7 Keys to Spiritual Dating

Out of all the questions that come up in my readings with clients, the issue of finding a partner comes up most. We all want to know: How can I attract the right person? So here are a few suggestions. While they may not get you a partner by tomorrow, they will help you to create love in your life!

1. Live in Gratitude

After a series of dating disasters, we often end up feeling discouraged, bringing that energy to new experiences. Living in gratitude means being thankful for your job, your health, or a friend. The more you are grateful for, the better you feel.

2. Love Everything Including Yourself

I’ve had clients who hate themselves, then are shocked when no one appreciates them. One acknowledged she was angry at work and while driving, but on a date she tried to show how much “fun” she was. Be loving, even when you aren’t in a relationship. This doesn’t mean hugging everyone at the post office, but do silently bless them. It puts deposits in your love account.

3. Forgive Your Past Partners

While you may not condone your ex’s behavior, letting go of pain and anger can be key to making room for love in your life. Think of it from your new partner’s perspective: Would you want to move into a house filled with rotting furniture? Give yourself a chance to start anew, and clean up the past.

4. Think Outside the Box

One client was discouraged by the dating scene, yet had a bar she frequented. The drinks were bad, the men were aggressive, but she was there every week. In her reading, I drew the Seven of Swords, which suggested she make an unorthodox change, and with her Venus in Pisces, I thought, “She’ll meet more people in a gourmet cooking class!”

5. Appreciate Timing

Another client couldn’t find a partner no matter how hard he tried, yet everything in his life pointed to going back to school. He eventually met his life partner there. Trust that the Universe knows when the time is right for a relationship.

6. Stop Looking for a Soul Mate and Find Your Spirit Mate

Sometimes the perfect person is right under our noses but we’re busy looking for someone who “sweeps us off our feet.” Romance has its place, but it also clouds our ability to see what’s in front of us. The right person may seem “boring” because they don’t bring the drama that we see in movies.

7. Be the Main Course, Not the Side Dish

You would never invite someone to dinner and then be shocked when they arrived without the main course. You expect them to bring chocolates, or wine: things that complement a meal. Don’t look for a partner to complete you. Appreciate your life, seeing it as a wonderful feast to which you are inviting someone special. Love yourself, send out love all the time, and you’ll be amazed at the results!

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7 thoughts on “7 Keys to Spiritual Dating

  1. velvetoversteel

    Number 3 was the one I needed to do before being able to heal, grow and move on with my life. That is for sure. Number 5 is the lesson I finally learned/realized, that has personally helped me the most!!

    Wonderful dating advice for any age! Thanks Cameron!!

    Blessings & Hugs,
    Coreen @ VOS


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