Are You in Love With His Soul, But His Personality Sucks?

Love the Soul, Can’t Stand the Man?

It can be distressing to find who you believe to be your soulmate with an incredible depth of soul, but discover that his Earth-bound personality just sucks. Well, what’s to be done? Go for the esoteric spiritual bond or admit you have feet of clay and you live your life on this planet?

Honey, life can be long. Spirituality is important to our success in this universe, but living in peace, love, and joy in our physical world is equally as relevant. Here are some things to consider:

Does your man have his thoughts in the clouds but his head in his back pocket when real life needs attention? Did he actually forget to pick up the kids again this afternoon?

Is he so preoccupied with evolving that he wouldn’t even notice if you burst into flames in front of him?

Does your guy feel he has to use his energies to develop karma while you wear yourself out managing to meet his worldly needs and yours?

Who takes out the trash?

Is your soulmate too busy meditating to earn a living? How long has he been between jobs?

Do days or weeks go by without much contact and communication from him? So how was your day?

If those things create the fabric of your life, making you feel like a minion rather than a partner, it’s easy to see how he might be getting on your nerves.

OK, so you might feel a certain sense of guilt for wanting real-time happiness. Look, philosophers may get off on believing the only reality is unreality, but a successful and evolved soul embraces everyday reality and balances soul with body and mind.

Examine your own conscience before you decide to toss this guy to the cosmos. If you’re too needy, find a way to be more independent. Can you enjoy time unto yourself and find contentment within? But if you create your own full and dynamic life, this miracle man is over the top if he’s too self-absorbed to plant his feet on terra firma and bond with you. Eternal bliss is a great expectation and a lofty goal, but you deserve the delight of living each Earthly day to its fullest. If you crave a partner to share that path, you might need to change your strategy.

“People we attract into our life are reflections of who we are, therefore become first what it is you want to attract.” – Rivers ext. 5273

Talk to your guy and tell him clearly what you need on a day-to-day basis. Negotiate what you can, but don’t give up your primal needs.

Be willing to embrace his needs and wants, but to thine own self be true.

Seek counseling on whatever level works for you. Take him along if he’s willing; leave him behind if he’s not.

Broaden your network. Seek out people who truly enjoy a balanced life and can put energy toward both their cosmic and earthly successes.

Evaluate your relationship and your choices.

Put aside the fears that keep you chained to a bad relationship and go after what you need for personal fulfillment.

Consider: You go into your yard and trip over a tree branch in your path. The fall hurts, but you get up and go about your business. Next day you trip again. Ouch! At some point, wise up and move the impediment. Get rid of it. If you don’t, your pain is not the fault of the tree. You own the responsibility. Resolved, it’s a new beginning and you will take care of your needs to the best of your ability.

“To attain the love you want, be prepared to be, or work to become, the type of person you want to attract!ʺ – Yemaya ext. 5143

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23 thoughts on “Are You in Love With His Soul, But His Personality Sucks?

  1. Taryn Galewind

    Hey thanks for all the terrific input! I surely don’t have all the answers, but maybe som eof these will help:
    Soul Mates and Soul Matches

    Where baby boomers find love –

    Endless love or fading flame?

    Again, thanks to all my readers and best wishes, too.


  2. Jean Charity

    What if he is a player but you love him anyway? How do you cope with that one?
    Yes, am expanding my life and horizons, but he IS in my life still and says he always will be ………………………………………….women have put up with this sort of thing for centuries. I am finding it hard to break completely after 6 years.

  3. Almanita,Meridy - Lee

    At 66 year old, it’s hard to find a campanion in hot Atlanta,
    I meet guys who is all wrapped- up and tied up with themselves, their work, there grown- childres and their children . I don’t understand- days go by and they never say a word or make a phone call .
    Helpless borded

  4. Josie

    The key to having a good life, and a good relationship is balance. Considering I am going to school for philosophy/theology, it tends to be my focus at the moment. But I am currently with a guy who is definantly more down to earth, wants to enjoy the moment and be alive. His personal views match mine, but he shows it in different ways. But then again, even as signs we are complete opposites, and those differences are areas we both need help and work on, and we are currently doing that for each other. I don’t think I could be with someone that has “their heads in the clouds” considering that is me, and I need that person to bring me back down to earth once in a while and focus on what is going on around me. Balance is hard, but in the end it is worth it.

