Your LOVECAST™: Jolting Your Relationship Out of its Comfort Zone

Fantasy makes romance sizzle at the beginning of the week. Over the weekend, electrifying Uranus can jolt your relationship out of its comfort zone. Be spontaneous but avoid overreacting for the best results.

Week of August, 18 -24, 2008

Leo: Your creativity heightens intimacy on Monday, so let your imagination take over! You’re hot for a sexy adventure on Tuesday. Your powers of attraction and influence soar on Wednesday, so promote yourself. Make your desires known on Thursday. Your sensuality draws admirers on Friday. Flexibility is essential in relationship discussions and activities this weekend.

Virgo: Surprise your sweetie with something new and different on Monday. An argument, perhaps over money, may arise on Tuesday. Let your passion take over on Wednesday! Romance is yours on Thursday and Friday, when your powers of attraction skyrocket. This weekend includes some emotional jolts that will help you break free from blocks to true love.

Libra: Show off your artistry to rev up romance on Monday. Passion is energized on Tuesday, when Mars transits into Libra (through October 2). Your words have influence on Wednesday, so express your ideas! A quiet retreat can heighten passion on Thursday. Intimacy deepens on Friday, so spend some time with your sweetie. Self-imposed restrictions that hold you back from intimacy will be revealed this weekend.

Scorpio: Love is electrifying and full of surprises on Monday! Your lusty side takes over on Tuesday and Wednesday. Revealing your feelings can deepen your connection (or attract a new romantic opportunity) on Thursday. Luck is on your side in attracting a partner on Friday. This weekend, romance can be found through friends and avant-garde group activities, so try something new.

Sagittarius: An unusual or exotic ambiance can heighten passion on Monday. Lust escalates on Tuesday and Wednesday! A flirtation with a someone associated with your career can ignite fireworks on Thursday. Look for a financial or career opportunity on Friday. Romance is chaotic but may spark a burst of insight over the weekend that improves your relationship.

Capricorn: A spontaneous expression of your feelings ignites romance on Monday. Irritations build up on Tuesday. Those same irritations can ignite passion on Wednesday! A trip, class or spiritual activity can bring romance on Thursday or Friday, when you’re exceptionally lucky in love. Flirting may be startling, even shocking, over the weekend! Expect the unexpected while traveling, too.

Aquarius: Your feelings and intuition combine to offer a surprising insight on Monday, so listen to your inner voice. Friends bring adventure (and irritation?) on Tuesday. Your relationship will deepen if you take some time for intimacy on Wednesday. A cozy tryst at home can turn lusty on Thursday or Friday. You’re charismatic and unpredictable over the weekend, when love will surprise you!

Pisces: Your charisma skyrockets and attracts admirers on Monday, so get out there and shine! Mars heats up intimacy and brings up issues about closeness on Tuesday (through October 2). Wednesday is steamy. Love is sweet and sexy on Thursday and Friday, when your way with words heightens romance. Love is a soaring roller-coaster ride this weekend – enjoy the journey!

Aries: Your imagination revs up romance on Monday. You’re on fire on Tuesday, but avoid pushiness. Passion escalates on Wednesday, when your creative projects are empowered, too. A flirtation (at work?) evokes your playful side on Thursday. A leisurely (slow down!) bedroom romp sets you ablaze on Friday. This weekend, pay attention to the details of love to avoid a misunderstanding.

Taurus: A spontaneous outing with friends may bring a surprise on Monday. Be daring about love on Tuesday. A rendezvous in a sexy ambiance at home revs up passion on Wednesday! Expressing your feelings makes love bloom on Thursday. Discuss your aspirations with your sweetie (or a good friend) on Friday. Love is awakened by insightful talk in novel situations this weekend.

Gemini: Show off your ingenuity at work on Monday. Mars energizes romance starting on Tuesday (through October 2). Socializing can being a sexy exchange on Wednesday. Entertaining at home energizes you on Thursday or Friday, when your way with words captivates admirers. Your need for freedom and change can enliven or upset romance this weekend.

Cancer: A psychic glimpse can reveal your relationship future on Monday, so heed your intuition. You may need to stand up for yourself on Tuesday. Your daring ignites passion on Wednesday! Feelings flow in the boudoir on Thursday and Friday, so plan a sexy tryst. Relationship interactions can derail or inspire romance this weekend, so choose your words carefully.

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