Signs They’re About to Have an Affair

Are They Straying?

No one ever wants to feel the sting of infidelity, but what if you could read the signs before they cheated? If you could see things coming down the road, it would give you the opportunity to try and save the relationship, or move on before they went through with it. Here are some red flags to watch out for which could be your mate’s first steps towards an affair.

From “We” to “I”

If you two always thought of and spoke of one another as a couple, be wary if he starts separating himself from you in his thought processes and words—it could be a sign of trouble. Suddenly reclaiming independence in the relationship might mean your partner has switched loyalties—from you to someone else.

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Looking Good, But Not for You

If your partner develops a renewed interest in her physical appearance, you may want to look into that, especially if she is not interested in what you think of her efforts. If she isn’t trying to look good for you, there’s a good chance that she is trying to look hot for someone else. Get personalized advice, contact a psychic today!

Hiding Their Texts

Any secretive behavior is not good. Whether it’s private texts or phone calls, if he is hiding his phone or leaving the room to talk, it could be the sign of an affair in the making.

Ambiguous Plans

When your partner goes out a lot but starts being vague about where and with whom, it’s cause to worry. Honesty and trust are imperative in a relationship, so if she is hiding something or someone, she’s broken that honesty, perhaps because of someone new she has her eye on.

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Just Not That Into You

Relationships take dedication and work. If both people aren’t in it 100%, it’s obvious. If your partner has become less interested in spending time with you, and ambivalent about the relationship, it’s highly possible that his or her interests have shifted in someone else’s direction.

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7 thoughts on “Signs They’re About to Have an Affair

  1. Araanza

    Happy valentines day!! For the ones in love!! And for the ones still looking, waiting for the soulmate!! Or at least someone to talk, walk or laugh with!!! Enjoy being alive!!! ?

  2. Araanza

    Great tips!! So true!! I personally believe that we know when he is, probably no cheating yet , but interested or talking with someone else, we can feel it, smell it, but it hurts, so we don’t want to face it!! But indeed we know when Its all over!!!

  3. Reed x 5105Reed x 5105

    Keep in mind that there can be other reasons for the behaviors mentioned in the article. Use your intuition, and if you aren’t sure what’s going on, give us a call.

    Reed x5105

  4. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Alina,

    Great tips to be aware of and keep in mind !!!

    But , I always enjoy reading your articles , even those I might share a different viewpoint on.
    I like articles, any articles, by any of the writers and authors in here, that stir up debate and bring forth different viewpoints.

  5. Allie

    I thought this artical was very helpful, I can be so wrapped up in him and me, I tend to over look whats right in front of me. I guess love can be blind..


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