share those experiences with us here. Sometimes the very act of writing them and sharing helps to crystalize the events and allow us to take even greater and more confident ownership of them–which in turn opens the door for more and more of them to follow.
    Your hug for me is (mentally) received, appreciated and now returned to YOU.
    Bright blessings to you (and a Happy Thanksgiving since there’s still 10 minutes left of it before this day runs out! LOL)

  9. Robin

    Dear Colleen,
    I enjoyed your experience more than you can imagine. Two years ago I lost my fiance’. He went deer hunting with my son and never returned. He passed away at the young age of 51 from a heart attack. The worst thing was it happened right in front of my son. He swore he would never hunt again, because he would never be able to get the memories of that day out of his hesd. The evening after his death I could hear Bill walking through the house. His cat was terrified and ran to hide. She didn’t come out until the next morning. He stayed with me for months, he even followed me to work and others at work actually saw him. One sunny morning a shadow caught my eye and I went to the window, opened the drapes and looked outside. It was strange, as long as the drapes were closed I could see a shadow of a bird, but when I opened the drapes it would be gone. It looked as if th bird was doing some sort of signals with its wings. After opening and closing the drapes several times I spoke to Bill. I asked him what it was he was trying to tell me. Immediately after asking, the bird flew away. He would also call my cell phone and speak my name, but after listening to the message it would automatically erase by itself. I have heard him speak to me on numerous occassions. I just wish I could find out what it is he is trying to tell me. My mother passed away 2 months ago and I haven’t seen or heard much from Bill lately. Maybe he is busy taking care of her now. Again, thank you for sharing your story. At least now I know I’m not going nuts.
    God bless you and always keep your loved ones close to your heart.

  10. susan

    Hi Colleen
    I really enjoyed reading your story of your experience with your brother form the other side. I lost my fiance in january and my mom in august.I feel the connection that I have had with Steve is through music. He was a musician. I had a chance to spend 9 days with my mom before she passed. we live in two different states. I miss them both so very much. this will be the first holidays without them. i am strong but i still cry every day. god bless and take care.

  11. Kerry Lee Alexander

    i lost my wife a year ago November 11 2008, then lost my dad to blood himeriageing in june 21 of this year,sorry for the spelling. It has been hard to live one day at a time, I have been sober for over 20 plus years and stayed sober though it all. Thanks Kerry Lee Alexander

  12. Missy

    I lost my dad a month ago today. He was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis when I was 3. I celebrated my 23rd birthday, his 50th birthday followed 6 days after(I was brought home from the hospital on his birthday.. a gift he could never get rid of)..
    We threw him a little surprise party for his 50th. (we had thrown him a HUGE 40th, because he wasn’t supposed to even be alive then). Two days before he passed I went to visit him.. we knew it was almost time, everyone had told him to let go and that it would be ok when he had first went in after his birthday.. I finally told him he could let go. I’m the only child, and a full time single mom.. so I knew in the back of my mind he was waiting for me..
    On October 22nd, my Grandmother’s (his mom) 20th Anniversary of her passing, my Dad passed. I couldn’t have any more closure than what I do.
    Two days after he passed was the funeral services. That night, I was sitting here at the computer, and from down my hallway (with everyone in my building gone for the night, and my daughter sound asleep), I heard him say “I’m Ok babe”.. He always used to call me babe..
    Whenever missing him puts 1000 lbs ontop of me.. when my heart aches the most for him.. He comes..
    My home is haunted.. I have a good entity that’s been here since I moved in (of March this year).. and I can tell very distinctly when it’s that entity and my Dad..
    They’re always around.. it’s just a matter of taking a deeper look.. taking that second to feel their presence.
    They’re always looking after us.

