Are We in a Relationship?

Define Your Relationship Without Scaring Them Off

I must begin by stating that when a relationship is meant to work and when the connection is there, then nothing should be able to scare someone off, especially defining one’s relationship. With that said, relationships need time to develop naturally. As you get closer and get to know each other, you become bonded. The people around you will notice and should respect this union whether or not you have made it official with titles.

Though it can be totally clear to everyone that you are in fact in a relationship, sometimes it takes a bit longer for the couple themselves to discuss this and agree to a committed, monogamous relationship in which you are officially boyfriend/girlfriend. From my 15 years of dating men and having five official boyfriends, I learned that it is best to let the male in the relationship suggest the relationship first. Depending on the man and your relationship dynamics, it could take on average anywhere from a few weeks to a few months for him to make things more official. Of course, you can drop hints along the way that you are interested in commitment. That way, he will be more comfortable and confident asking you to be an item.

The worst things you can do are ask him prematurely, demand a commitment, or ask in a desperate way. Continue to be confident and drop a few hints. If he is into you, he will ask, so do not sweat it. If he does not ask in six months or more and you are really into him, then you could start a discussion. However, I would move on at this point if I were you. I want to be chased and caught by my prince charming; I do not want to beg him to rescue me. I have set my standards this way based on being in a variety of situations…

Two of my boyfriends asked me to be official within a couple weeks of dating. Both relationships turned out to be the worst ones because I realized later on that they both just really wanted a girlfriend, not me specifically! They both had not had relationships in a long while, so they clung to me quite quickly. Another boyfriend, I am embarrassed to admit, never would define our relationship because he was a pretentious prick who felt that we should “transcend society’s labels.” After four years together, I was still just his “special friend.” If you encounter this type of commitment-phobe, I urge you to run the other way! If someone is into you, they want to make you theirs and let the world know. Is he the real deal, or is he just playing games with your heart? Psychic Fiona ext. 5178 has the answer!

In a healthy relationship, you get to know each other and begin to see a future together. You define the relationship for your own comfort AND for society to acknowledge. Your friends and family do not know your level of intimacy, so it is important to define it for them. It is also healthy to make your relationship official so others know who is taken, especially in dealing with those pesky exes, clingers and flirts. Boyfriend/girlfriend is the stepping-stone toward being fiancés and eventually husbands/wives. Want to know if they are spiritually in tune with you? Get a love reading from Psychic Burke ext. 5655 and find out.

If your steps take a while, like many years, that is perfectly okay as long as you both know where you want the relationship to go and have the same ideas about your life together. Being patient, staying confident, and thinking positive do not always do the trick though. Sometimes, you may need advice from a psychic who can help you determine the best time and way to define your relationship in an effective way.

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4 thoughts on “Are We in a Relationship?

  1. Susie

    I moved a year ago across country. A man I knew in. Florida stated a long distance relationship with me by visiting me, calling weekly and texting frequently. He visited again New Years for a fabulous time together. I decided after his pursuit, I was ready for a relationship. We didnt speak of this, just had a wonderful time being together, held great conversations, held hands. Then a month later he becomes distant and informs me he doesn’t want a long distance relationship. We absolutely had a great time, I didn’t change my actions, I didn’t chase him. I’m confused about what happened. I’m a Capricorn and he’s a Leo. Thank you

  2. Araanza

    I’m in a relationship for almost 6 months, and it’s true, he was the one after 2 months together, who ask me if I want to be in a exclusive-relationship, and if we decide to see different people, we have to talk about it!! It’s great feeling being in this kind of relationship, when you know, if you’re ” the friend”. The casual lover”. Or the girlfriend”

  3. Khummo

    Eish maan, i love my man been together for 2 years 11 months. Love him too bita but an important secret He tried to keep from me because he didn`t want to lose me or ruin our relationship almost broke me after i dug up and just didn`t almost do that but broke me emotionally and am now struggling to build up that trust i lost.

    Still love him though He does too but this secret was almost too much to be bearable.
    Am in this relationship because i believe in us still and i decided to focus on the positives rather than negatives because he has been a good person in my life.
    He brought me change.


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