Clues It’s Time to Make New Friends

Facebook, It Doesn’t Lie

In our digital age, with one simple click, you can make or break a friendship. Before pressing that “Unfriend” button, do some serious Facebook studying and ample personal reflection. You have the choice to be proactive: instead of waiting for your friendship to gradually fade away or possibly end bitterly, here are three main clues on Facebook that may help you decide when it’s time to say goodbye to old friends and seek out ones that are more compatible with your current lifestyle. With that said, these clues may also remind you to rekindle that friendship fire before it burns out for good.

1. You Have Nothing in Common on Your Profile Page

Have you ever caught yourself reviewing your friend’s profile and then realized that none of your interests align anymore? Specifically, you now listen to opposite types of music, you took different educational or career paths, and you have dissimilar fashion senses to name a few. Those differences and more leave you with little to discuss. Moreover, it drastically limits your options for hanging out if you cannot ever agree on the same concert, movie, or clothing store to visit. With that said, my best friend and I have very different tastes; however, we are each open to new experiences, and we have the exact same taste in food, namely sushi. Therefore, we usually plan outings for mealtime. If you and your friend cannot find significant common ground on each other’s profiles, this may be a clue that you will not have much to do in your lives together outside of the Facebook screen—unless you make a valiant effort.

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2. You Don’t Log Out and Make Time to See Each Other Anymore

We make time for the people we care about, no matter how busy we get. Facebook should not count as true quality time. Commenting on each other’s profiles and tagging old high school photos together is not enough to sustain a fulfilling friendship long term. If you find that most of your communication takes place through Facebook chat or messaging, then think about what may be preventing you two from meeting up for dinner, a drink, or even a phone call if distance is an issue. I have a friend who lives far away in Lancaster, and she works full time while raising a daughter by herself. Though we spend time communicating on Facebook, we still have a long conversation on the phone monthly as well as exchange letters and emails regularly to keep our bond beyond a social media Web site. Case in point, if your friendship is stuck in Facebook land, this is a clue that it may be destined to stick there since neither of you have taken the initiative to pursue any alternative forms of communication.

3. Your Friend Posts Inappropriate Content on Their Page and Yours

It is wise to surround yourself with people that have similar goals to you and/or people who support your ambitions. Accordingly, you should be friends with people that are ethical and positive forces in your life, generally speaking. If you look over your friend’s profile and see lots of inebriated photos, foul language, and negativity, this may be a clue that this person is not in a headspace to be a positive friend or influence on you. For instance, I work in the educational field, so I want to be friends with people who will not reveal statements or pictures on my profile that may tarnish my reputation. I need a trustworthy intelligent friend who recognizes what is appropriate for public disclosure. If your friend does not respect your online persona, this may be a clue that it is time to make new friends who can understand your position at work, school, and home.

Though you may have been close friends at some point, it is common and natural for you to potentially grow apart. When this happens, you might be in denial at first, but Facebook can point you toward some convincing evidence. Just remember to appreciate your friendship for what it was and embrace the opportunity to make new friends. If you are still feeling hesitant about moving on from these past kinships, I recommend talking to a psychic who can give you insight into the types of people you should be letting in and out of your life to help you reach true happiness and fulfillment.

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6 thoughts on “Clues It’s Time to Make New Friends

  1. Michelle

    It really hurts to be the one dumped but we all have to do our spiritual weed removal at some point. When your stomach hurts when dealing with someone, it really is a gut reaction to leave the situation promptly. I have had both experiences of letting go and being let go of. We all affect each other in profound ways!

  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Well, I don’t Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, or even text…..

    I may however launch a Facebook page only to connect with my daughter and view pics of my grandchild, and connect with her still close friends from high school, ( all grown up now with kids of their own…LOL ) that I know,… but other than that, I have no use for it. For me, it’s too time consuming, and I value my privacy as well.

    I can see it as a valuable business tool though and can see why many network using Facebook.

  3. angela a

    Who can really tell what the future holds? It’s not an exact science & I wouldn’t want to succumb to false hope.

  4. Elizabeth

    About Facebook friendship and as hard as to admit, yes you are so right about friend that are no longer useful and as time goes nothing in common. I find that so true in the past ten or longer years the close friends that I grew up with or friends I made in college have all gone apart and left. Now the friends I had made from my work ten years ago are leaving me too. This year is yet again of loosing friends and like before there is a feeling of deep emptiness until I can fill with new friends. It takes a lot of patience and time to build quality friends. So for me when this happens, my angel is telling me to use my energy to really take care of myself and do some missed out exploring in my life.

  5. Cecile Le Duc

    Facebook made a loose word out of . “friend”.
    A great idea turned into a high school popularity contest for most and pulling minors away from their parents who need to talk to them and help them develpop what is special about them
    I believe Facebook should be used for celebrities who need to hide (literally) and yet want to communicate to their fans.
    You are not a celebrity on Facebook only the owner is a billlonaire and oddly enough he has lost a real friend. Nothing can replace going into your friend’s house and opening their refridgertor and seeing what is needed. Get Real.

  6. Chrissi Matusevics

    most of my better Facebook friends are literally continents away I am in the Uk- they are in the US so even phoning can be horrendously expensive- I do have people I meet offline- who actually aren’t on Facebook at all- and they are the ones who can be energy sucking negative nightmares- one in particular- never happy, though she’s done more in and with her life than I have, she’s travelled, lived abroad (in the US), even done things I could only dream of but now she hates this country dislikes and is unhappy with her life, and a lot of the people around her too whereas I’ve never travelled further than the Uk, unless a day-trip and a long weekend count-never had a lot, and there are loads of things I have yet to do if and hope to if my health keeps good and I live a long time I know she is 16 years older than me, and unlike me has never and doesn’t want to have a husband (I have both hubby and son) as she sees them as a chain, and says she’s happier for it but I really don’t understand why she should be so unhappy- and she brings out the moaner in me too when I’m with her


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