  13. BJ

    Dear, Colleen aka 2fish,
    I will say I am sorry for your loss.
    I have also lost, and finding somethin to hold near and dear is not easy.
    I wish life were easier.
    I will say I hope you find the support and love you need, when you need it!
    Find happiness where you can etch some from. and be glad life is so simple.
    I will not darken you with my advice anymore.
    But it would be nice to know if I should pray for you! I can’t or should not read your story. If I do I might loose another chunk of love that I can’t afford to live without!
    So good luck sweety

  14. Gerrie

    Hi, Just a quick note, when my younger broter crossed over it was a shock to the whole family. I asked for a sign from my brother that he was ok. A day or two later I was out in our snow filled yard and in the midst was a huge perfect large heart shaped snow bank. I wanted to cut it from the snow and put in freezer but it was very light weight. The following year I asked for a sign I found the nexxt day in an area I had just cleaned a pewter heart. I know they are form in. May I also just say, death is a transformation from the phsical body realm to the spiritual body realm. At once oe is at final peace, love, no hunger, tears etc. They move about quickly, and have free will to visit us. The spirit man walks out of the body quickly at time of passing, as this happens one is transformed and very very alive. xox

  15. Dianna

    I also lost my Mother 5 months ago, What a heartake, I miss her so much, I have had alot to deal with latley, I went to bed that evening and I had a dream I walked into a room and my Mother was there with her arms open and I walked into them and she held me as if to say everything was going to be alright, What a beautiful feeling..
    Sometimes I can feel she is with me, Ill go to do something and catch something out of the corner of my eye, I feel it is my Mom or My Dad or both. probley both of them, my father passed 29 years ago. Just befor my Mom past away I was sitting outside talking to my husband on the phone and a dove was sitting not far from me, I even got a picture of it. right then I new my Mother wouldnt be with us much longer, the next day she passed.
    I wish I had a sign of her being with me, Maybey I could handle things better that has been happening in my life. I have a wonderful husband Im very thankful for him, Very suportive.
    Thank you for letting me put my feelings on your site. Dianna

  16. jeanette basson

    i would like to know if my beloved mother is with me?i am experiencing a very hard time at the moment.both my sons live abroad.i have a partner,who does not seem to care much for me.i carry all my burdens on my own.i want to sell my house.what does my mother feel about this!my mother and i shared a very close bond,

  17. ruth kirby

    Gina Rose…
    Thank you for speaking Truth.
    Watch for all kinds of signs
    and you will be amazed, People.
    “There are NO coincidences.”
    God…is Everywhere.
    And He cares…so much for each
    of His children.
    His Guidance comes in so many ways.

  18. Sandra

    Hello Colleen,
    Thank you so much for sharing your amazingly beautiful experiences with us.
    They are all truly inspiring and heartwarming.
    I also lost my brother, he’s 6 years younger than I am. His name’s Juan.
    When I read the part about how you and your brother made each other laugh, that really hit home for me. My brother and I were always in hysterics when we were together. My parents would always comment, and still do, on how it seemed like we were in our own little world when we got together. We had our own language in a sense and could speak volumes to each other with just one look.
    I miss him so much. And, of course, I haven’t truly laughed in over 7 years, which is how long he’s been gone.
    I feel him around me all the time, and after reading your post I now realize the various signs he’s been sending. One of which is that I keep seeing a beautiful hawk and now I know it’s been sent by my brother.
    I cannot thank you enough for opening my eyes to all the possibilities. You have made me feel so much closer to my brother on the other side, than I ever thought possible.
    I wish I could give you a big hug. But, since I can’t, I am sending you one mentally. :o)
    Much love and God bless,

  19. Brandy Gunter

    My Grandma who raised me passed away 3years ago and i still feel like she’s with me through hard times and bad times even when i am depressed .

  20. Jill

    I called my cousin on Saturday. Her grandmother/my great-aunt always wore a big, heavy gold charm bracelet. She had, what I guess would be some form of Parkinsons. When she was coming you’d hear her, bracelet tinkling to warn of her presence. I put on a large clanky bracelet and called my cousin to relate this. Well, she said she was going to call me because this week she found an old charm bracelet and had it cleaned, repaired and also thought of her grandmother and the clankety-clank of her coming down a hall. So Gram/Aunt Nell was connecting us once again. Thanks for keeping us together, Gram/Aunt Nell and say hi to my gram, Kit.

