Take Charge During Sex

Are You Sexually Powerful?

Do you play a dominant or submissive role in the bedroom?

Survival of our species dictates that men are supposed to be the hunters while women are the gatherers. However, what happens when you allow men to dominate the hunting fields in the bedroom? According to research, they not only lose confidence in their abilities, but may also become unreceptive to their partner’s needs. What’s happening here is these dominant men don’t feel comfortable talking to their partner about the things they do not know or understand, so they choose to ignore them. However, there are ways to level out the playing field by equally taking charge during sex.

“Love without sex is a spiritual connection.  Sex without love is either hell or a great time.” – Psychic Priscilla ext. 5637

There are a couple of reasons why men and women do not take charge in bed, and they can be summed up as fear, reservation, and the pleasure of being the submissive partner. However, keep in mind that there is a benefit to maintaining excitement in your sex life by creating equilibrium. After all, even a dyed-in-the-wool hunter loses interest in a possum after it rolls over and plays dead.

Nobody Wants to be Dominated… Right?

Wrong. Why do women fantasize about (safe) rape? Why is 50 Shades of Grey so popular? Why do most men only give their wife or girlfriend a five (out of 10) in bed? As it turns out, most partners quietly wish their partner would take charge in the bedroom more than they already do. In fact, when surveys ask about the best sexual experience a person has had, one common theme stretches across genders: their partner having taken charge. Perhaps it is time to give your partner what they really want while getting what you need in return.

Drawing the Line

If you haven’t experienced taking charge during sex, you’re probably having reservations about something. Part of putting your mind at ease will be finding where a line needs to be drawn. This is about trust, and how safe your partner feels with you. It will be beneficial to talk to each other about what kinds of things you are open to trying, such as being tied up, spanked, bitten, or talked dirty to. If you’re too embarrassed to come right out and instruct your partner, there are other options, such as revealing them through a dream or fantasy.

“Communication about sex goes a long way to avoid any misconceptions about such an intimate moment.” – Psychic Deejay ext. 5435

Taking the Reins

Sometimes your partner does not always know what they want. Taking charge in the bedroom can be a way of introducing them to pleasures they may have never considered. Here are a few introductory ideas that seem to have the most universal success.

Tell Them When it’s Going to Happen: There are few things sexier than a partner who wants you right then and there. Scheduling sex may be one way to get things done. However, it is a lot more exciting to have it during a moment you really want it. Don’t be afraid to express your needs when they happen, as that may be all that is required to get your partner in the mood.

Tell Them How it’s Going to Go: We have talked about vocalizing to your partner what you want in bed. However, this can also be a way to get what you want while also creating a fantasy your partner will never forget. Instructing your partner in bed can be done in a forceful and playful way that will be quite exciting for both of you.

Control the Action:  Part of domination in the bedroom is taking control of the action. From a woman’s standpoint, this may involve her taking position on top of her partner. However, a person can dominate the action in any position with a little determination and creativity.

Limit Their Participation: Many couples find playful restraint exciting during love making. This can be accomplished with a scarf, old tie, blindfold, or a pair of fuzzy handcuffs. The idea is to take control over your partner’s pleasure. Some partners take this to the point of pleasuring themselves in front of their partner to designating when their partner will be allowed to orgasm.

How to Turn “Not Tonight Honey, I have a Headache” Into Sexy Anticipation

Taking charge also enables a partner to pick the time and place without appearing disinterested in sex. We know that sex is not always on the menu, but there are ways to creatively handle a partner whose loins appear to be insatiable. When your partner knows it will be coming, it can be a fun way to build on this anticipation by teasing with a sexy note, text or brief kissing session. This not only puts you in charge of when the sex is going to take place, but does so in such a way that your partner will not feel rejected if it doesn’t happen as soon as they might like.

“Sex keeps the present moment occupied. Love is just glad you met.” – Psychic Anya Dawn ext. 9179

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  1. Bella

    Lol lol lol ha- ha 2 funny .. & if I must say I am so glad I an a “” Capricorn female “” .. Lol lol speaking 4 myself … Yes I am ALL about me expressing MY very frank sexually part by using my frank sexual staying powers that just seems 2 shine thru me as a “” female Capricorn “” I sure do own it .. Yea that’s 2 funny lol lol … Psps since I am spiritual / AND a very sexual person “” has any 1 else noticed when it comes 2 sex / the bible it set there is no limit / NO where in the bible does it really say when it comes 2 SEX NATA IS / has ever been OFFlimits / or limited “” ??? !!!! So why do folks limit their own self when it comes 2 sex ??? .. So why then BCZ even in today’s society / times a lot of folks are still so up wards & in a very consertive manner , since I am the good / bad girl lol = the observant 1 / obedient / spiritual 1 I decided 2 ask this ??? so I bought this /IT up @ Sunday school lessons this past weekend 2 test the waters or being with what MY own beliefs theory were lol lol , well what a debate /stir IT/ I caused lol lol .. We all decided there is not no limits in the bible on sexually & it should be .. it was 2 funny it really was 2 lol lol .. thank you, Have a nice day !!!! 🙂

  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Dear Marc from the UK….
    I saw that…..LOL LOL

    Next time….it’s YOUR turn to wear the fuzzy handcuffs…..LOL

    Gina Rose ext.9500

  3. Lembusi

    wow!!!! it so happens that I need help because of my…. at times takes me by surprise when my minds are far.

  4. Jade

    I’m a female who is quite “take charge” in the bedroom,but find that sometimes I just really want to be submissive. The kind of man that I find is usually not good at taking charge because of how forward I am and how much I innitiate sex. How do i back up and let him take the riegns and still get my needs met?

  5. Tara

    Hi can you pass my email address on to Josette she was to email me after my reading and I’m wondering if they didnt take the correct email address down. Thank-you.

  6. Tammy

    The quotes are right on the money!! There is such confusion and misinterpretation when it comes to love and sex. Yet they both can be very shallow or very fulfilling.

  7. johnny

    priscilla wow that was a awesome ,i bet that was you in that dress wow sex,but i do see where you cum from ,i like when m friends call me but flirt with me and tell me what they want ,and how they want it and when,i prepare for them ,i know they love my sex and i know when they fantasize in garters and skimppy nurses dresses ,or in a garter with cow girl boots wow they make me their slave wow im your if ou would love to get a hold of me and ride this bull,hahaha fantas and taking charge in the bedroom is fun but i also give up the take charge for most of the women that love to ride on this bull ,priscella im yours to toy with ,tie me up baby i trust you wow sexy

  8. Ginger Fernandez

    I have no problem telling my partner what I want during sex. The only problem that confronts me is when they shy away after having some of the best sex they ever had.

  9. James George

    Hi ! I am a 52 years old healthy man, Having troubble in making straight and strong my penis while having sex with my partner. even she helps me lot every time by getting straight. What i suppose to for it. I am using some penis massage too.


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