  5. Mark Taylor UK

    Establish boundries from day one! Communicate! Enjoy the hear and now by all means and enjoy the lust and attraction both physical and menatally HOWEVER, be prepared, we are unique as male and female as we are as individuals, there is no such thing as a typical man or (bloke) as we say in England, nor is there a typical woman ( Bird) as I say in England! Relationships are like reading a road map, there is always more than one way to get to a destination and you have to accept that, we only believe we are right through learned behaviours, which means??? the other person also belives they are right through learned behaviours! Listen, compromise, learn! However if someone decides they are happy staying fixed in there ways, then you have two decisions, accept or move on, neither is right or wrong! it’s about learning and becoming what you are, life is like food, you are what you eat, which means we become who we allow ourselve’s to become! profound eh! HOWEVER I do believe we can be attracted to someone spiritually as we are as much physically, and sometimes we put up with alot of head aches and heartaches as we are confused why we still are in love when we are being treated terribly, my solution was to step back and preserve my heart, head and soul. So the article was interesting and informative and helps me understand why went through my journey then. I am still on my own, but as i said to some one lonliness is something I hate, but having calmness is something I need. It is always nice to read other peoples comments, the harder and more critical people are, seem to have missed being open and true to themselve’s, or maybe they are unique in this world?. Mark

  6. bsmith

    This article was wrote perfectly and very true. I know what I want in a Guy but tend to find either really needy guys or guys that have so much going on that I get more excuses from why plans change or fall thru then we actually do things together. When I don’t care and don’t text or call him and days go by this Guy always comes back and then we actually hang out and then everything is repeated. I’m over it bc I have enough respect for my self to know That if a Guy has That much going on that the only thing that he has is word charm, how worth it is it? None. But I do realize sense I’m very independent and don’t want somebody always around maybe vibrates these actions of some guys. Maybe one day I will meet a Guy that has a good balance of both. Rather then one extreme to the next.

  7. larpir

    true relationship is a deeper connection than just sharing the same view towards interests . It is a balance between- to love and to be loved. Can love exist between User and Used? I have feeling it does, when Victim meets her/his Abuser. I can’t understand how guy with “incredible SOUL “could be distressing ( it is luck to have that one in your household)…or… he is not real, just fashion pretentious.

  8. Mary

    i just spend time. love is not in my heart. very confuse.i enjoy begin with my partner,but love is not in my heart… i’m just use to love alone… i enjoy it.. i do party…lol

  9. Diane Crane

    Uhhhh…..what’s a soulmate? Is there really any such thing? Does anyone need a virtual carbon copy of themselves? Aren’t we supposed to be as much into how others may be different, and dig the differences? I’m not such a narcissist that I can only love a person who is almost exactly like me……..

  10. L

    Thanks. What if I am such a woman who thinks that spirit is all important. I am happy in spirit. Nothing physical makes me happy. It is all too small, too ugly. Down to earth people enjoy their little pleasures because they never experienced tremendous spiritual bliss. It is like woman has been a ‘Her majesty Queen’ for some while but than she must live ‘down to earth’ life and enjoy being a part time ‘cleaner’ or ‘sale-assistant’. How can she enjoy tiny happiness of a ‘cleaner’? It is too small for her now. She wants to be a ‘queen’ again and enjoy huge happiness of the ‘queen’s life. Only those who never experienced spiritual bliss want ‘down to earth’ happiness. Once you did, you will never forget that experience. You can not be satisfied with tiny amounts of happiness of life ‘down to earth’. I would say, you are blessed indeed to be able to experience spiritual bliss. You are blessed to meet a man who enjoys such bliss. Majority of people never experience spiritual truth and bliss. Just a few. Trust me, it is not difficult to find a down to earth guy, they are almost all are that way. Most difficult how to find the guy who is not endlessly into football, money making, drinking, smoking, gelousy, possessiveness, envy, greed. Because the one who is down to earth wnats all material things and all women too by the way. It is only spiritual men are evolved to such a degree that they are free-spirited, give freedom to you too and material things are last ones on their wish list. Stop any man in any place, I bet he will be down to earth. They are everythere. No need to find. Please tell me where and how can I find a man who prefers spiritual evolution to pubs, money, women, etc. Please help me.

  11. Bernadine wilson

    I have been in this friendship for 1 year and 3 months
    and after 6 month he dose’nt kiss me any more or hold me and months go by and dont have sex..and he is 48 and I am 53 can you tell me whats going on

  12. Nicole

    I love the philosophy…become what you want to attract. Good vibe.

    If you like a player…become a playette…recently worked for me!

  13. Terri Salvador

    im not concerned with a man love and more into my careers and personal needs. I dont need a man to make me feel complete and im doing fine without aand im not interested in a relationship.

  14. virgo2757

    OMG, Taryn, thank you for a most excellent article!! Have you been peeking in through my windows? Several months ago I cut loose a guy who just wasn’t gving me what I needed in the “real” world, even though spritually and philosophically we matched right down the line. I’ve spent these last few months wondring if I gave up filet mignon in my search for a good hamburger. Thank you for confirming for me that I wasn’t wrong in wanting some balance in my life. They say you can’t have it all, but what’s wrong with wanting at least a little bit from column A AND column B?

  15. sarahbivens

    my man seems to only seek out whats good for him all though he seems to have alot of love to me dont seem real


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