  21. Fran

    p.s. — I’d love to tell you about an experience I had last night while I was stargazing/moon watching. I’m pretty sure I got signs from my son.

  22. Fran

    Hi Colleen ~
    Just wondering how you’ve been. Miss you, girlfriend!!
    Things are going well here. I’m hoping that the pace will be picking up this month as I’ve been told. Keep your fingers crossed for me!
    Hope to hear from you.

  23. Fran

    Dear Colleen,
    I wrote to you a couple of days ago, but for some reason I don’t see it here.
    I think it’s absolutely amazing that your mom told you that she’d be sending you those hummingbirds way back in April! And she sent them now to let you know that you’re going to be okay, and that she’s with you. Hummingbirds may seem to be these delicate little creatures, but they are in fact very feisty and tough. When I had them nesting around my house, I would see the mother hummingbird protect her nest with the ferocity of a lioness protecting her cubs! And I bet you’re one tough cookie yourself!
    I’m sorry that you were feeling a little hopeless about your situation. That’s another thing we have in common. Just when I feel that my hopes and dreams are about to take wing (yes, pun intended just for you!), I receive yet another disappointment. Today is a perfect example. I was anticipating an outing that I’d been waiting (what seems like an eternity) for, only to be told it won’t happen today. Well, I guess there’s always tomorrow. But I’m sitting here writing to you as the tears stream down my cheeks. I’m trying to practice what I preach and “lighten up,” but it’s hard sometimes. Especially when you want something so badly, and you wonder if it’s ever going to happen.
    I was so amazed by what you had to say about your reading with Rondalafay that I made an appointment with her. I’m hoping to connect with my loved ones. God, I can’t believe how much I still miss them, even after all these years. Who knows? Maybe they’ll have some “inside information” for me about my future! I’ll let you know how it goes.
    I’m sending you lots of love and hugs. I hope you can send some back — I’m needing them right now.

  24. Fran

    Dear Colleen,
    Oh my God, if I could reach out and give you a hug, you’d be smooshed right now! I LOVE you too! I don’t know your “story,” but please don’t feel hopeless. Do you feel in your heart that it’s meant to be with you and your guy? Then THAT’s what you got to hold on to. And WHAT do you think your brother and mother would be saying to you right now with you feeling this way? They’d probably say, “What did I send those birds to you for, Colleen? Just for kicks?? NO! It’s because you asked for a sign and we gave it to you. So quit feeling sad and know that everything’s going to be all right.”
    You are absolutely right. There are NO coincidences. About three years ago, I felt compelled to write an email and “cc” it to someone. I had only met the “cc” once, but by sending that email, that person has become a very important part of my life. Another funny “coincidence” is that I met a young woman right around the time of that aforementioned email (well, actually maybe a few months before), and it turned out to be his daughter! Gina Rose has told me that those are Karmic markers, like giant billboards, letting me know that we’re on the right path. So you need to trust those signs you’ve been receiving, and hang tight.
    You know, hummingbirds are perceived to be so delicate. But I have a different opinion. When they were nesting around my house, those mother birds were like lionesses defending their cubs! They’d shoo away birds three times their size. I bet you’re just like that . . . a real tough cookie . . . and that’s why those birds were sent to you.
    Okay, I’ll get off the bandwagon now. Hey! I loved reading about your reading with Rondalafay. I would love to talk to her about my loved ones and see if they’ve got any inside information for me. LOL! LOL! I’ll keep you posted.
    I’ve gotta run. I am so far behind in my paperwork (it’s all personal stuff, but I’m drowning in a sea of paper and clutter!). Hope you get a chance to write back tonight after work.
    Big Giant Hugs & Lots of Love,

