Be Smart and Sexy

Remember when people thought you couldn’t be smart and sexy? Well those days are over! In fact, brains and beauty have always gone together, even when popular culture has dictated that ditzy is the order of the day.

This may be hard to believe in a culture bombarded with brainless, young bad girls calling themselves role-models matched with reality TV competitions where they attempt to score the affections of aging (though clearly not discerning!) rock stars.

The simple truth is that exercising what’s inside will always enhance what’s going on outside – much more than designer duds or plastic surgery ever could. Indeed, letting your inner light shine is one surefire way to boost your hotness…

In fact, absent of awareness, even the prettiest people are a little lackluster. So, if you’ve ever had concerns about showing off your intellectual prowess, for fear that smarts would reduce your sex appeal, it’s time to think again. Intellect is intoxicating – no matter who you are! If you look close enough, even the media agrees.

Sex Symbols 101
Go beyond those belles du jour who don’t understand that there’s tuna in a can of Chicken of the Sea (or at least pretend they don’t), and you’ll find that lasting status as a sex symbol almost always requires charm and intelligence. Indeed, those stars who hold a place in the cultural consciousness beyond their 15 minutes of fame rarely do so without displaying intellect (think beauties like Audrey Hepburn, Lauren Bacall and Katherine Hepburn). And if they do, it’s usually as a train wreck – in other words, every one stares, just waiting for the crash.

Want proof? Just look at Angelina Jolie. Always a beauty, Jolie leapt to the top of everyone’s sexiest list not as an ¸ber-hot 20-something with a crazy reputation, but later, when she began to use her fame for good – showing off that she had a power brain to go with that famous pout and killer curves.

Same goes for men. Six pack abs and a Roman profile will only get you so far. Calvin Klein has a host of ex-models to attest to that fact. Those, however, who stand the test of time – the Djimon Hounsous of the world – have a lot more to show themselves than physical appeal. Think George Clooney.

And the rest of us?
Okay, so not all of us look like movie stars or models or have their sorts of talents (or all that time for a trainer!), but the sentiment still holds. Without awareness of the world around you all the external work in the world won’t make you interesting for more than a few moments. Who likes to listen to someone who can only talk about themselves? How interesting is a person who can’t hold up their end of the conversation? And in the end, doesn’t conversation often spark chemistry? Anyone who’s worth their weight wants a mate who is the total package… The good news is, you don’t have to be a Rhodes Scholar or a runway model to fit that bill.

If you want to foster the sort of appeal that will garner attention and last a lifetime, the best thing you can do is to take care of yourself – inside and out. Don’t be afraid to be yourself and express your opinions. Keep up on current events, delve into things you love and also eat right and exercise. Create even more self-confidence by setting goals – and sharing them with others.

In the end, smart alone isn’t always sexy. And sexy doesn’t require that you’re Albert Einstein smart. You just have to be your best – a most well-rounded you!

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