Cheating Celebs on the Loose

Another cheater? What’s up with everyone lately? It seems each week there is a new celebrity couple headed for disaster because someone has been unfaithful. This time it’s Bones star David Boreanaz (before there was Robert Pattinson in Twilight there was Angel in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, who was was played by none other then Mr. Boreanaz ) Boreanaz has come out publicly with his infidelities before any mistress tries to get her 15 minutes of fame by exposing the dirty deeds they did together.

So far, there have been no indications that Boreanaz is “suffering” from sex addiction or any other form of addiction for that matter. He has/had a beautiful wife and a strapping looking young son – just your typical Hollywood family who can join the rest of the Hollywood families who have been ripped apart by selfishness and deceit. Has it become the new “thing” to come out with your affairs and admit you were wrong in order to keep a shred of dignity?

Maybe all these mistresses threatening to go to the media (or not just threatening but actually just doing it)  unless they’re given a large sum of cash, could possibly make future cheaters think twice? Could this be a new way to “get rich quick”? Have an affair with a married man/women and then blackmail them for money … hm … it could work …

Share your thoughts, Bloggers … and give us your predictions of which celeb couple will be next to endure the walk of shame …

Look for Psychic Tansy’s post tomorrow on how cheating can become habitual!

20 thoughts on “Cheating Celebs on the Loose

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  5. miri


  6. Kiki

    I think everyone cheats at some time in their lives, men have cheated for centuries, celebrities are just men after all. Men are basic creatures hardwired to ‘desire” variety, it matters not whether the celebrity has a beautiful wife, or not, a man desires something different, that is why men cheat….

    its not right or wrong, its basic biology, we have all done things we are ashamed of, but at the time, we believe we are doing the right thing……

    cheating is no different, and perhaps it is a lesson for both parties…….a karmic lesson to be learned,,,

  7. Allice

    I don’t know why it’s such a big deal when Celebrities cheat on their Spouses. Regular men do it just as often it just does’t matter to any body because they are not popular. People act like just because you are a celebrity you are above the norm, but they are not. Celeberties are human too and they are allowed to make mistakes just like everybody eles.

  8. sally

    i guess that the new thing cheating nowdays of 2010 and after and a new postion in bed call anal sex now days. Still no one is not afraid of HIV THATS A SHAME.

  9. The Truth

    Because some men are pigs and so are the women that “do” them even though there is a wife and family attached to them…what goes around comes around, everytime.

  10. Angel

    Diadriel has it most correct. This is not a new or suddenly more common behavior – it actually for the most part up until recently was rather very accepted by society but just not spoken about. Until recent years marriage had a lot less to do with “True Love” and more to do with making good alliances- especially for powerful or royal individuals. even for lower class individuals all you have to do is look at the song Matchmaker from Fiddler On The Roof to see what the marriage was really all about. So true love was implicitly not expected to be found IN marriage until modern times. That is not to say that one did not hope for it or that some did not ever attain it. But by and large people getting into marriage are in the habit of shopping for a partner with a laundry list of qualities they desire, or feel they need for whatever reason. Thus marriage becomes a relationship vehicle for the person to have with themselves only – with the other person providing the key elements needed/wanted for that. Almost never does it become a true relationship of two people meeting on a whole and true soul level without requirements or conditions. And since that is what we all want – our marriages go stale when our partners don’t supply us with what we need/want. Honestly when there IS a true soul bond the conditional institute of marriage is unneccessary.

  11. Tcabo

    I have to agree with Meghan. It is a very sad state that this sort of behavior is becoming so common that it is becoming “acceptable” because no can or will do anything about it. I guess I am a dinasaur. I still believe in commitment, marriage and no cheating. That sort of behavior is the ultimate in selfishness. It indicates that the cheater is “all about me”. So sad.

  12. Diadriel

    Blackmail by mistresses, out-of-wedlock offspring, male-partners has been around for millennia. It seems to go with fame/reputation of any sort. It used to be the fear of every nobleman or high-ranking official. It’s been portrayed in books, movies and theatre. None of this is surprising. What is surprising is the apparent ‘general public’ sense that it IS something new, and news-worthy.

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  14. Meghan

    This is just evidence that cheating is becoming more widely culturally acceptable. Regardless of the morality, it just makes marriage seem completely impractical. Why bother making the commitment (which includes spending all that money on weddings, honeymoons – and then actually BUILDING a life with someone) if it’s going to be thrown away? It’s a waste of time, money, and energy. Don’t disservice someone you care about by making a commitment you won’t actually honor.

  15. Carmen Hexe

    Hello! *waves at Gina Rose*

    It’s a shame that some people don’t know how to handle success. It boils down to the fact that some seem to think that the basic rules of decency, compassion and kindness no longer apply to them, because they make a lot of money or are well known. It’s not just famous people, but sometimes one can observe the “Muppet” behavior in executives as well.

    I firmly agree with you! One should set an example! Or how Spiderman said it “with great power comes great responsibility!” 🙂

  16. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Carmen,

    It’s a shame that more people in the limelight and spotlight can’t set a good example instead of a bad one. ( And there are some that DO set a good example, but we need more to follow suit ).

    I don’t care if it’s actors, politicians, or athletes….I feel with privilege or position comes a responsibility to set a good example as well.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  17. Carmen Hexe

    HA! I am not shocked about this one at all.

    A very good friend of mine used to work on “Bones” and ended up quitting because of Boreanaz. Apparently, the guy is arrogant, has a huge sense of ego and well, is a total douche. Working with him seems to be a nightmare, unless you are “the talent,” in which case he tends to be nicer.

    The stories my friend shared with me kinda match the fact that he would be a cheater.

  18. Jacqueline x9472

    Hello Justine,
    Always love reading your articles, this just goes to show that famous actors are not prone to cheating, they have just been the ones to get caught, lol
    Watch there is going to be some ladies that is going to come up on the cheating side here real quick.

    Blessings and Big Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472


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