Build a Foundation of Trust

The great guy you’ve been dating for a while now just asked for some time to think about things. It’s only been a few months actually, but you feel like you’ve known him forever. Why is he asking for some time to think about things? You automatically think he has another woman he’s been seeing. After all, he didn’t call you back a few days ago and he said he was working through the weekend. Now, he needs time? All you did was ask where the relationship is going and if he’s finally going to announce to his friends and family that he’s in love. Are we being a tad pushy here?

You were in a serious love relationship once, and you waited seemingly forever for a man who asked for time out of the blue. He never called again, and the next thing you heard was the wedding announcement that your girlfriend read to you over the phone. Your worst fear is that it’s happening to you again and your heart is starting to break. That dream of marital bliss is going up in smoke as surely as the last one. Hold it! You should be elated that the cheating, lying bum married someone else. The universe must love you because you missed the bullet.

Your new guy brought up marriage a month after you met, but when he finally told you he was in love with you, you thought the next step was the engagement ring. The ring hasn’t happened, and you still haven’t met all of his friends or family. So what if he was in a relationship or marriage that ended horribly for him? You’re ready to call it quits just because he asked for more time. Never compare one man to the next, because it’s like comparing apples to oranges. Look hard enough and you’ll be certain to find a flaw in anyone’s character, because no human is perfect. My question to you, though, is why do you want to marry a man you obviously aren’t ready to trust explicitly?

True, he’s never even blinked at another woman when you’ve been out on a date, and he did introduce you to his colleagues as his girlfriend. You still have trust issues. Perhaps he does as well. It can be very hard to climb right back on that horse after you’ve been thrown to the ground and had your heart stomped on repeatedly. Is that what happened to your man? Yet you have your car keys in your hand, and you’re ready to dash over to his place to confront him. The truth is, that’s a really bad idea.

You would have a right to be upset if he didn’t call you three times a day just to hear your voice, but all he asked for was a little time to think about things. Of course, you’re feeling insecure and even hurt now, so don’t you want a little more time to think and reflect on the commitment you’re asking him to make? No matter how true the love you feel for one another is there in your hearts, you both still need time to build a foundation of trust. Give him time, give yourself time and before you know it you’ll have the man and the ring. However, I won’t guarantee you’ll love your future in-laws. That’s another question.

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