6 Traits That Men Find Sexy

What Comes Across to a Man as Truly Sexy?

Are you wondering if you fit the bill as sexy in a man’s eyes? Do you constantly attempt to make yourself appear like a sex goddess? Being sexy isn’t always the way we think it is. Sure, attractive people that saunter into a room grinning from ear to ear, dressed to the nines, and who work out in the gym every day may be considered sexy, while the book worm with her nose in the latest Dan Brown novel may also appear sexy. But in a man’s eyes there’s more to sexy than the way you do your make up or what brand name you are wearing. Let’s take a look at six “sexy” traits that men really pay attention to in a woman.

#1 Miss Approachable

This woman is sexy because while she may not be outstandingly beautiful and have men flocking around her, she has her own charming aura. It’s not that she isn’t pretty, just that she’s more casual with the way she carries herself and the way she dresses. This makes it easier for a man to approach her, as men often steer away from approaching super model types for fear of intimidation or rejection. The casual girl might reject men as well, but she’s still more approachable.

#2 The Girl Next Door

This woman knows how to be one of the guys, clown around, play video games and hold her own in a paintball fight, but she always reminds her male counterparts that she is still a woman and is feminine in her own way. She has a cool personality and is open minded about most things. She radiates sex appeal.

#3 Drive On

A woman who enjoys sex and who has a high sex drive is sexy to men. It’s also sexy to men when a woman knows her body, how it works and how to enjoy herself in the bedroom.

#4 Clean and Fresh

A woman who takes care of herself—such as brushes her teeth, combs knots out of her hair, cleans her nails and performs other self-care tactics is sexy to a man. Men love a woman who takes the time to smell and look great, just not two hours of time before going out. Go figure.

#5 Confidence is Key

Women who hold their head up high and portray confidence are always sexy to a man. If a woman knows what she wants and makes plans to go for her goals, this is sexy too. Last but not least, a woman who shows confidence in the bedroom is a keeper to most men.

#6 If She Only Had a Brain…

A woman who uses her brain is sexy to a man. Smart women stay in relationships longer because they are valued for the intellectual conversation they can bring to the table. What man wants to hear about “all-things-girly” when he can speak to his gal about travels, world politics or foreign film debuts?

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11 thoughts on “6 Traits That Men Find Sexy

  1. PebRien

    LOOOOOOOOL!!! .ummm arab men and in general all types of mldide eastern men dont smell.WHat you are doing is stereotyping arab men and you are mistaking arab men with indian men.The ones who smell like curry and onions are infact indians.In case you dont know,indians? are asians..they are not mldide eastern!.Arabs and other types of mldide eastern people are different then indians.They are not the same people,and they also look very different!.

  2. Keaira

    Hello everyone, could we please learn how to spell lol..but I liked the article, I am dating a guy that would always ask what was it about me that caused men and women to look my way went I enter a place. It is my confidence, if you elude confidence you are more attractive in everyone’s book because no one elses opinion matters. Confidence is Key..plus I’m a bookworm lol

    Good readings everyone

  3. Letty demata

    Oh i really like and pity the story of mr jesi…i appreciate the way he did to hes exwife,he suffered a lot..i am pity on him!

