A Love Returns

Sometimes all it takes for the exciting prospect of a psychic prediction to come true, is to clear the way with a healthy dose of belief and positive thinking. “Remember that you have the power to make things happen – the psychic doesn’t,” tells the down-to-earth Clairvoyant, Winter ext. 9002, whose clients have often benefitted from this reminder.

Recently, a skeptical caller, who was also decidedly negative about his future, was able to turn his life around just by giving his wildest dream a chance, Winter reports. He began his reading by blanketing the psychic with his doubts. “I know you won’t see anything…” Julian (not his real name) suggested several times, before asking a question. “But, do you see anything in my love life? Nothing’s going to happen. I don’t even know why I’m calling… ” he rambled.

“Actually, there is a woman from your past who is coming back,” Winter responded after getting his name, date of birth and tuning into his voice.

“She’s about 5’7″, kind of curvy, sandy brown hair, hazel eyes, bubbly personality…”

Julian, cut Winter off before she could finish. “Wait! You can’t know that?”

“Sir, this is what I see,” an amused Winter replied with a chuckle. She then went on to tell him that the relationship had the potential to be long-term.

“That’s not possible,” the caller said with disbelief. “I mean it’s just out of the realm of possibility… isn’t it?”

“You feel guilty, you wronged her,” Winter continued. “You’ve never apologized.”

“But she’d never come back! I don’t deserve her.” Julian broke down, telling the psychic that after six happy years together, he had left the woman Winter had described for someone else, without much more than a good-bye. The fling had lasted about a week, literally, but he never had the nerve to speak to Leah (not her real name) again.

“Does she hate me? She must hate me! Does she still hate me?” Julian interrogated.

“She’s hurt. I see that she wavers between wanting to speak to you and wanting to forget you,” the psychic warned. Winter also understood the pain that he had brought upon himself. “You need to apologize.”

“Don’t tell me this could happen if it can’t. How accurate are you?”

“I don’t judge myself on percentages,” Winter replied then continued. “Change your energy. If you’re open and positive, you can have a long-term relationship with her.”

Days later Julian called Winter for an update. “Is Leah dating anyone?”

Winter knew she was dating, but not seriously. “She’s having fun.”

Julian was upset at the news. Winter’s prediction was his greatest wish, but he felt that he had no business entertaining the possibility of getting back with Leah.

“It’s what I see,” the psychic insisted. “But you have the power to make this occur! You must believe it with confidence.”

Julian told the psychic that he would work on it, but before hanging up he asked again if she was sure.

The next time Winter’s client called it was because he had spotted Leah at a community event. He could easily have left or ignored his former girlfriend as he had in the past, but because of his readings with Winter, he caught Leah’s eye and approached her with confidence.

“You’re beautiful, how are you,” he greeted his ex as he always had when they were together. Leah smiled. Julian continued with “I’m sorry about everything…” of which Leah suggested was better discussed at another time, another place.

It had been a whirlwind since that encounter. The relationship had almost picked up where it had left off, but Leah was upfront about not becoming intimate until she learned to trust Julian again. He could not believe his luck in that Leah had actually forgiven him.

He called Winter to ask if Leah would leave him once the trust was repaired. Perhaps he had Karma to contend with, he wondered. “She has reservations… but she’s in this for the long haul,” Winter confirmed as Julian sighed, happily. “In time things will work out.” Julian ended the call without questioning Winter’s intuition.

Many callers are skeptical and negative, but you have to believe in yourself and your own destiny, the compassionate psychic suggests. You must give power to the possibilities life offers for them to manifest.

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