6 Ways to Ask Him Out

Making the first move with a guy can be nerve-wracking, but also very empowering. We can drive ourselves crazy speculating about whether or not he feels the same as we do, and wondering if he’d say “yes” if we asked him out. Regardless of his position in our lives -acquaintance, friend or stranger – let’s just decide to go for it with a few great tips on taking this courageous step!

Bolster Up

Now is the time for action, not self-doubt and fear. You need to be your most confident self in order to make a move on your crush, so make sure you’re feeling your best. Taking pride in your appearance (makeup, a sexy outfit, a well-rested body) as well as making time for the activities in your life which make you feel good about yourself (such as meditation or volunteerism) can go a long way towards giving you that extra confident edge when you approach him.

Buy Him a Beer

A tried and true technique men often use to draw the attention of the opposite sex, the “can I buy you a drink?” ploy, is a winner for women as well.  If you see a captivating guy across the room and want to find a way to break the ice, buying him a beer or a drink is a great way to let him know you’re interested, and gives him the opportunity to approach you to say thanks and open up a conversation.

Start Out With Something Simple

Perhaps asking him to go out for coffee, or inviting him on a group outing, would be an ideal way to let him know you’re interested in hanging out. The goal here is to get to spend quality time getting to know each other in a less pressured environment than a “date.” Familiarity will make you more comfortable with him, making it easier for you when you finally do decide to ask him out.

Appeal to His Interests

If you’re open to different types of dates, learning what his interests and hobbies are can be a great way to plan a night that excites his interest. From batting cages, to golf, to rock climbing, if you ask him to offer you some pointers regarding his favorite hobbies, it gives you a chance to spend time with him, learn something new, and forge a connection that can lead to something more.

The Coy Approach

If you don’t want to make an obvious move, you can always drop hints in a conversation and see if he takes the bait. Mentioning something like a new movie you really want to see, while asking if he’s interested in seeing it as well, can be a way to get the ball rolling, leaving him to make that final leap and ask you if you’d like to go see it with him.

The Bold Approach

If you’ve got the guts to just go up and ask him out, there are a few things that will allow your overture to go more smoothly. Preparing yourself before making your move can be crucial to the success of your approach. Do you know what you’ll say to him after “Hi?” Do you know where you would like to take him on the date? Getting him alone when you ask him can make a big difference, as well. Having his guy friends around him when you pop your question can be uncomfortable for him, them and you, so neutralize the audience.

Making the first move takes a heap of guts and courage, but as they say, you’ve only got one life, so make the most of it. When you take courageous actions in your life, the potential rewards invariably outweigh the risks – both in life and in love.

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