Avoid These Relationship Killers

Dig Yourself Out of a Hole

There are many relationship killers you need to watch out for. A few of the most devastating are cheating (affairs), money disagreements, disrespect, boredom, and resentment. While these may be five of the worst, there several others that are so common, most of us have dug shallow graves in our relationships and didn’t even realize it. The good news is avoiding relationship killers is as easy as being aware of their often sneaky presence.

“Notice if you find yourself overly fighting to make a relationship that doesn’t feel right fit.” – Psychic Leo ext. 5265

The Comfort Martyr

Comfort, security, and familiarity are all important aspects of a good relationship. What some people don’t realize is the comfort of their physical realm can have influence over their emotions. How many of you have been dealing with a rocky relationship, while at the same time trying to remodel a house, go on a diet, heal an injury or cold/flu, or deal with an unruly pet? Studies have looked at how comfort levels affect relationships, and they have come to the conclusion that even a wobbly stool under your kitchen counter may be the source of many arguments. The takeaway from this: While you can’t have a perfect life, you can pay attention to the natural ups and downs of your relationship, and avoid taking on big projects that may put more strain on an already difficult situation.

The Comfort Hog

The opposite problem of living with discomfort is allowing yourself to become too comfortable in your relationship and surroundings. We know that safety and security feel very satisfying in a relationship. However, you have to consider the reality of what makes a relationship succeed. Think of all the work that went into courting your mate, and then imagine the outcome if you had just let things go and did not put forth that extra effort? Relationships need regular maintenance. If you neglect your health, you get sick. If you neglect your car, it breaks down, and if you ignore your partner, they’re going to seek other pastures where they’ll feel more appreciated. Feel like your relationship is broken down and want some insight? Call today for a love reading from Psychic Dylan ext. 5495 and get the answers you need.

The Nag

Nagging is rarely the real problem in a relationship. However, it is often one of the first signs of trouble. Women nag because they are sensitive to a man who is holding back, and this is her way of trying to get what she needs. The problem is men hate this, and it ends up working against the relationship. Men nag too, and they do it by repeating actions they know irritates their spouse. They often do this out of retaliation of feeling disrespected or unfulfilled. Instead of nagging the relationship to death, a better way to garnish attention is to rekindle curiosity and mystery by taking on a new hobby, or joining a club together. Don’t allow nagging to become the focus of every argument, as there is almost always an underlying cause, which is what you should really be talking about.

The Tired Excuse

Fighting for a relationship is hard work. Sometimes it is easier to withhold emotions or accept the illusion that everything is fine. Some men give a woman what she wants, just to keep her off his back (nagging), or the woman ignores his indiscretions because she doesn’t think it will be worth arguing about. We all experience resentment. However, when these feelings are not dealt with they can lead to empty feelings of simply not caring anymore. Most relationships will eventually come to a bridge that seems so difficult to cross; it may seem easier to walk around. When you shut off learning about each other, compromising, and caring about what each other thinks, you hinder growth. If the problem is big (important) enough, you could miss out on an opportunity to reach a higher stage in your relationship.

The Experience Factor

There is a good and bad way to read from your relationship experience. A couple may look at their previous failures, and take certain signs as meaning it’s time to exit a relationship. Experience also teaches us to watch for red flags, and if we think we see something familiar; we walk away. The more we use experience as an excuse to exit a relationship, the easier it becomes. In addition, if you have not taken the time to find closure from your previous experiences, the same problems will enter each new relationship, regardless of who you’re with. Learn from your experiences, but don’t fear them. Don’t rely on memories to tell you when it’s time to walk. Each relationship is a new beginning, filled with unique experiences, and the chance to find better solutions to those familiar problems.

“Victimhood and martyrdom are two excuses we use to stay powerless.” – Psychic Royce ext. 5448

4 thoughts on “Avoid These Relationship Killers

  1. Ignacio

    Why make our relationship decisions based on a third party view…

    For the past two years, I have been in the search as to why my relationship with her was not working, if I felt a deep love and care for her. Somehow, the harder I tried to keep things together, the harder she fought the relationship. I remember going on a weekly basis to this tarot reader. I became his numero uno client, and yet every week he would tell me the same thing. Why don’t you move on? She cannot really see your love for her. Even though you two are soul mates, she is not ready for you… I refused to listen to the same story over and over. So, I tried other psychics, which in term would say similar responses as the tarot reader. But at times they would give me hope in the relationship by saying: well I can see a strong love connection; she is definite your soul mate… She is not ready yet, just give her time and have patience. So, the longer I prolonged the inevitable, the longer I became less patience with her and our relationship. Resentment arose to the surface; anxiety was always there watching over the unpredictable moments in the relationship; and the emptiness became bigger and bigger… I was basically always trying to answer the why Why WHy WHY WHY… as in every instance the question became more intense and bigger.

    Why I wanted to place my happiness in some else hands? That seem to be the real question I want to get a response. But instead, I kept asking about our relationship. Why it was not working, if she was supposed to be my soul mate. The “when” became my asphyxiation. I wanted to know when would I see changes. When would she move forward and toward our relationship. That seemed to be the question that broke the bank… Several thousand dollars later, I still did not have the answer. The reality was that I had the answer all along; as long as I kept putting up with it… Why was it more important to listen to some else advice versus to listen to the internal pain, which it had the answers all along. I was doing the same thing to myself that she was doing to me… Not holding myself accountable for not making the best choice to obtain my happiness.

    Why we sit on the train station bench waiting for the train that already left? Are we in the hope that the train somehow will magically return in reverse for us? What are these emotions we feel after the train leave without us; a reflection of who we are, or are there just merely facts of life, with no founding connection to how we are? Have we ever been the train in someone else life?

    The matter of all is that we have the answers always in front of and within us. Somehow, we choose to either ignore them or simple place the responsibility of our happiness in someone else’s hand… It is understandable that our emotions can take over our reality, and even our entire being. Without the appropriate help, we can confuse what is real versus what is not. We can make things bigger than what they are. We may not be able to hold ourselves accountable for our actions, since we are placing our responsibilities and accountability in somebody else’s hand.

  2. jennifer

    u know the nagging goes both ways!!! look men, us women do hate it when u nag, if u have something on ur mind, just say it ,be blunt us women can not read ur minds, instead of nagging and trying to start an argument then tell us, that way we can sit down and talk and solve the problem together and move on like adults ……… just remember its a two way street

  3. Reed x 5105Reed x 5105

    As a man, I agree, nagging is one of the worst things I’ve endured.

    Ladies, if you do find yourself nagging, you need to know two things:
    1) You are pushing your partner away and harming your relationship.

    2) You have needs that aren’t being met. Something is lacking and it’s eating away at you. You deserve to have your needs met, so don’t give up on them and don’t just suffer in silence.
    Just remember that you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Find a way to nurture the relationship as you also nurture yourself.

    Reed x5105


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