DreamCast: Caring for Her Ex’s Mother

I work as a telemetry tech and my job is basically looking at heart monitors and analyzing heart rhythms. I had a dream that I was working, when my baby’s father (we’re estranged at the moment) came in and told me his mother was very ill and that he needed my help. I turned and saw his mother’s name on one of my monitors. I don’t know if this is my wish that he’ll come back or if it means he really will return. Or will his mother get sick? Can you help?

Claudia in Laredo, Texas

Hello Claudia,

Being unusually straightforward and clear, your dream has the main qualities of a premonition. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if you heard that your ex-boyfriend’s mother was having heart trouble. However, if your dream isn’t foretelling the future, it’s probably pointing out something significant about your ex. Perhaps his mother’s heart trouble symbolizes how his family deals with emotional (heart) situations. In other words, problematic emotional patterns run in his family, which are affecting your relationship. If you ever speak with his mother about her family history, it may reveal some startling insights about your ex as well. Also, mothers in dreams can symbolize nurturing, so perhaps your ex feels inadequate about taking care of the child you had together. Anyway, I hope that helps, and that you work things out together.

Sweet dreams,

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