  25. 2fish

    Just have to tell you, Fran, how much I love this story!! Don’t you just love when you can get that extra validation from a truly objective source? Here’s something else I realized yesterday: back in April,I think it was, I had an INCREDIBLE reading with Rondalafay who blew my mind with her mediumship abilities. I’m talking FULL names (first and last) of my ex-husband’s family members…CRAZY stuff. Well anyway, as she was delivering a message from my mom that she couldn’t possibly have guessed at and that I KNEW was completely legitimate, she (Rondalafay) suddenly said “She’s showing me a hummingbird–I’m not sure why or what that means to you?” At the time of that reading I hadn’t a clue what it could mean. Rondalafay’s interpretation was that it was my mom’s depiction of my emotional/psychological state at the time: like lots of nervous energy that kept me buzzing all over the place mentally over this man and that I just needed to relax and trust. And she may very well have been correct. It’s just that I hadn’t ever given that reference another thought until yesterday morning when for no apparent reason I picked up my reading journal and started flipping through my notes from past readings. Here I’d just been having these magical encounters with hummingbirds for days–never once remembering Rondalafay’s reference to them–and all of sudden I’m feeling compelled to reread notes from months ago and there they (hummingbirds) are again! A friend (and fellow CP “reading junkie” lol) suggested to me last night that it was probably just an example of ALL time being NOW and that Rondalafay was seeing a picture BACK IN APRIL of what had “already happened” THIS AUGUST…isn’t THAT a mind-blower??!! But I totally understood what she saying and I’m hoping she’s correct because everything else Rondalafay (and pretty much every other reader here) has seen for me as a final outcome is exactly what I’m hoping for.
    In any case…I’m LOVING the hummingbirds right now! So much so that my building manager is going to try to get our maintenance guy to figure out a way to hang a feeder outside my window (one story up in a brick building! LOL)
    Please keep your comments coming, Fran! I’m absolutely thrilled to have this connection with you and look forward to tending it and enjoying its growth!
    Lots of love,

  26. 2fish

    I absolutely LOVE you. I cannot TELL you how much I needed the boost your messages provided and how perfectly timed they were–go figure! I’ll spare you the long story of why it was happening today, but suffice to say I was sitting here at my computer trying to hold back the tears that always come when I contemplate what usually appear to be the “solid reasons” why I CAN’T believe I’ll ever be with this man, when BOOM, your messages arrive in my mailbox. I think, if I allow myself, it might even become easy for me to believe that despite the absence of bird feeder here at my apartment, my brother nevertheless found a creative way to use hummingbirds AND YOU (not necessarily in that order-lol!) to REconvey that same message of hope to me again this afternoon. What a wonderful thought that would be for me!! And how absolutely gracious of you to be such a willing agent of hope for me on his behalf! My eyes are welling up all over again, Fran, and this time it’s not because I’m feeling hopeless…but because I think you may have just given me reason to hold that hopeful space again, and even more importantly, to feel that warm wonderful love from him again. I mean…there ARE no coincidences, right??
    I’m hoping so much you get this today and can come back on as you planned. I would LOVE to continue this dialogue with you and wish more than anything we weren’t on opposite coasts so I could offer to bring over that bottle of wine right now and get the gabfest rolling!! LOL
    Much, MUCH love and gratitude to you my new friend!

  27. Fran

    Just a p.s. —
    Last spring, I asked the angels to send me a sign to keep me optimistic that what I’d been praying for was actually going to happen. I asked them if they could send me a hummingbird.
    As I was driving my daughter and her friends home from school, I looked up in the sky and saw a cloud…in the shape of a hummingbird!! I turned to my daughter and asked her to look at it. I asked her what she thought it looked like. She said it looked just like a hummingbird, so I knew I wasn’t just imagining it! I was in the best of moods for the rest of that day! (But I was so bummed that I didn’t have a camera with me…)