  4. Stephen S. Potter

    I am 69 and I am presently mired in an unholy relationship with my ex-wife with whom I have been forced to live purely as a union of mutual financial necessity and nothing else. We were divorced in 1983 and I was paying her spousal support of $600.00 monthly, the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Court received $250.00 monthly which left me about $157.00 weekly to live on and in Anaheim where I lived at that time, it’s impossible to make ends meet. So as a result, in October of 1983, I had to let my ex come and live with me and she has been with me ever since and we now live on Social Security and if I didn’t have a super-generous sister to help us financially to make ends meet, Marlene–her name–and I would be homeless. We haven’t been in love for 35 years and we cannot see each other for all the sour apples on the face of this earth, all present ones and all future ones alike. We just don’t see eye to eye on anything. I have a passion for classical music and opera, both of which she despises, calling it “funeral music!” Then there are the endless character assassinations and I have reached a point where I don’t care because whatever insulting and deragutory name she calls me, my long-hardened comeback is “Hey old woman, I’m whatever you want me to be!” By the way, Marlene is 76 and she is a little kid who never grew up. If she’s not complaining, insulting or arguing for arguing’s sake, she is heaping one demand after another on me which makes me the house gofer. I do all of the cooking and she hasn’t cooked us a decent meal in more than 34 years straight. Grocery shopping requires me to walk a 2-mile round trip and I have arthritis in both my knees and I have Type 2 Diabetes which requires me to take 25 pills per day! Marlene is not capable of loving anyone; just money and power which I pray she never gets; in fact, she hates and despises men and her whole outlook on life is absolutely negative. We haven’t made love in nearly 25 years and I am forced to masturbate just to relieve my horniness because (1.) I don’t have any money to go out and enjoy myself, (2.) I don’t have a car as it was repossessed on 2-10-10 and (3.) I have a fear of catching AIDS and/or some other sexually-transmissable disease. Marlene has been driving me crazy for years and I definitely want to put an end to all this garbage. But I am a decent and responsible guy and I would rather give her enough money to last her for the rest of her life than “leave her in the lurch.”

    Now, as if to really complicate matters, for 14 years straight, I have been hopelessly infatuated with a lady who lives and works in NY as a TV news anchor. She is Maria and she is, by far and wide the most naturally-beautiful, classy, sweetheart and darling of a lady I have ever seen in my entire life. I even told her that in a fan letter I wrote to her on 11-24-10 and do you know what happened? A MIRACLE! On Thanksgiving Day, Maria answered my letter like this:
    “Hello Stephen,
    You need a “lift,” well, I hope this helps. I know we all need that from time to time. Thank
    you for all the beautiful things you have written and said about me over the years. They
    have not gone unnoticed or unappreciated. On this Thanksgiving, I hope you have a
    beautiful day and are able to share it with the ones you love.
    Now there is something for which I can truly be thankful. It’s just not every day a celebrity answers a fan letter with astonishing speed! It is as if Maria gave me a passionate kiss on Thanksgiving Day, 2010 which I can still feel today! I have tears in my eyes as I write this! I can’t help it! I have fallen hard for Maria and by now, I’m sure that she knows it. By the way, she accepted me as a friend on Facebook last February.

    Comes now the reality check. First of all, she lives 2,500 miles from me as the eagle flies, second of all, she may be married but never talks about it, third of all, there is a 21-year difference in our ages meaning that I am old enough to be her father, fourth of all, at this time, I am in no position whatsoever to have any kind of a relationship with any other woman. When Maria accepted me as a friend on Facebook, I feel that she placed me into her “friend zone” which tells me that this is as far as I am going to get with her which is something with which I’ll probably have to live for the rest of my life. I’ve been placed into other ladies’ “friend zones” and I have been able to rise above them, thanks to the fact that I’m streetwise. By the way, I define “infatuation” as a fixation on a fantasy of my own creation to which I mentally connect the face and body of the lady to whom I am physically attracted. OH, have I been this route many times in my life and believe me, I’m tired! I never really had mutual love and true companionship with any lady of quality and I do not forsee that happening in the future as every day is so much a repetition of the day before, I actually lose track of the days of the week! What’s wrong with this picture? You tell me and we’ll both know! Take care.

  5. Rose Cocca

    that sounds o.k…BUT what does she wants in a man? i can go both ways…. we already know that it is a man world..not a womens world.. but why cant it be both….we all born the same…we all bleed the same way…the only thing..is the body works……why cant it be one world…for both….

  6. misskrystal

    Wow-I agree with a lot of this-especially confidence-Even if you have to first “pretend” to be confident-it’s better than acting insecure or withdrawn…Eventually, when you can see the positive results, it would prolly just come natural…But all of the others make sense, too. Great article. Thanks. Miss Krystal


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