Beware of Bad Girls—They’ll Break Your Heart!

Watch Out for Femme Fatales!

Bad girls have a love/hate relationship with men. They know how to attract men, make them fall in love, and break their heart once they no longer stand to gain anything from their company. It may sound cold and heartless, but this is how these women have learned to meet their needs and survive. Carole Lieberman, psychiatrist, relationship expert and author of the new book Bad Girls: Why Men Love Them and How Good Girls Can Learn Their Secrets, tells us about the greatest dangers of these twelve unfavorable women, and how men can recognize and avoid their game!

“Bad girls are women who have been made to feel unlovable by their dads and by previous boyfriends who have hurt them,” says Lieberman. “Because of this, the bad girls harden their hearts and decide that if they can’t get true love, they will go after men to get something else.”

“When you begin to suspect that a woman is only after something you can give her, and is not in love with you, listen to your instincts,” says Lieberman. “Don’t let your ego convince yourself otherwise.” According to Lieberman there are a dozen dangerous damsels looking to exploit men. Here is her short list of girls to watch out for:

1. The Gold-Digger. A gold-digger goes after men who will pamper her.

2. The Addict. A bad girl addict wants her addiction (alcohol, street drugs, prescription drugs), and a man who will enable her to gain easy access to it.

3. Sex Siren. A sex siren uses sex as a weapon to get what she wants.

4. Sexual Withholder. A sexual withholder will only have sex under certain conditions she imposes.

5. Married Woman on the Prowl. A married woman on the prowl wants the passion and romance of a forbidden relationship (cheating), and the security of a faithful husband.

6. Commitment Phobic. A commitment-phobe wants to avoid getting too close, so she can keep her options open.

7. Husband Stealer. A husband-stealer wants the satisfaction of a man who will leave his wife for her, proving her beauty and charm.

8. The Husband Hunter and Trapper. A husband hunter and trapper isn’t looking for love, but rather the security of a husband, dog, child, and white picket fence.

9. Ultimate Damsel in Distress. An damsel in distress wants to be rescued from her situation, which may include poverty, physical abuse, depression, loneliness, or a low credit score.

10 Cougar. A cougar will go after younger men to prove they are still sexually desirable.

11. Ball-Buster. A ball-buster wants a man to prove he loves her by perpetually scrambling to meet her demands.

12. Bad Girl Scorned. A bad girl scorned wants a man to cancel his plans for her, promising his undying love. If he fails to do this, she will destroy his life.

The Bad Economy is Making Men More Vulnerable

“When a man has lost his job or is not making as much money as he once did,” says Lieberman. “He feels emasculated.” If one of these bad girls come along, she will recognize his vulnerability. She will know that all she has to do is make him feel good about himself, and he will become indebted to her positive praise.

“She knows all she has to do is to make him feel like the biggest stud on the planet, and he will fall head over heels for her, losing savings, self-respect and sanity in the process,” says Lieberman. “There are times in your life when you are a sitting duck for these women—stay out of the dating pool when you’re feeling needy.”

A Man’s Relationships Sows the Seeds for Him to be Vulnerable

“Most men who become trapped by one of the Dozen Dangerous Damsels have come from a family where their father wasn’t there for them,” says Lieberman. “When a dad is physically or emotionally absent, he causes his son to have low self-esteem, and he doesn’t teach him the difference between the girls to have fun with and the girls to marry.”

“If a little boy worries that if he doesn’t grow up to be a white knight that can save his fair damsel in distress, he won’t be able to attract or keep a woman, when one of these bad girls presents him with something to save her from (promising her undying love), he will fall for it,” says Lieberman. “If a man’s dad never taught him how to be a man, seek out a mentor whose character and choices you respect—it’s never too late (to change).”

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3 thoughts on “Beware of Bad Girls—They’ll Break Your Heart!

  1. fiercedance

    I think the author of the book on which this article is based is a ridiculous and unthinking human being, and not one I would consult for relationship advice on any level.

    First of all, a “cougar” is a “bad girl”?

    I’m fifty-four years old. I date younger men. Without apologies. And I’m a terrific, non-abusive person. I’ve been abused too much in my life to perpetuate that kind of behavior.

    Secondly: So an “absent” dad “doesn’t teach…the difference between the girls to have fun with and the girls to marry”?

    ANY woman can be “a girl to have fun with” AND “a girl to marry”.

    EVERY woman has both in her…and more.

    We are Goddesses, and Liliths, and everything in-between.

    This dichotomy is FALSE.

    It has been used – and is still being used – to keep women “in their place” for the last 15,000 YEARS.

    What kind of sexual double standard is this? Why the dichotomy? So the author can sell more books promoting cheap conventional woman-hating garbage like this as reality?

    Just because the author is female doesn’t make her any less sexist than any man spouting this trash.

  2. Rose Cocca

    i never read the funniest thing in my whole life…what i like to know what is so bad about loveing a person without being a stepford girl..where ever find one..see if you can get my a stepford man….this way we will be very perfect like them…. bad

  3. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Another fantastic article, Eric !!!!

    Yeah, it DOES cut both ways……glad too see an article for the guys out there !!!!!

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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