  28. Fran

    Good morning Colleen!
    I’ve missed you!
    I tried responding to your story last night, but for some reason it wouldn’t post when I hit the “post” button.
    Girl, this is very eerie and exciting at the same time. We really DO have so much in common. You’re not gonna believe this, but I must have every single Angel Oracle Card deck by Doreen Virtue, and I use them all the time! Lately, I’ve kept the “Magical Messages from the Fairies” deck by my bedside, and I use that deck almost daily.
    But I’ve got to tell you, you had me in tears as I read your story. I love hummingbirds. I honestly think they must be angels in disguise. I’ve had so many hummers make nests around my home. I was lucky enough to take pictures of the mama in her nest, and the nest itself with the tiniest eggs inside, and then of course, of the sweet little babies. I feel like it’s a blessing whenever they come around, and especially when they choose to make their nests around here.
    There is NO DOUBT that that adorable little red-breasted hummingbird was a messenger from Heaven for you! He was telling you to hang tight, because your dream is going to come true!
    I’m sorry that you were feeling sad. And I’m sorry that you’ve been waiting for what seems like an eternity for the love of your life to come back into your life. Oh, the stories we could share over a glass of wine if we ever got together!! Between you, me, Sea Turtle, browneyes, and all the other gals here, oy vey! These guys’ ears wouldn’t be RINGING, they’d be BURNING! LOL! LOL! LOL!
    I’m sending you big, enormous hugs right now!! How much longer will you be housesitting at the farm? It sounds so pretty and peaceful. I bet New England is lovely no matter what the season. Where do you live? I’m right outside of San Diego. We’re FINALLY getting some rain! Yippee!! I can’t tell you how much I’m craving a good ol’ thunderstorm.
    Well, I haven’t even gotten out of bed yet, and it’s 10am!!! Talk about feeling lazy this morning. Good thing my kids spent the night at various friends’ houses! But now it’s time to inject some caffeine into my veins via my coffee cup.
    I’ll come on again later and hopefully we can “chat” a little more.
    Have a great morning!
    Love ya,

  29. 2fish

    Another Close Encounter of the Bird Kind with/from my brother:
    I am house sitting at a quaint little farm tucked into the New England countryside. Last night I was feeling particularly despondent over what feels to me to be the eternity I’ve waited for the man I’m in love with to reconnect with me. I went out onto the porch with one of my Doreen Virtue angel decks and decided to ask my brother to assist me in selecting some cards.
    I sat down and said the words “You’ve never not come when I’ve needed you, big brother, and I really need you right now.” At that precise moment, a very distinctively colored hummingbird appeared out of nowhere. It hovered in the air a few feet in front of me-as if announcing his presence-before dipping his beak in the hummingbird feeder hanging from the porch. I burst into tears, sensing immediately that the bird was my brother’s signal to me that YES, he was at my side right now. I went about meditating and shuffling the cards–relying on signs from my brother provided by the hummingbird(s). For example, I would think “I’m going to start shuffling now and I’ll continue until another bird comes to the feeder.” Sure enough, after a minute or so a second hummingbird appeared. I stopped and layed out the cards. Both birds flew away.
    I laid them out and received the messages. In the Situation position: “You Are Being Helped” (The message reads “You’ve asked for heaven’s help, so get out of the way” lol) In the Possible Block position I received “Playtime” (which given my brother’s and my playful relationship I knew to be his way of saying I needed to lighten up–that I wasn’t laughing and playing enough) In the Advice position was “Rest” (I believe it was his way of saying that, like getting more playtime, I needed also to just chill out) and finally in the Outcome position was “A New Dawn.”
    I sat for a moment, looking at the cards, absorbing the message and appreciating the calm that was washing over me. Then, for a moment, I panicked again, thinking maybe I was just seeing/believing only what I wanted to. I looked at the vacant birdfeeder and said “If that really WAS you, you’ll appear again–and boom–just like that–the same red breasted hummingbird that appeared out of nowhere the first time! Finally, I said “OK…you’re definitely good! Which means if I’m right in my interpretation of the cards you helped me pick, this man and I really ARE going to be together. And if THAT’S true, could you maybe see your way to clear to giving me juuuust a tiny bit more validation with the cards? I’ll shuffle again, then lift the deck in some random place and whatever card is on the bottom will be your message for me. FYI, something like “Yes” or “Stay Optimistic” would be SURE signs to me that you’re telling me it’s OK and we’re going to end up together, OK big brother?”
    I shuffled. The hummingbird appeared again so I stopped. I looked at the bird, grabbed the deck in a random spot and the card on the bottom was “Stay Optimistic.” I laughed and the bird flew away. I shuffled again. The hummingbird appeared again. I stopped, cut the deck, and the card on the bottom was “Yes.” I laughed and the bird flew away again.
    I sat there for a while longer trying to take it all in. Just before I headed in for the night I allowed myself to push the envelope just a tiny bit more and said…”It’s not that I don’t believe that was you. But if it really, really, REALLY was…I’ll see one more bird before I go inside. I waited for a minute or two and nothing happened. I sighed, thinking I’d pushed my luck a little too far. And just as I started to rise to my feet, the red-breasted hummingbird popped up out of nowhere and seemed to look right at me before wetting his beak and flying off. Never, ever, EVER again will I doubt that my brother sends me birds!

