A Past Life Love Triangle

There are times when life feels discouragingly stale and sticky – encouraging you to believe that you just can’t win. You feel blocked from taking even the smallest baby steps along your path in life, love or career. That’s when you need a good karmic cleansing!

Karmic housekeeping can remove the blockages that can keep your future on hold for years, or even over many lifetimes. People often know that something is holding them up. It’s usually because they feel burdened or there’s something that they just can’t come out and say or do, says a Clairvoyant, Empath and Medium who does remote karmic clearing.

They have no clue as to how to access their problem. It can be deeply embedded and difficult to understand. “I consider myself to be an energy plumber. I release all of that hard-to-find clogged energy so that it can flow freely and clearly. When the dark energies are removed we can finally move on to fulfill our purpose.”

Sophia’s client Tilda (not her real name) had dark, angry energy that was so profound it had gotten into her soul, the shaman reveals. “She needed a deep clearing to allow her love life to finally evolve.”

“My boyfriend’s divorce is not coming through. There’s been a holdup. What do you see? What can you do?”

Sophia immediately looked at Tilda’s other lifetimes. At once she felt as if she had been stabbed in the heart. Much like watching a play, the psychic saw montages of information involving hatred, infidelities, jealousy and pain. Sophia saw that her caller’s boyfriend Juan, his ex-wife and Tilda herself, had in different lifetimes and (in different bodies) been lovers. Sophia was looking at a love triangle, full of interconnected energies that were keeping her from having the deeply committed monogamous love relationship that she now desired. In other lifetimes, Tilda had left the soul of Juan’s ex-wife reeling in pain.

“We need to release the anger and animosity between the three of you, so that we can raise your frequency in this lifetime,” Sophia explained to her caller. “We won’t interfere with the lives of the other’s involved… we can only remove those things which you have done to the others.”

Tilda told Sophia that the unusual revelation made sense to her – she both understood it and was horrified at the same time, that she had hurt someone so significantly. Sophia then invoked her guides and teachers to advise them and surround them with protective light.

Sophia explained to Tilda that the reading would become highly interactive as she would look to her on a cellular level to see which energies want and need to be released. “You may feel things both physically and emotionally, as I virtually reach in, unwind, move and even pull out your negative energies,” she described.

“This is so strange, it’s so strange, I’m finding myself bending to the left,” Tilda said as she coughed and then burped, excusing herself for her reactions, as Sophia and her guides continued to describe exactly what they were doing, working at breakneck speed, so as not to run out of time.

Sophia explained that the bodily sounds were a common response to the deep clearing they were doing. As Tilda began feeling a sense of release and relief, she began to cry and then found herself sobbing. Suddenly Tilda stopped sobbing, saying, “Wow! I really do feel better!” I don’t think I had any idea of how awful I felt,” she said as she felt the dark energies moving out.

“We are undoing what has been done in past lives,” Sophia remarked, as Tilda wondered about the karmic consequences of the pain she had inflicted upon the other two souls in past lifetimes.

Sophia explained that the next step would be forgiveness. That she needed to forgive herself for any animosities she may have felt towards Juan’s ex-wife. After all he had been her husband first this time around. Sophia asked her to hold her hand over her heart and with her eyes closed make specific statements of forgiveness out loud.

Tilda was moved to tears, as she asked for forgiveness for sending Juan’s ex-wife judgmental emails, for blaming her for blocking the divorce and preventing her from being with the man she loved. Tilda began to feel physically lighter as she worked through her anger issues.

When Tilda finished Sophia flooded all three lovers with peace, light and love, filling the holes created in her caller by removing the sludgy negativity and replacing it with high refined energy and karmic neutrality.

“I feel tingly… and I feel lighter,” Tilda sighed before they ran out of time.

Within a week Tilda called Sophia to tell her that to her amazement as well as Juan’s, the divorce had been finalized. The picky issues which had been pending had been dropped after a two-year battle. “And, I just have to tell you that even before I found out about this, I’ve been smiling a lot more… for absolutely no reason at all. All I wanted, when I called you, was to speed up the divorce… and now I even feel better in my own skin!”

“Can we work on another issue,” Tilda asked. “I’m a musician who has overwhelming stage fright. Can you do anything with that?”

Sophia, feeling overjoyed at her client’s healing, immediately began to plumb for other negative energies, in answer to her question.

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