Can a Psychic Make Guarantees?

Recently, I’ve had a surprising number of callers who want to know if their marriages will fail or not. I say that this is surprising because the callers aren’t seeking insight or advice regarding their relationships. They want a guarantee of what the future will bring, with or without effort on their part.

I must say that, in particular, men are the majority in this. (I assume that women have been conditioned almost from birth that their lives will be filled with uncertainty, not only pertaining to their physical selves but their emotional ones.) Is it conceivable, though, in this day and age, that anyone can think that relationships come with a guarantee?

One caller apparently wanted a reading from me to see if his wife was going to leave him. He said that she had been acting coldly, and that he didn’t want this to happen to him “unexpectedly.” He said that he knew both of them hadn’t been happy for some time, but hoped that he had enough time to get their relationship started again.

We do stress over and over again that as psychics we should do our very best to avoid being judgmental. (This is an excellent goal to strive for as, practically and spiritually speaking, we’re rewarded, I believe, for not attempting to remove the “mote” from our neighbor’s eye while overlooking the “plank” in our own.) But I couldn’t help but think – if he felt that his wife might leave him, how would this be unexpected? I actually thought that he might be seeking insight into the problems in this relationship so that they could be worked on – but no, he just wanted preparation.

Another alternative to pursue would have been an obvious one, to my mind. Communication is so very important in relationships. Sometimes, if you don’t tell them, they just don’t know. I did ask him if he had spoken to her about his misgivings (I could see already that he hadn’t.) He was impatient, saying that all he wanted was me to tell him that his marriage would be fine. I couldn’t say that, as I saw that he could pursue two different avenues with two different results. It was obvious to me that he expected a yes or no answer.

As much as I would like to be able to guarantee good fortune, prosperity and happiness to all callers, we psychics just don’t work that way. My role, as I envision it, is to give definite information as to the different results I see, so that the caller can work with this information in shaping his life as he chooses. We’re able to shape a certain portion of our lives, I think, but some parts of it are out of our hands. Communication with a spouse, though, certainly falls within a personal choice.

It was apparent that this caller’s mind was already headed in one direction – failure. He didn’t ask about the probability of success – he asked about the probability of failure. In his mind, things were already pretty much decided.

We’ve all been told, at one time or another, that life doesn’t come with guarantees. Relationships also don’t come with those. (Wouldn’t it be great if we could purchase one, like buying a warranty on a new television set?) Relationships require hard work, at times, along with a certain amount of sacrifice. Sometimes we’re rewarded, and sometimes we’re not. Hopefully, we made the right choice at the beginning in the person we’re investing time in. And hopefully, they re-pay our efforts by making the same efforts in return. However it turns out, when you call me, I can give you information on the best way I see for you to proceed. But it’s always up to you how that information is used.

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3 thoughts on “Can a Psychic Make Guarantees?

  1. velvetoversteel

    Very true! There are no guarantees in any relationship or situation. In relationships, it takes two! Also if you are ‘expecting’ things not to work out or are only looking at the ‘other’ person’s behavior and actions.. not your own, then it is probably going to fail no matter how many psychic readings and ‘expected’ curcumstances you have.

    Great article, Tansy!!

    I also agree with you, Jacqueline! With a partner, kids, family, co-workers, etc. Pick your battles and look for the Good in everyone and every situation. Makes all the difference in regards to successful relationships, along with peace and happiness in our lives.

    Many Hugs to you, both!

    Coreen @ VOS

  2. Jacqueline

    Hello Tansy,

    Great article,
    In regards to your words with-in communication, I have found it to be very important to pick your battles, many times we disagree over frivolous thing, those things that in the large scheme of things really don’t matter.

    Blessings and Big hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472


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