  30. Fran

    Ciao, Colleen!!
    You bet I’m a fellow paisana! I’ll forgive you about the Irish side…ONLY KIDDING!!!! LOL! How exciting! Yeah, I’m full-blooded. My mother was born in a little town outside of Naples, and although my father was born here, both his parents were off the boat.
    I’m telling you, it was quite the childhood growing up in an Italian neighborhood. And speaking of some stories, the Monsignor at our Church was very good friends with my grandmother. He’d come over to eat all the time. We were invited once to a house he owned (yes, owned out on Long Island right by the water, and the story was that he would entertain his mistress there. And I knew about that as a kid!
    I love the possibility that your brother sent a “hello” my way. I have actually made a connection with my friend’s dad, whom I’ve never met. But he’s always coming through when I have readings, and I even had a visit from him one day… smelled his pipe smoke. Hey, what was your brother’s name?
    I think I finally have this TypePad thing figured out, and I started following you. Do we get notifications when someone has posted a response to a blog we’ve written?
    Will write again soon!

  31. The Lovely Duckling

    Hi, Colleen,
    I loved your story. It just proved that when loved ones cross over, they aren’t gone. As long as we hold the love for them in our hearts, they will remain with us.
    Your relationship with your brother sounds so much like the relationship I have with mine. There are definitely sibling soul mates.
    Thank you for sharing this with us.
    Lise 🙂

  32. 2fish

    I almost forgot! Thank you SO much for sharing your dream with me! It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if that WAS my brother’s way of popping in to say hello to you to let you know he’s pleased you and I have connected! In fact, since I actually believe there’s NO such thing as coincidences, I not only wouldn’t be surprised if it was him…I’m sure it was! Tell you what else…it wouldn’t surprise me either if now that a foundation for connection between the two of you has been laid, he (and my dad/mom/grandmother) didn’t start working in tandem with YOUR brother/dad/baby to start sending us BOTH more signs for us to share with one another as a way to help us both along our paths. Wouldn’t that be lovely to think? I’m sure it’s possible (anything IS, right?)
    I think I’m going to hold exactly that intention, Fran. =0)
    Thank you again so much for sharing that with me, and YES, it did put a big smile on my face! Hope it puts one on yours too!
    Big hugs,

  33. 2fish

    Hi Fran!!
    OK, it’s official…we ARE kindred spirits! As soon as I read “…I’ve got the pasta on…Good thing I made the sauce last night” any/all doubts were removed! LOL! Catholic school; pasta lover who makes her own sauce; hhhmmm…could it be that you’re a fellow ‘paesan’? (Technically I’m only half Italian, the other half is Irish-which is also cool.) Still, in light of the other more personal (and traumatic) experiences I know you’ve endured, it seems the similarities between us run pretty deep indeed. It just makes me all the more grateful to have this space in which to connect with you and (hopefully) get to know you even better!
    As for the Catholic school stories…OOOOH yeah, there’s plenty of fodder there, but I’m sure you’ve got a few doosies of your own to tell!! Truth be told, If you and I (and Gina Rose and Phillip and anyone else who shared that unique educational experience) chimed in, I’m sure it could be a whole separate thread unto itself! LOL
    Lots of big hugs to you Fran,

