Are You Ready for the 7-Day Sex Challenge?

You may think you’re God’s gift to the opposite sex—but do you really have what it takes to survive the seven-day sex challenge? It might be time to up your cardio, do some kegels and start taking some protein supplements, because the official 7-Day Sex Challenge starts next week, from May 8-May 14.

One Fox News writer reports on her experience with the annual challenge:

Last year, fellow relationship writers Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo asked me to participate in a 7-day sex challenge they were promoting. All I had to do was agree to have sex with my husband once a day for seven days in a row—not hard, right?

Well, the challenge happened to fall during a time in my life when I was exceptionally career focused. My book Project: Happily Ever After was about to release, and I was obsessed with doing all I could to publicize it.

End result: I had the sex drive of a eunuch on Prozac. Note: I do not truly know what it’s like to be a eunuch on Prozac, but I can imagine.

Anyway for someone who writes about sex for part of her living, this obviously was not a good thing. After all, sex is important for good health, good mood, a good relationship, and good sex column ideas.

Still I reluctantly agreed to do the challenge. It just seemed like a lot of work, you know? That’s why I was pleasantly relieved to learn that that challenge would be held during a week when I would be out of town without my husband.

What do you think—are you up for the challenge? And how important do you think that regular sex is for a relationship? What’s the optimal number of times to go at it a week? How much is not enough? And is there ever an amount that’s too much?

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