Beat the Newlywed Blues

The Honeymoon is Over

Now that the honeymoon is over, and you’re settling back into your regular lives, are you feeling a bit down and out? After all the wedding hype and then the ever-so-relaxing honeymoon, it is extremely common for couples to go through the newlywed blues. Don’t worry, there are numerous ways you can beat the newlywed blues and settle into your regular lives again as a perfectly happy, fun-loving, positive-minded couple. Feel like the honeymoon was over before it started? Get a relationship reading from relationship expert Psychic Justine ext. 5402 and find out what’s really going on.

Organization is Essential

A good start to beating the newlywed blues is to get everything organized. Get all of your wedding gifts together, and put them where they need to go whether it is a new coffee maker for the kitchen or a new set of china. It will keep you distracted as you organize through photos, wedding memories, gifts and more.

Thank You Cards

Start working on your list of thank you cards, whether it’s a card to say thank you for a personal gift or just a “Thank you for coming to our wedding” card. This can be a fun way to remember your entire wedding day and have a good laugh with your partner.

Plan Your Next Vacation

The best way to beat the newlywed blues is to plan your next adventure together. Even though you just returned from honeymooning in Hawaii or Paris, you can sink yourself into finding new deals for your next time away together. This can lift your spirits and allow you to look forward to something. After all, who doesn’t want something to look forward to?

Throw a Fiesta!

Now that you’re settling back in, why not throw a party and invite your closest friends! Catch up on everybody’s lives and share stories. You may even end up reminiscing about your wedding day, and it could create that warm fuzzy feeling all over again.

Get Creative and Get Crafty

Make a collage or scrapbook of your wedding and glue photos, memories, sentimental items and design it the way you have always dreamed of. By being creative and jumping into crafts, you will be able to stay lighthearted and steer clear of any newlywed blues. Distraction is key!

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A Group for Newlyweds?

When you are planning your wedding, you may feel as though you are part of a community. You and your bridesmaids are a team, your family is around, and you can even chat in bride-to-be groups online. Now that you have celebrated your special day, you might feel a bit lost and alone. Why not join a group? There are so many groups to take advantage of and many support systems to get involved in. It could be a craft group or a book club. Anything will do if it keeps you focused on something new.

Learn Something New or Take a Class

Start a new hobby. Join a cooking class or art club and start painting or learning how to cook Caribbean food. After the wedding, you might feel as though you have nothing fun and exhilarating to look forward to. Starting a new hobby can fill the void and allow you to avoid the blues when you really need to.

2 thoughts on “Beat the Newlywed Blues

  1. Jessica

    This is a great article! I’m not a newlywed, but I can imagine that your ideas would be perfect for those who are–and, of course, your ideas are great for anyone who’s just completed a major event in their lives.

    The approach you’ve outlined really addresses the natural ebb and flow of life–the natural cycles we all experience. A time to reorganize and prepare for the new is always a wonderful thing!

    Thank you, Natasha.


  2. Holliday

    Newlywed blues? Really? People actually go through this ridiculous affliction? Because I sure didn’t. There was no big “void” in my life after the wedding was over. I was excited about being a wife and everything that came with that. Once I was done being a bride, I was done. Maybe it’s because I didn’t have a huge wedding. I had a small, intimate wedding. I enjoyed every second of my wedding, but once it was over it was time to move on and I did it without suffering the blues.


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