Your LOVECAST™: Revved Up Romantic Adventures

Love is sweet on Monday and gets even sweeter after Thursday’s New Moon in Leo, the sign of romance. The New Moon brings a fresh start to relationships and can energize your creativity as well. This weekend, Moon in loving Libra is sure to rev up romantic adventures! Best days for love: Monday, and Saturday afternoon through Sunday.

Week of August 17 – 23, 2009

Leo: An enticing but serene environment can deepen love on Monday. Love is dreamy – but maybe confusing – on Wednesday. Thursday’s New Moon in your sign brings a new personal cycle during the next two weeks or so. Getting clear about what you want will help manifest your desires. Your sense of humor and your flirtatiousness rev up romance this weekend, so be expressive!

Virgo: A friend or group activity can bring romance on Monday. A sexy, quiet setting kindles passion during the midweek New Moon. Your intuition will be especially strong, so heed your inner voice this week. You’re feeling serious or easily irritated on Friday. Your mystique and grace inspire a romantic interlude this weekend!

Libra: Getting cozy – and maybe dining in – inspires romance on Monday. The midweek New Moon brings out your social side, so create a fun get-together with friends or your sweetie. Also, look for love potential during a group activity or community event. After a rocky morning, romance soars on Saturday. You’re especially lucky while socializing on Sunday.

Scorpio: An exotic or foreign place will lead to romantic fantasies on Monday. Your ability to shine in social situations makes you a magnet for romance and professional opportunities during and after the New Moon. A friend may need your assistance on Friday. Love offers a delightful surprise this weekend! Think Zen and artsy when planning a date.

Sagittarius: A show of feelings deepens love on Monday. Romance is sweet – yet perhaps illusive – on Wednesday. Your adventurous side emerges during Thursday’s New Moon, when romance comes from afar or during a spiritual activity. Responsibility may get in the way of love interests on Friday. Friends and group activities provide fun – and maybe passion – this weekend!

Capricorn: An romantic excursion will deepen love on Monday, so plan a date with your partner. Spending time with a good friend will warm your heart as well. Intimacy is hot and sweet during the midweek New Moon! Just be sure you aren’t sending mixed messages on Wednesday. A stylish ambiance and a heartfelt talk inspire romance this weekend.

Aquarius: Turn off your brain and get into your heart to enjoy love’s gifts on Monday. An argument can derail romance on Tuesday. Your mystique draws plenty of admirers on Wednesday. Thursday’s New Moon energizes one-on-one encounters during the next two weeks or so. An exotic locale or trip attracts romance this weekend!

Pisces: Romance soars on Monday, so plan a date with your lover or maybe socialize with friends to find someone new! You’re irritated easily at home on Tuesday. Your dramatic side can heighten or derail romance during the New Moon toward the middle of the week. Love seems blocked or heavy on Friday. Seek a deeper intellectual connection in love this weekend.

Aries: A cozy date with your sweetie – or entertaining friends at your abode – will energize you on Monday. You’re feeling passionate midweek, but you’ll want to avoid impulsiveness – especially while driving. The New Moon heralds a new beginning in romance, so enjoy! Spending time with someone fabulous is assured this weekend, if your heart is open to it.

Taurus: Sweet-talk makes passion sizzle at the start of the week, so show off your flirting skills. The New Moon gives you the urge to create an enticing ambiance and entertain your sweetie or friends sometime toward the middle of the week. Commitment is the focus on Friday. Spontaneity ignites passion this weekend, so be adventurous!

Gemini: Opening your heart and expressing what you feel inspires love on Monday. Look for a moneymaking opportunity as well. You’re unusually impatient on Tuesday, when a confrontation is likely. The midweek New Moon makes flirting especially fun. Your powers of attraction kick into high gear and make you a magnet for romance this weekend!

Cancer: You’re irresistible on Monday, when a one-on-one rendezvous can bring delight. Networking in person or online can bring professional or personal opportunities as well. You’re feeling daring and imaginative during the midweek New Moon! Talk turns serious on Friday. Showing off your sense of style by throwing a party will energize you over the weekend.

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