How to Catch a Cheater

Devious or Sensible?

It is difficult to imagine anything more destructive to a relationship than cheating! The reality though is that the intensity of our feelings about this issue could easily cloud our judgment and lead us to behave in counterproductive ways. Clearly, hiding from the truth merely delays the painful discovery, but confrontation can be ugly and painful, especially if handled poorly! If you feel that the only way to be sure of your partner’s fidelity is to investigate things for yourself, there are a few sensible ways to go about doing this.

Behavior Change

Keep an eye out for any change in behavior, including work hours, social activities and grooming habits. If he’s suddenly far less available to you, this could be an indication that he’s making himself more available to someone else. If he’s suddenly more concerned about his appearance and looking good, especially if he does so before meeting up with people other than you, you may want to take a closer look at how he is spending his time. This is not to say that he can’t do any of these things for other reasons, such as work demands or a personal goal to feel better about himself, but these could also be telling signs he’s involved with someone else.


With social media like Facebook and dating sites, there is a virtual playground at a cheater’s fingertips if they are so inclined. If he’s suddenly spending more time on the computer, being vague about what he’s doing online, or even hiding his activity, you might suspect a problem! It’s the same with cell phones. Is he getting frequent texts or spending more time on the phone and taking it out of the room to talk? These could be signs he’s cheating. Snooping through his phone and computer when he’s not around would be a surefire way to get to the bottom of all this suspicious activity.

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Playing Detective

Of course you can always try to trap him in a lie. Following him, or having a friend follow him to make sure he ends up where he says he’s going is one quick way to know whether he’s telling the truth about his activities or whether he’s meeting a mistress.

Ultimately, these are fairly devious ways to try to catch your partner in an affair. If you are at that point where you truly think your partner could be cheating, the best approach is simply to confront him. If he denies everything, then you are looking at two hard truths: either he is cheating and lying about it, or your relationship is in serious trouble since any meaningful connection must be based on trust. Knowing one of these to be true, you need to ask yourself the one tough question: Why would you want to stay in this relationship?

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