  34. Fran

    Hi Colleen!!
    I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am to have “met” you! I feel so close to you. You and Sea Turtle are two very special women that I feel blessed to have in my life.
    I have something to tell you that I hope will put a smile on your face. I don’t know if it’s because of your amazing story, or because of some kind of ‘out there’ connection, but last night I dreamt about EAGLES!! I usually have great recollection of my dreams, but this one seems to elude me. I do know that eagles were very prominent in the dream. As soon as I awoke, I thought of you and your brother! Hey! Maybe he likes me too and came by for a visit!! LOL!!
    I love the way you write. You have a lovely way with words. I can see many people being drawn to you. And I don’t think anything you say is “too long.” If anything, it’s never long enough!
    Well, it’s dinnertime, I’ve got the pasta on, and it’s almost done. Good thing I made the sauce last night. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to get back on here later.
    We have just GOT to share some Catholic school stories! I bet you’ve got some doosies!
    Lots of hugs,

  35. 2fish

    Thank you, Marjorie–I’m so pleased you enjoyed it! It was very kind of you not only to take the time to read it (it’s a long one, lol!) but to drop me a note as well. I appreciate it very much.

  36. 2fish

    Thank you SO much! I am doubly delighted to have received this message from you of all people because believe it or (though I’m sure you will!) for the past 2 days I’ve been drawn to your profile and have been reading it and rereading it, feeling very certainly that I am supposed to connect with you! And while it’ll probably be another few weeks before I’ll be making any calls to the line, when I do, I’ve had a feeling these past few days that it should be to you! I find that particularly interesting in light of the fact that we’ve not read together before. I wondered what it was that was drawing me to your photo and bio, and now today I receive this lovely message from you! Talk about a sign! LOL! I guess when I make that call in a few weeks I’ll be looking up your extension for sure!
    Thank you again so much for the kind words of encouragement! They are deeply appreciated!! I look forward to speaking with you hopefully before month’s end!
    Many blessings to you as well,

  37. Abigail Ext 9570

    You touched my heart as I read this blog. The sadness and loss you have endured turned into love, hope and courage is profound. It’s time to publish your brothers piece there are those that need to read it for peace & clarity. You are ready now and that came from my guide Siverhawk.
    You already know where to go just do it!
    Many Blessings,

  38. 2fish

    Thank you Sandy! It goes without saying that you have my deepest sympathy on the loss of your brother and father. I have no doubt whatsoever that they continue to surround you with their unconditional love and support.

  39. 2fish

    And my thanks to you, as well, Phillip. Not only for all the wisdom you share here, but for those occasions when your mastery of astrology and metaphysics illuminated my life on a very personal level in the readings you’ve performed for me!

