Attracting Your Perfect Lover

Can your soul, that inner core of collected wisdom, guide you to a new, satisfying love life? Tune in and listen to your psyche. Sail past one-night disappointments and attract your perfect mate, your soul type.

Understanding your personal soul type brings self-acceptance and self-esteem. Know thyself, and it’s easier to find what you want in a partner. You and your perfect partner will make beautiful music together. Attract the wrong soul type, and life is a cacophony of intolerable noise.

Finding and Enhancing Your Soul Appeal
Popular author Ainslie MacLeod believes there are ten soul types:

1. Educator: You’re inspired by showing others the way and helping them learn. You love books and have a deep need for clarity. Maybe you talk a lot, but you have much to say.
2. Creator: Your creative muse is seldom at rest. You thrive on making something out of nothing. You need frequent reality checks, but the world needs your right-brain thinking.
3. Hunter: Your eye is always on the target. Shades of grey disturb you, and you are uncomfortable with distractions. Pragmatic to the max, you can seem rigid, but you’re rock-steady and dependable.
4. Helper: Flexible, adaptable, you don’t crave the center of attention. You love to tie up loose ends, making sure all runs like clockwork. If you can avoid taking on too much, you’re a huge help to everyone near you.
5. Spiritualist: You’re an evolved soul. With a strong need to focus on a higher reason for being here, you’re an outstanding role model. You understand your spirit and are open to others’ truths. You risk losing track of Earthly concerns.
6. Performer: A star, a sparkling jewel with few inhibitions, you dress with wild abandon and make life delightful for anyone in your path. You have a passionate nature and are happiest when others appreciate you or enjoy your “schtick.” Your enthusiasm can be annoying, but your heart is golden.
7. Leader: Feet firmly on the ground, you’re insightful, analytical, and intelligent. You seldom fail at planning and executing. Others dig your charisma. Once you know you’re right, you’re right.
8. Caregiver: You’re aware of people’s needs before they are, and you thrive on supporting those needs. Patient to the max, you never grow weary and never lose your positive outlook. You must remind yourself to refuel.
9. Thinker: You’re the inventor who wrangles with an idea until it becomes a thing of beauty. You read everything, store data mentally, and fish it out on request. Though preoccupied, you’re neither insensitive nor unemotional.
10. Transformer: Few humans reach this perfection. These are unsullied souls who live to inspire. Think Mother Theresa. Think Gandhi.

Understanding soul types gives you personal power. If you’re insecure, you risk attracting a partner who treats you badly. Let your spirit’s best characteristics glow, and your sense of empowerment commands respect.

Choose a partner’s soul-type to enhance yours or to balance and complement. Suppose you’re a born Thinker. You recognize others’ value, but expressing that is like trying to speak Swahili. Hooking up with a Performer in need of reassurance might be disastrous. Bonding with a sexy Leader could be Nirvana for two.

Show your true nature and display your real soul type. Are you a Creator seeking a Helper? Strike up a conversation about poetry with the barista at the coffee shop. His joy in concocting perfect java should connect with your creativity.

Hunters might find friends at community action groups where clear thinking balances unbridled enthusiasm. A nurturer dreaming of opening a daycare center with his life mate might find her in the playground on Sunday afternoon.

Genetic memory is a proven concept. Can it originate in your soul? If it does, recognizing your soul type has much to do with how you project your inner beauty. What could be more attractive?

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