Psychic Raziel: Are You Ready for Commitment?

Is it Time for Commitment?

I get a lot of calls from clients who want to know if they (or their partners) are ready for a serious, committed relationship. Here are the most common questions they ask me as well as my responses. Read on and see if you and your significant other are ready to take the next step in your relationship!

How do I know if I am ready for a serious/committed relationship?

Serious, committed relationships have some very prominent signs in their infancy, but there are some key things that make a difference. For example, people ready for serious relationships take interest in their partner’s hobbies. They also leave their belongings at their partner’s houses or exchange keys as a sign of trust.

What steps should I take to approach this transition with success?

Consistent, clear communication is the foundation of a committed relationship. Also, it is very important to know your partner’s relationship history because it tells you a lot about how they view relationships and what kind of future you may have together.

What are some reasons this relationship won’t work out?

If the person you love doesn’t take time for you then it’s important to seriously think about what that means because people who are in love only have important reasons to be apart, not excuses! Sometimes things don’t work out and it’s important to recognize that it may not be the right time. Fear of commitment is sometimes a memory of the past and that’s something you can’t change. Perhaps they are in love with you but don’t have the experience to feel confident in committing.

What if the feeling is not mutual? How do I move forward?

When love is not mutual it’s time to really understand yourself! As difficult as this may be, it’s important to understand what your attracting and who is responding to your vibrations. Moving on from unrequited love is hard! The idea that someone isn’t in love with you is horrible if you’re deeply in love with them. If you’re in love with someone who isn’t in love with you, did you really know them at all? The best thing you can do is to move on so be respectful of your feelings and very forgiving of yourself. Allow yourself to grieve the loss of the idea of the relationship and respect the free will choice of the other person.

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    Great article, Raziel !!!!

    For those of you who have not had a reading with Raziel, you are missing out.

    Raziel is the real deal ! Very gifted and sensitive psychic and a sweet nature as well.

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