  40. 2fish

    Dear Fran,
    I cannot possibly thank you enough for the unbelievably kind words you have for me–I am beyond flattered! Especially given the tremendous skill with which YOU write! I’m struck by it every time you take the time to share here! That something I shared may have moved you in any way at all is unbelievably gratifying to me. I have for so long now hoped to find a perfect vehicle for recognizing the beauty and brightness of my brother in a much more public way than I was able to do merely by offering an impromptu tribute at his funeral. (I still have an idea brewing about that related to an essay I wrote about his passing for a writing class I had back in college. My professor insisted it was publishable, and she encouraged me to shop it around, though all these years later I’ve yet to take even a first step in that direction. Perhaps some day I will.)
    In the meantime, I remain incredibly grateful to Jen for posting this for me, and to you, Fran, for personally encouraging me to do so. You’ll never know how much that little note of your’s meant to me! (You know, the one with the capitalized “PLEASE”-lol!) I decided at that moment that even if you and I were the only two people who wound up reading it–that you would at least make one more person whose life might be touched –if only briefly–by my brother.
    On that note…Fran, I like YOU so much too! And I am honestly thrilled to have “met you” here! As I told you in another post, I feel as though we’re kindred spirits in many, many ways. I can only hope that you’ll continue to share with me (and the rest of us!) here, as I know we have so much to gain, not only from your insights, but your incredibly generous and warm spirit which I can truly FEEL radiating out from you through your sweet words of praise and encouragement. It truly is my pleasure and privalege to communicate with you!!
    Thank you again so very much for your encouragement, support and appreciation!

  41. 2fish

    Thank you so much Gina Rose for your insight and for your very kind words. I certainly do appreciate your sympathy on the loss of my family members, but I also most definitely share your certainty that we will be re-united someday. Until then, I take tremendous comfort in the knowledge I know we share, that the physical “deaths” experienced by our human bodies do not (and never will) sever the ties that bind us to those we love. Reaching through the veil, we simply learn to conduct our relationships with those “on the other side” a bit differently. And may I say, Gina Rose, that those connections are reinforced (and sometimes, I’m sure, flat-out rescued) by the amazing work you are able to do on our collective behalf. I thank you, as well as the other wonderful readers here, for helping us re-knit those connections when necessary through the validations you are able to provide. My thanks to you again, Gina Rose, and to any/all other CP readers who may be perusing this comment right now!
    Brightest blessings to you,

  42. julybabytoo

    Hi Colleen,
    What a wonderfully moving story! Keep on writing and never worry about the length its all about the message! I lost my brother and my dad way too soon and your story really hit home for me, thank you.

  43. Fran

    Dear Colleen,
    Your writing is simply beautiful!! As I read your story, which I was anxiously awaiting, your words brought me INTO the story. It was as if I was there WITH you, experiencing everything that you had. When I read the last part, about the lone bird circling above your car, I had shivers running up and down my arms. I can’t even begin to thank you enough for sharing this with us.
    What is truly amazing is not that our loved ones, or our angels, will send us signs, because as Spirit they can do anything. But that our heart and minds are OPEN enough to SEE them and to BELIEVE that that’s what they are, I think that’s truly the miracle. I feel so blessed because I’ve learned to trust the signs when I get them (which is usually after I’ve asked for them!).
    Boy, I’ve gotta tell you. You’ve got to talk to Phillip and Gina Rose. The three of us have gone through parochial school (I went for 12 years, too!), so we can “sympathize” with you. LOL!! I actually lived across the street from the convent where my elementary school teachers lived! Guess what a goody-two-shoes I was back then!! Hahaha! I’m sure if you ask, they’d love to entertain us with more of their stories (please??).
    Colleen, I like you so much. I’m so glad you’re on this blog and that we’re getting to know each other. I’m looking forward to sharing many more stories with you.
    BIG HUG,

  44. Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Colleen ~ aka ~ 2fish,
    This is what I teach my students to watch for, or be aware of …..signs.
    Signs are sometimes what our loved ones use to comunicate with us from the other side….
    …..Signs can come to us in the form of
    Karmic ” markers “, like mile marker signs on a highway…showing us that we are on the right Karmic path.
    2fish…’re posting proves this beautifully. I’m sure your posting will bring much comfort to others reading this who are missing their own loved ones crossed over.
    ( I too, have a special bond with my baby brother, Sean….we are ten years and one week apart…both being born in September.)
    And we share that same kind of humor….we drive everybody nuts when we team up.
    I am so sorry that you have lost so much with your loved ones crossing over … but they ARE happy and at peace….and will definitely continue to give you signs of that fact.
    And , remember, you will all be re-united again someday.
    Blessed Be )O(…Gina Rose ext.9500


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