6 Things Romantic Relationships Teach You About Yourself

6 Things Romantic Relationships Teach You About Yourself

Romantic Relationships Reveal the Real You

Romantic relationships provide companionship, fulfillment, and someone who will habitually veg out in sweatpants with you. But having a partner can also impart valuable lessons about who you are and shed light on who you want to be—both as a companion and as a person. You can discover so much about yourself when you dive into the emotional journey of partnership. Here are six key things you’ll learn.

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1. You’ll learn how vulnerable you’re willing to be. Romantic relationships need intimacy to really develop. You have to be willing to trust another person with your heart and let your guard down to really reap the emotional benefits of being with someone. And, I would argue, to be a worthwhile partner in return. Who you are in your relationships will uncover how open you’re able to be. If you find that you’re more closed off, you may be concerned about being hurt, or you might see vulnerability as a weakness. On the flip side, if you dive right in without caution, you may fall too fast too soon and need to better protect your own heart.

2. You’ll learn how well you compromise. Time and time again, we hear that relationships require give and take. You can’t always get what you want—at least not all of the time. Unless, of course, you and your partner agree on absolutely everything, in which case, carry on. Understanding your ability to defer to your partner is an important lesson: Do you continually roll over and give the other person what they want? Or do you fight to the death to get your way? Are certain battles more important to you? The answers to these questions will reveal your bargaining power, or lack thereof, within a romantic bond.

3. You’ll learn how you react to conflict. Fights are part of any romantic relationship. Couples who don’t clash are likely stewing on the inside, at least a little bit. So, if you and your other half hash it out from time to time, that’s okay. It’s how you deal with conflict that’s the teachable lesson here. Do you instigate fights? Do you tend to clam up and retreat the moment a fight is brewing? Or do you hold a grudge? Do you bring up the past? How you fight is more important than the fact that you do.

4. You’ll learn how independent you can be—or not. Sometimes, when people get into romantic relationships they lose themselves in their partnerships. They adopt all of their partner’s friends, hobbies, and routines, and leave their old selves behind. Others want to maintain their independence at all costs, often pushing their partners away in order to keep their autonomy. Still others find a balance between these extremes. How you adapt as an individual when you mesh lives with someone else tells you a lot about how much you value your pre-relationship self—and how you think people in relationships are “supposed” to be when they couples up.

5. You’ll learn how true you are to yourself when you pair up. Being alone can be tough. But no matter how much you want to find someone, it should never be because you’re willing to settle. Nor should it happen because you’ve molded yourself into the type of person you think a prospective partner will like. Of course, it’s natural for you to portray your best, sexiest, most fun self in the courtship phase of a relationship but it’s also crucial to ask yourself how true you’re being to yourself when you’re entering into a union with someone else.

6. You’ll learn how you give and receive love. Romantic relationships are all about love. Another critical lesson you’ll learn from these bonds is how you give love and how you receive it. The way you show someone you care and the way you want to be cared for can be two different things. Understanding these can be important information for finding someone who you can be with in the long run—or for ensuring that your current union will last. When you and your partner truly understand and model how you show and accept love, you’ll both feel fulfilled and appreciated.

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